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The Bluewater - Part 1
Posted:Sep 28, 2021 9:56 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2022 3:20 pm

He spent most of the day hiking the trails, traversing the boardwalks, and climbing the stairs at Rosy Mound. It's a sojourn they've made every year for the summer solstice. Except this year, he's alone. She left him last fall for a guy she works with. He was crushed. "Should have seen it coming," he kept saying to himself. But he finally let it go a few months back.

He returned to the Bluewater to shower. Suite 3K. It was always suite 3K. Nothing fancy, rather dated, but a nice view of the lake. He stood at the window drying himself. “Think I’ll take a walk on the pier before I meet cousin Hannah for dinner,” he thought, as he slipped into his favorite pair of jeans and a black PowerCore tee shirt. He liked the shirt for two reasons: it hugged his chest, abs, and biceps (all of which he worked hard on maintaining); and it was great at wicking away the perspiration. It was pretty warm and humid, and talk of potentially heavy weather later encouraged him to tie the arms of a light windbreaker around his waist. Slipping his bare, tanned feet into an old pair of boat shoes, he headed for the pier.

"It's good to be back," he thought as he walked along the beach. "And being here alone has been therapeutic. I needed this..." It was his idea for them to come to Grand Haven initially several years ago. When he was young, he and his brother spent many summers in MI, splitting their time between Grand Haven and Traverse City. His aunt and uncle had a home in Grand Haven, and what they called a "cabin" on a lake just outside of Traverse City. Cousin Jake was his brother's age, and cousin Hannah was his. Jake had long since settled in San Francisco, but Hannah divided her time between Grand Haven and New York, along with a couple of months every year in France. It was her idea to for him to return to Grand Haven again this year. "It'd do you good," she said, and told him she'd already made a reservation for him at the Bluewater.

As he reached the pier, the wind was picking up. But it felt good in the warm, heavy air. He was focused on the growing number of whitecaps on the lake as he made his way toward the lighthouse at the end of the pier. Suddenly, his eyes were drawn to four people about a hundred yards in front him; one woman surrounded by three young men. As he strode closer, it appeared to him as though she was somewhat distressed, trying to distance herself from them. He picked up his pace. She turned, and seeing him approach, said, "Finally! Where have you been!?" She ran to him, threw her arms around his neck, nuzzled her cheek firm against his, and whispered with a heavy breath, "Kiss me! Please!" She took his face in her hands. He could see the uneasiness in her eyes. She closed them and kissed him hard, thrusting her tongue between his lips. He wrapped his arms under hers and around her back, then lifted her, savoring the sweet, warm taste of her lips on his.

The three young men watched, but appeared in no hurry to abandon what apparently had been their pursuit. He let her down gently, and brushed her hair back from her face. "I'm sorry I was late." He turned, but held her close to his side with his arm wrapped tightly around her waist. She, in turn, reached her arm around his back and pulled him tight to her. "Gentlemen," he smiled as he looked directly into their eyes, "You'll have to excuse us. I have a bit of explaining to do." He stood there, watching them closely. Finally, after exchanging uncomfortable glances among themselves, they turned and headed back toward shore. He turned them both to watch their retreat, holding her tightly still. Only after the three of them had walked a few hundred yards away, did he take her hand in his, turn, and say, "That...was interesting..." "And you, my dear lady, are an incredible kisser!"

“Ohhh my God, thank you” she mustered, “I walked out to the end of the pier alone, not thinking at all anyone would bother me. I’m so glad you came by. “She down looked shyly, then peered back up into his eyes with a look that he’d swore he’d known for 100 years, her eyes melted him as she whispered, “your kiss, I think may have changed me...” Her finger tips brush his cheek, he begins to smile, his hand still in hers, he brings her to his chest, the pull between them so strong there seems nothing else he can do except kiss her again...

