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She part 2 . (A fictional story)  

Stillcuriouslyh 51F  
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10/20/2020 7:39 pm
She part 2 . (A fictional story)

She looked at me today with a smile on her face and her eyes reflected that smile. Never have I felt anything for another human being, yet I find my heart beat faster when she smiles. Is this feelings?
She pleases my every desire still, more maybe now than then, I wonder if she feels the same or if as I feel more, she feels less? When I think of things like this, I want her to feel my pain, my insecurities, my strength, my control.

I call her to me as I walk into the house and out of the cold. She comes to me with a welcoming smile and quietly asks if I am ready for dinner. By the look on her face, I can see she already knows my need of her. I pull her to me, and tell her to be my good girl. I can see the fear in her eyes. Why does this make me hard? Why does this little vixen hold such power? Bitch.

She obediently goes to her knees. She quietly looks up into my eyes and awaits for me to hurt her, as she pleasures me.

Usually, she silently and quietly takes my punishment. Tonight, I hear her cry in pain, it excites me. So, my hands grip tighter around her neck. Her pussy is getting dry, and my thrust has began to cause pain, she can not breath and I<b> love </font></b>the color of red her face now glows as the need for air and the pain of my thrust invade her body. Damn, she is sexy even in the verge of death. She is my every dream, my everything. I hate her for it. I<b> love </font></b>her. I can feel as my cum explodes inside her. She is still, even after I release my grip on her neck. I shake her, and I have to have her again. She must keep pleasing me. She is the only person, who holds such power over me. Yet, she is still. I breath into her mouth and suddenly she gasps for more air. That is it baby, keep pleasing your daddy. Daddy loves you.
She lays quietly beside me. Almost as if she is disappointed in still being here. I ask her if dinner is ready. She slowly gets out of bed, bitch get the fuck up bitch I say out loud as I kick her in the ass to boost her departure. Did she just glare back at me?
What the hell? She pulls her night robe around herself and starts to walk away from me towards the kitchen. I ask her again if dinner is ready. She answers yes, yes sir it is.
Bitch, what is for dinner? I then ask her what she has made for dinner again, she stops and turns around, to only smile and nod. What the fuck? I hear myself ask again What is for dinner bitch? She stops again, she turns, and smiles as she replies. God I<b> love </font></b>that smile. I<b> love </font></b>her, I need her and I must keep her.

leccolafiga50 48M
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10/21/2020 1:47 pm


upmyasspipe 50M  
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10/24/2020 10:36 pm

You are awesome! Such a great read while stroking to pics of your love hole...TY

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