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X-Mas Foot Tickle Test (Roleplaying)  

StiffJim007 39M
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12/27/2019 12:16 pm
X-Mas Foot Tickle Test (Roleplaying)

It began as a typical Christmas morning, I opened with loved ones. I went to go rest afterwards and a female friend of the family to my surprise joined me. As we approached the bedroom she whispered in my ear that she had one more gift!

I was excited to see what it could be BUT as I opened the door I immediately knew what the surprise was...Tickle Torture! In the past we both enjoyed Roleplaying different scenarios and it was my turn to be tickled!
Anyways on the bed was a towel that had several tickle instruments on it. I wasn’t as excited now that I knew my feet would be tickled. I don’t enjoy being tickled especially a skilled tickled like my friend. Her long nails and techniques are hard to handle when you’re ticklish like me. I knew this was going to be a long session too! Also, I feared that because I was wearing thick socks and slippers all morning that my feet would be tender and sweaty a sure sign that they’d be extra ticklish today. Talk about unlucky for me!

She told me the scenario she picked and it was a good one!
She would play the role of a nail technician at a beauty salon, and I would be a disgruntled customer. After berating her incessantly, she would kindly offer me a new type of massage, and enact her tickle revenge on my helpless feet and in the process put an end to my rude attitude and blatant chauvinism.

Let the roleplaying begin!

I sat down and immediately began berating her in front of her work colleagues - “You are the worst nail tech ever! I cannot believe you’re still employed when you do such a shoddy job!” She apologized profusely offering a new treatment. “Sure, whatever! It better be worth it or else!” as I threaten her with a scolding finger. She nodded and replied “Ok wait one minute sir. I will be right back with the treatment tools.”. I replied obnoxiously “Hurry it up! I don’t got all day.”

She left, but returned a few minutes later with the tools. I am facing her with my feet resting right in her face just mere inches away. “Rest your feet here.” as she points to the stool. “Yeah, yeah I got it.” I replied curtly and with utter distain for her as a person. She quietly removes my slippers and peels off my socks one foot at a time. She gasps “Dirty feet” and points to the sign about being courteous. I ignore her and mutter angrily “I don’t care what the sign says about clean feet. Do your job!”. My feet were dirty from wandering around in the basement for the X-Mas presents. Anyways, my feet were dirty and smelly and lint from my socks were caked onto my soles. She reached down towards the towel and returned with a small feather. Without hesitation, she began moving the feather up and down rapidly to clear away the stuck on lint. It surprised me as I wasn’t prepared for such a vicious feather tickling right from the start. My feet flinched and I let out a slight gasp. “Watch it!” I giggled slightly as the tip of the feather went between my toes taking with it some lint and dirt debris. This was not good. I was already feeling very ticklish from just a tiny feather! I tried to ignore the urge to laugh and instead closed my eyes to try and distract myself from the ticklish sensations as she continued to masterfully work the feather on my vulnerable and sensitive soles. She seemed to find every crevice and wrinkle and it made the ordeal that much worse. “How is it so far?” she asked. I tried to reply with showing that the feather tickling was bothering me, “Fine-Ha. Just watch the toesHehe”.

She continued to<b> stroke </font></b>the small feather across my dirty feet causing a chain reaction of guffaws and faint laughter from me. She was swiping the feather so hard that dirt from my soles was now being removed! I knew she was just getting warmed up though so I must maintain my composure! My female friend continues to work the feather, raking my arches and maneuvering it skillfully through each toe finally eliciting audible laughter from me...This meant the floodgates would be open soon. She smiled knowing I was already close to breaking from a tiny feather. Very embarrassing, yet out of my control! “Please-ha stoppp it.” I managed as the feather repeatedly flicked across my soles. “I don’t think so!” she replied.

She set down the tiny feather and grabbed the large feather from the towel waving it in front of me and grinning mischievously. “What’s my job again?” she asked me as she slowly began tickling my left foot with the tip of the large feather. “What’s the matter? You were so talkative earlier!” As I could only answer her taunts with short burst of laughter. This feather tickled A LOT more and I was barely able to stifle my laughs now. The stiffness of the quill caught me off guard and I began to let out a few uncontrollable laughs. “SThahaOP!” Haha was all I could manage as I was concentrating on now giving to the tickling, but it was becoming tortuous.

This became very apparent when she reached downward towards the towel and grabbed the tiny feather. She now had a feather in each hand and began her tickle attack! I was incredulous at this predicament and demanded “ThisHaha is too much Pleasehahaha!” She interrupts me “Let me guess, stop? NO!” She being the dual feather Torture and the effects of each feather stroking my soles in unison was too much and I began laughing loudly. “HAHAHA No moreHa” I weakly uttered and that only made her increase the torment level until I was now laughing uncontrollably. After several minutes of tickling my feet she stopped to give me a short break, but not before insulting me “Aww little baby is too ticklish on his feet. Little feather tickles and he cannot handle it!” I just shook my head and knew this was going to be a long session as I had predicted. I couldn’t escape and finally just gave up and allowed my laughter to flow and fill the room. My friend was having a blast tickling my ticklish feet and there was nothing I could do about it but take it. I proclaimed as a way of declaring surrender “AlrightHahaha You-HeHa win! EnoughHahaHAHA” but to no avail. “Wrong answer! Suffer!” was her reply as my laughs were becoming louder and louder as the feathers continued to dance across my soles, heels, arches and toes. The process repeating for minutes that seemed like an eternity...

Needless to say the Torture went on for a hour as she switched to more torturous devices but the effect was the same - repeated laughing from tickle Torture.

On a side note, the toothbrush between the toes caused moments of silent laughter, with the vibration wand on the middle of my soles eliciting the loudest laugh of the day! However, hands down the maddening rotating facial brush tickled my soft feet the most. I actually was laughing for so long and hard that I lost my voice and tears of laughter flowed freely down my cheeks before she finally mercifully stopped. In the end the RP was a success even if I tapped out early from a few feather tickles and had to endure unbearable tickle Torture the rest of the way as revenge punishment. Overall, a very memorable and ticklish Christmas!

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