His slightly open lips meet hers. She takes his tongue deep, and closing her lips around it, ever so slightly sucks him in…then out…and in once more. He gently pulls it back, and she reluctantly lets him go. He pulls her tight to his chest, her cheek resting soft on his shoulder. As she kisses his neck, under his ear and just below his jaw, he sighs heavily. “Wow,” he whispers. “Wow…wow…wow…”

A sudden clap of thunder gets their attention. “We should get off this pier,” he suggests, and with her hand still in his, they begin walking toward the shoreline. “By the way, I’m Ryan,” he offers, ”but my friends call me Prince.” “As in charming?” she asks after a rather long pause. “It’s a long story,” he replies. “I enjoy stories,” she says, “Especially bedtime stories…” “Oh, you do, do you?” as the wind picks up. “Curious - do you have plans for this evening?” “Not anymore,” she replies, pulling him close, matching his gait step for step. “I have to make a phone call,” he says, as drops of rain begin to pelt them, driven almost vertically now from the winds blowing off the lake. “Here. Take my jacket. It’s going to get wet and chilly before we clear the pier.” He unties the windbreaker from around his waist and wraps it around her shoulders. “Do you have a car, by chance? ‘Cause mine’s at the hotel a few blocks down the beach.” “I do,” she smiles, as the rain begins in earnest. “What hotel?” They almost have to scream now, to hear each other. “And does your room have a good shower?”

She takes his hand, picks up the pace, and leads them to her car, unlocking the doors as they quickly approach it using the remote in her pocket. “You drive,” she said, letting go of his hand and getting into the passenger seat. They were both soaked, and sat laughing as the rain and wind whipped so hard that her car actually rocked slightly. He starts the car, and as the windows begin to steam, she reaches over and turns on the defrost. Resting her left elbow on the center console, she places her right hand on the inside of his thigh, just above the knee. “We need to get you out of these wet clothes,” she says, leaning up to kiss him. He runs his fingers through her wet hair, pulling her lips tight to his as they kiss, teasing each other’s tongues. She explores his entire mouth, running her tongue between his teeth and cheeks, and under his lower, then upper lip. Her hand slides up the thigh of his wet jeans, and she lightly traces his swelling cock with her fingers. Her head’s resting on his shoulder now, and he’s still running his fingers through her hair. The defroster has cleared the windshield. He backs up the car, navigates their way out of the parking area, and heads for the Bluewater.

He’s rock hard as they pull into the lot. She’s been teasing him, toying with it the entire way. It’s only drizzling now, and with their arms tightly around each other’s waists, they make their way up the stairs to Suite 3K. His phone rings as they approach the door. The caller ID reads Hannah. He opens the door and answers the call simultaneously. “Hannah. I’m sorry but I’m not going to be able to make it for dinner. What? You’re kidding! You okay? Okay, good! I’ll call you in the morning.” “Who’s Hannah?” she asks, as she takes off his drenched windbreaker and slips out of her sandals. “My cousin. I was supposed to meet her for dinner at the Grand Seafood and Oyster Bar. But the wind has caused some damage at her place, and she called to cancel.”

“Hmmm… Well, then let me ask - ever shower with a friend?” she asks pulling her shirt off over her head. He smiles wryly, admiring her taut belly and beautiful firm breasts. “Don’t friends typically know each other’s names?” he asks, as she unbuttons, then begins unzipping his jeans.

“But we’re really strangers” she whispers, as her fingers pull his zipper down, her lips brush against his ear, her breasts press against him, his eyes shut as he buries his face in her neck, inhaling the sweet warm rain and the scent of this strange woman he longs for...

For what seems like forever, they’re lost in each other, savoring the moment. She pulls his shirt up and off over his head. “I’m Jordan,” she whispers again, then smiles as their eyes meet. “But my friends call me Beauty…Sleeping Beauty to you - Prince Charming. But sleeping is the furthest thing from my mind right now.” She admires his tan, as her hands trace his shoulders and his biceps. With the tips of her fingers she teases his pecs, then finds one of his nipples with her lips and tongue, and bites it gently. He reaches behind her and slides his hands inside her pants. “Mmmm,” he thinks to himself. “Yoga pants are God’s most recent, and perhaps greatest gift to every red-blooded heterosexual man.”

Her ass is firm. He pulls her to him, a knee and thigh pressed hard between her legs. She finds his hips, and sliding her hands inside his jeans, pulls them down to just above his knees. He does the same and leans her against the bed. She sits and raises her legs so he can peel off her pants. Her thong is stretched tight between her lips, and she lays back as he slowly pulls it off. She slips onto the floor and kneels, pulling off his jeans. His hard cock is bulging against the front of his low-rise briefs, and she slides them off. She looks up at him, rubbing his abs, then caressing his ass. “I want to taste you, Ryan,” as she finds his swollen sex with her mouth. With one hand around the base of his shaft, she teases his balls with her other hand and takes him…slowly…into her warm, wet mouth. His hands are in her hair, and his knees buckle slightly as she takes him deep…and long.

