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Looking for a good friend to hang out with first but I know I'll charm you  

Stiffandclean 60M  
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9/7/2021 7:30 am
Looking for a good friend to hang out with first but I know I'll charm you

Just this past year or so I have finally realized that my wife of 33 years just wasn't into me. She loved how I always provided as good of living as I could for my ex and 2 daughters. (my oldest died Oct. 2018 leaving 3 beautiful grand I can't visit unless my acid tongued ex
needs (financial help) so badly that she gives in and lets me visit them usually at a local park.
I have spent too many nights, days by myself and really need a smart confident woman to be my friend so that I can remember what it's like to talk with someone is actually interested about our conversation.
Didn't mean blog on so boringly but I want any gal visits my profile that sex is worth doing when your partner feels the tingling inside that I feel.
I really would like a friend that I could talk enjoys getting the most out of every day on old Earth.
I have 2 E bikes (one is being repaired currently and I hope get back before its cold ride. My fat tire all wheel drive E-Cell bike is just the cat's meow and I ride everyday that isn't & humid.
I also like shopping at Thrift store and enjoy finding the most unusual items and Colored Glass vases or figurines. You'd have to stop by my place to get a good ideal of my quirky retired life style. I am fully independent and have my ex stopping by with her hand out much less now days. I try to do all online banking so I won't have to see her and be reminded of how horribly this woman used me for her own greedy ends./ Enough Ex forever.
I like playing all kinds of card games, I love dog's $ cat's but currently have my Beta Fish and a few<b> buddies </font></b>for him.

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