To be cont'd...
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The Bluewater - Part 2
Posted:Oct 2, 2021 10:43 pm
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2021 8:16 am

She likes that he’s manscaped, hairless except for a nicely trimmed triangular patch of short, thick dark hair an inch above the base of his shaft. She loves the feel - veins raised, gorged, coursing with blood - and taste of his warm, hard, cut cock. She sucks firmly on his swollen head, and feels his knees buckle again almost every time she pulls her lips tightly over the base of it. “Mmmmm…” he whispers with a heavy breath. She lets him go, and stands to kiss him. He relishes the taste of her warm, wet lips and tongue, and inhales deeply to capture the fullness of her scent. He lifts her again, like he did on the pier. Only this time she wraps her legs around him. He stands there, holding her, swaying slightly as they kiss.

He lays her gently onto the bed. Kneeling between her legs, he braces himself with hands on each side of her, leaning down to kiss the side of her neck. “I love your taste,” he whispers as his tongue traces the contours of her ear. Moving down, his flat, strong tongue and warm, wet lips explore every inch below her neck…slowly… deliberately… Her nipples are taught and firm as he teases them with short flicks of his tongue, followed by gentle sucks and bites on first one, then the other, then the other, and the other…

He finds her flat, firm belly. He tongues around, then in, then around and in her navel, moves his hands under her back, pulling her belly tight to his lips. She raises her arms above her head, arches her back, then spreads her legs, inviting him…tempting him…urging him…to her smooth, waxed sex. He lays prone, and with his tongue begins licking the creases at the top of her legs where her thighs meet her sex. Long, flat, slow licks. He inhales deeply the growing scent of her sex. He pushes her right leg further apart, and rests his face on the inside of her thigh. Licking his fingers, he begins to gently massage the area just above her lips, then teases her by lightly brushing her sex with his fingertips. Moving closer, he kisses and lightly sucks her hood, circling it with his tongue.

He moves down further now, facing her sex directly, placing his arms underneath her legs, spreading them wide. They watch each other’s eyes. His tongue finds the folds in her lips. He parts them with his fingers, laying them flat on each side. “They’re beautiful,” he says to himself. He gently sucks first one, then the other, taking them into his warm mouth to savor and suck them gently. Then he slowly and deliberately teases her from the bottom to the top with his flat, wide tongue, pausing each time at the top to circle and tease her clit. She quivers ever so slightly. With pursed lips, he moves slowly to the bottom again, gently blowing across her sex with warm breaths. His pointed tongue, now, parts her folds, and begins gently zigzagging up, down, and into her warm, wet sex. Her taste and her scent are intoxicating. He finally settles on her hood, sucking it gently while circling it slowly with the point of his tongue. Her hips begin to thrust ever so slightly, and her hands are in his hair. He’s determined, plays without stopping…sucking… circling…sucking…circling. She thrusts her hips again…then again…as he sucks and circles. “Ohhhh…” she moans, pushing his head firm to her sex. She arches her back and thrusts hard again, as he sucks…and circles…and sucks… Lost in her taste and her scent, he worships her sex…but stays disciplined…determined.

Two of his fingers tease her access now, her gateway. They’re wet and slightly sticky, but slide smoothly inside her, teasing, taunting…in…out…in… They find her g-spot, and she trembles, just barely. “God” she gasps as her leg quivers. “Cum for me, Jordan,” he whispers, “Cum for me,” He relentlessly sucks and circles, his fingers on her g-spot curved upward as if beckoning her. She thrusts her hips, gyrating with the rhythm of his fingers. “Yes!” Her hands grasp the sheets. “Oh god!” as her back arches high and her hips heave into him. “Fuck! Fuuuck!!” Her belly sucks in, and she inhales deeply, holding her breath… as every cell in her body explodes in orgasm. “Ohmygod!” she gasps, “Ohmygod…Oh…my god…fuck…!” then sinks slowly back into the bed. “Ohhh…” she moans, trembling. “Ohhhh…”

She lays there as he more gently now kisses and licks her hood, his fingers still inside her. After what seems like hours, she pulls him up beside her. He smiles, offers her his fingers. She sucks them clean. He rests his head on her chest just above her breast, and rubs her belly lightly. She runs her fingers through his hair. “Lucky, lucky me,” he thinks to himself, then raises up on his elbow with his hand behind her neck, cradling it. They gaze longingly…knowingly…deep into each other’s eyes…as though their souls EACH know the other…and HAVE known the other…for lifetimes….

With the backs of his fingers he lightly brushes her hair to the side. She caresses his face with her palm. “Lucky…lucky me,” she whispers, smiling. “Mmmmm…” He smiles, too, as she reaches her hand behind his neck, pulling his soul to hers. They kiss…warm…wet…long….

Her hand slowly traces the muscles of his back. He quivers ever so slightly when she finds a spot near the small of his back, and lightly plays it with her nails. She teases the top of the crease where his firm, toned glutes merge with his lower back, just below the end of his tailbone. “Mmmmm…” he sighs softly, cocking his hip to drape a leg up and over hers. She feels his hard sex pressing firm against her thigh, and her fingers move deep between his glutes, nudging him to spread them further. He rolls on top of her. She spreads her legs wide, her swollen wet sex aching for his. Bracing himself on either side of her, he raises up slightly, arching his back. Her hands caress his warm, hard cock, and guides him between her folds. “I want to feel you, Ryan…I want to feel you deep inside me…”

She pulls him inside her, slowly… He tenses his glutes, and she feels him stiffen even more, his girth expanding, filling her warm, wet, sex. He feels her tighten around him, pulling him deeper until she has all of him. She feels herself getting wetter, and tighter, as he shifts his position left, then right. She grabs his glutes in euphoric pleasure, and cums. “Oh, god, Ryan, “she moans. He begins to slowly thrust, gyrating in…then out…in…out…in…in…in… He can feel the slippery texture of her A-spot. It feels incredible to rub against, shifting left, shifting right, gyrating…thrusting. She’s never been so wet, or tight. She quivers from even more pleasure, and cums again.

Her fingers are deep into his glutes, pulling him hard into her. They’re in synch, now – thrusting – gyrating – thrusting – gyrating. He’s sweating, breathing heavy. His biceps, pecs, and delts strain as he arches his back even more. Sweat glistens off his chest and abs, dripping from his chin onto her breasts. He feels the euphoric energy beginning to build from the bowels of his very being. “Ohhh,” he gasps, as his breath gets shorter. Their eyes are locked. The tip of her tongue frantically traces her lower lip. Almost as if to plead, she whispers, “Fill me, Ryan.” He bares his straight, white teeth and gasps for breath. He can’t stop it now. The rush starts someplace deep within his loins, erupting violently into every nerve in his body. “Ahhhhh!” he screams in surrender. “Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!” And with one last fierce thrust, his hot seed erupts, coursing powerfully through his rock hard cock, and literally exploding inside her. “Yes!” she gasps into his eyes, pulling him deep, and cumming yet again. “Yes, Ryan! Yes!” “Ahhhh!” he sighs, with eyes still locked on hers. He continues thrusting, gyrating…trying to prolong the incredible moment. He breathes haltingly, as though attempting to catch his breath, and drops his head. Inhaling deep, then exhaling deeper, his tenseness subsides. He can feel her squeezing him. She feels him stiffen - as much as he still can - in response…
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The Bluewater - Part 4
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 3:29 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2022 3:39 pm

"Close your eyes, and don't open 'til I say so."€œ"Okay," he nods. On the table directly in front of him, she places an unopened 14 oz. jar of unrefined, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil. "Okaaaay," she teases. He opens his eyes, looks at the jar, then looks at her ('s grinning ear ear), then back at the jar. He picks up, turns around in his hand reading the label, and finally reads the use-by date on the lid. "'s good for another year at least!' she says.

"But...I thought we were...let's see if I remember exactly how you put ...speaking of fucking" he says, a confused. "I use this for cooking. I just got here last night, and haven't even been the store yet."€

"Ahhh," she says. "Yes, 's great for cooking. I use myself. 's also great for your skin! But that's not even the best part!" as she looks straight into his eyes. ", ! 's an incredible - and EDIBLE - oil! And I'm going show you just how incredible IS!" she says playfully, and pours the rest of the wine into the two glasses, gives him his, and takes his hand. "Follow me."€

She leads him to the foot of the bed, takes his wine glass, and sets both of them on the sturdy bedside table next to the wall. “First, we need to clean up,” she says, “Shower with a friend?” and disappears into the bathroom. Just then his phone rings. Caller ID says Hannah. He answers, “Hannah! Everything okay? …Good to hear…no, I’m fine, not a problem…actually…I’ve met a rather…interesting… lady... Yeah…yep…I don’t know, really…Listen, I’ll give you a full report tomorrow. Gotta go. Love you!” He puts the phone on silent, and sets on top of the dresser, just as Jordan comes out of the bathroom. She’s naked, and hangs his shirt back up. “Don’t tell me. Hannah, right?” she smiles. “Sounds like she’s looking out for you.” She smiles and kisses him, as she unbuttons, then unzips his jeans and pulls them off. “C’mon. Water’s running nice and warm.” Taking his hand, she leads him into the shower.

’s a standard hotel tub, shower, and curtain, but contains an adjustable flow hand shower with at least a 5’ flexible hose that can be removed from its housing high on the fiberglass wall of the surround. The pressure is good, and apparently the Bluewater isn’t overly concerned about the high-end setting on their water heaters. She stands directly under the flow, and the water courses through her hair, over her face and down over her breasts and belly. She turns around and catches it all on her back. “Her ass is perfect,” he thinks himself, smiling. She turns back face him while removing the shower head from its housing, and proceeds soak his hair, face, arms, and chest, then turns him around do the on his back and glutes.

“I’m not a big fan of these body wash dispensers, but… is what is,” she says, replacing the shower head and filling her hand with body soap. She spreads it all over his shoulders, arms, and chest, then rubs it all into a nice lather. Turning him around, she does the on the back of his neck, back, and glutes, then rinses him clean with the shower head. She fills her hand again, and turning him around, lathers his cock and balls gently, stroking him as he begins swell. She reaches under and behind, teasing his ass with her fingers, then rinses him clean. Replacing the hand shower once more, she turns kiss him, fondling his cock. Dropping her knees with the water spraying his chest, she takes him in her mouth and caresses his balls. He’s getting really hard, and places his hands on her hair as she takes him in, then out…in…out. “Mmmmm! She purrs, standing up kiss him.

“My turn,” he says, then fills his hand with the body wash, and slowly rubs it on her shoulders, down her arms, and over her firm, round breasts. As the water beats on her back, using both his hands he lathers first one arm – from her shoulder her hand - then the other. She watches his eyes. They’re exuding desire. He caresses her breasts, rubbing her taut nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. She puts her hands on his shoulder and watches as he lathers her tight, firm belly. He switches positions with her so the shower now beats on his back, and turns her back him. With more soap, he lathers her shoulders and back down the tops of her cheeks. Grabbing the hand shower, he rinses her back, then reaches around and does the her breasts and belly. He takes more soap and rubs his hands together until the lather spills over and drips to the floor of the tub. He reaches one hand around her to hold her belly, while the other begins coating every inch of her firm cheeks and between her legs. He toys lightly with her lips and ass. Then taking the shower head one last time, he adjusts the spray to a full, but less powerful setting…and while rinsing her clean, he gently bites the lobe of one ear, and whispers, “I want you to me, Jordan. I want you me long, and me hard…”

She turns face him as he replaces the hand shower. She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. “I AM going you, Ryan…I’m going you like you’ve never been fucked before…” She kisses him again. “Where’d you go earlier? the moon, ? Mars, perhaps?” They kiss again, and she thrusts her tongue deep into his mouth, almost filling . “Trust me,” she says as they deep into each other’s eyes, “I’m going to send you to Andromeda tonight, and you’re going to fucking love every fucking minute of …”

One of the nicer things about the Bluewater is their bath towels; big, soft, and pretty absorbent. She grabs one and dries, hangs vertically underneath her arms, then snugs and rolls tight. barely reaches above the middle of her thighs. She finds the brush in her in purse and gets after her hair. He folds the other towel in half, cinches quite low around his waist. and runs the fingers of both hands back through his hair. It falls perfectly in place. He takes his glass of wine, and steps out on the deck enjoy the quiet, cool evening breeze. Hardly a car passes on the road between the Bluewater and the beach, and ’s dark as can be out over the water. She joins him after a minute or two, with her wineglass in hand. She snuggles up behind him, reaching under his towel to tease his ass. She thinks he likes it, because he seems to lean back into her finger as she plays with it, and even spreads his legs a more. She presses the of her middle finger against him, and , circling…then delicately enters him ever so slightly. He leans into even more. “Mmmmm,” he says. “Feels good. “Mmmm,” she teases. “Nice know…”

They stand side by side, now, their elbows resting on the top of the railing. “To be honest,” he starts, “A few months ago I grew curious about prostate after reading about their health benefits for guys. Ended up ordering one. It’s amazing what you can get on Amazon,” he laughs. “They had some sort of a special going on, and I ordered two cock rings at the time. Haven’t used them yet, but I’ve always been interested in trying one. Kind of wishing I’d brought all that stuff with me…”

“Anyway, it takes a while learn how the prostate, but ’s worth the time and effort learn. Requires total relaxation and a lot of patience, but feels great. Never had a woman give me one, but…” as his voice trails off. She’s been listening patiently, smiling ever more broadly as he went on about prostate massaging. “So yeah, I never thought I’d ever like ass , but…now you know…and feels good when you do …” She drops her head and begins shaking back and forth. “What?” he asks.

“This whole thing today? Tonight?, she says, smiling as she sips her wine. “This is NOT coincidence, . In fact, I’ve now become, at this very moment - and I’m not afraid of admitting it – a dyed in the wool believer in The Celestine Prophecy.” “You’ve read that, too?” he asks? “I like that book.” She turns to face him. “So do I,” she says, “And what I learned from it is this - what appears to be just “chance” events – them coincidences – happen at just the right time, and bring into our lives just the right individuals, to suddenly send our lives in a new and important direction, but when we’re OPEN seeing things that way…open that perspective.”

She turns out over the water again. “And here’s just another example. You’re not going believe this, but two YEARS ago I decided learn how perform PROSTATE . And I did, because I wanted try something new and different help improve that relationship which just ended recently. Trouble is, after I gave him quite a few – and the fucker really liked ‘em – he suddenly decided he didn’t want anything more do with it. Accused me of implying he was secretly gay or something…. Asshole,” she sighs.
“So today, right? We both had reason to be on the pier. You come along at just the right time. It rains like hell and we end up here. Hannah can’t get together. We each other’s brains out, and are aBOUT do again, and then you just…out of nowhere…tell me how much you like prostate …which I…just…happen know…how do…” Still leaning on her elbows, she turns her face him and says, “Tell me this isn’t fate, Ryan…I mean really.” She shakes her head and turns out over the water again. “…”

“Wow,” he says, shaking his head now, too. “I’d almost forgotten I’d read that book. ’s been years…” He turns around and leans his back on the railing, finishing his wine. “Now that you mention ,” he says, smiling, “ IS something that after all… ’s interesting that my coming here was all Hannah’s idea, and had not been for her, I wouldn’t even be here. And now met you? Someone I’ve been sensing – since I first saw you on the pier tonight – that I’ve known…almost my ENTIRE life?”

After what seemed like several minutes of silence, she says, “Are you fucking kidding me!?” Tell me you’re fucking kidding me, Ryan!” “No,” he says, almost taken aback. “No…no I’m not, Jordan. I feel like…like I know you…what you want…what you like…where you’ve been…even where you want to go. And ’s been what? All of about 4-5 hours? I can’t explain …but no, I’m not kidding at all…”

“Jesus Christ!” she says, turning her back him. Her eyes begin welling with tears. “Cause that’s EXACTLY…how I’ve been feeling, too…about you…almost this WHOLE time…” Her voice trails off, and she sets her wineglass on the railing. She turns and looks at him. He sees the tears in her eyes, and cupping her face in both his hands, he gently wipes the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs. “Ohhh…Jordan,” he says, gazing at her, shaking his head. “No, …I’m not kidding…” as he leans in kiss her. Embracing, and swaying together back and forth ever so slightly, her face is buried in his chest, and her arms are tight around his back. And he’s holding her with one arm, running his fingers through her damp hair with his other hand.

Without moving her face from his chest, she asks, ”Remember what I told you in the shower?” “MmHmm,” he whispers. She pulls back and looks up at him, smiling, and brushes a tear from her eye. “You’re still going to Andromeda and back, , but now you’re also going enjoy a side trip through the Orion Nebula on your way…” She takes his hand and starts for the patio door the room. “And oh,” she says, turning kiss him, “You’re still going love every fucking minute of , too…”
The Bluewater - Part 3
Posted:Oct 21, 2021 12:35 pm
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2022 3:26 pm

Spent, at least for now, he kneels between her legs and leans back on his calves, supporting himself with his arms behind him on the bed. He closes his eyes and raises his face toward the ceiling, breathing more normal now, but still inhaling and exhaling deeply. His toned abs and pecs stretch tight, and she admires the subtle tan line running side to side about an inch or two below his taut navel. The clouds have cleared, and the sweat on his chest glistens in the faint orangish glow flooding in the windows from the sun setting west over the lake. His sex is still engorged, just not very stiff. She caresses his balls gently, then moves to kneel in front of him. Curiously, she forms an O around the base of his shaft with her index finger and thumb, and slides it forward, gently coaxing the few remaining drops of his cum to fall into the waiting palm of her other hand. Smiling at him watching her, she licks it up, then leaning down, teases, “I’ll bet we taste good,” and takes him into her mouth, sucking and licking him almost clean. But she doesn’t swallow. Instead she straightens up to face him, still smiling. “What do you think?” she continues teasing, and leans her open mouth to his, offering her tongue deep into what is now his rather dry mouth. (He actually doesn’t mind the taste of his cum, ever since a former lover years ago suggested sharing it with him after insisting he cum in her mouth. It had a slight woody flavor, mixed with the taste of mushroom, but rather salty.) He takes all of what she gives him, smiles, and says, “Mmmmm…we DO go well together.” He grabs the bottle of water off the night stand, and offers it to her. She takes a couple short drinks, and then gargles, and starts laughing almost immediately, spraying his chest. “That’s enough for you,” he laughs, and finishes what’s left in the bottle.

They chuckle and lay back down. He’s right of her on his left side propped up slightly on his elbow. She’s on her back with two pillows under her head, her right leg straight, her left leg bent with her knee pointed at the ceiling. Her arms are stretched comfortably over her head. With the back of his middle finger, he traces the fine tan lines around her breasts, and then the one low on her belly between her hipbones. “That,” he offers softly, “ wonderful…” “No,” she counters, “That… incredible…”

After a brief silence, she asks, “How’d you know what I wanted?” “Or better yet - how’d you learn to DO all that, Ryan? PRINCE Ryan?” she laughs, trying to come off as somewhat sarcastic. He laughs, too. And after a short pause says, still tracing, “I don’t know.” “Just following your lead, I guess…” “But I WILL say, that…you feel…I don’t know…familiar… Like a faded memory…a good one…come bac” “Mmmmm,” she says softly, closing her eyes, loving the feel of his touch. She reaches over and runs her hand through his hair. He lays his head gently on her chest just below her shoulder, and starts gently rubbing her belly. “Mmmmm…” she half whispers.

It’s still dusk, plenty of light yet, but fading slowly, and the cool breeze tosses the pulled open curtains at the side of the windows. “Jordan?” he asks softly, “What drew you to the pier tonight, if I may ask…?” She sighs deeply, still relishing the feel of his hand on her belly.

“I literally just broke up with someone I really had high hopes for. It so close, I wanted it to work but I just couldn’t make myself move forward knowing the unhappiness that would likely come to us... I sad and upset, thinking of all the what-if scenarios, wishing things could have been different. Guess I just got lost in thought and didn’t even hear those boys approaching. I’m sooo glad you showed up, in more ways than one,” she grinned, as her fingertips caresses a long light trail from his balls up to the tip of his coc Her middle finger brushes so slightly across it, the last sweet taste of their passion. She brings it to her lips, sucking it so slowly and deliberately that he can’t take his eyes off her mouth...

“What? Done sharing, are we?” he asks, smiling. “Mmmmm,” she purrs, and reaches down between her legs. “Here you go,” and brushes his lips with her wet middle and ring fingers. He takes them in, sucking, licking as she moves them in and out between his lips. “And what about you?” she asks. I haven’t seen you on the pier before, much less anywhere here in Grand Haven.”

“I’ve been coming here at midsummer once a year for the last, what? eleven years, I think…with my wife. I spent a lot of time here when I , visiting my cousins, once of whom is Hannah, the woman who called earlier. I’ve always loved it here in the summer, and after I got married, we decided to make it an annual thing.”

Oh…so you’re married, eh?” she says.

“. Until last fall. She started fucking a guy she worked with, and decided the grass greener with him. I divorced her. She in such a hurry to get it over, she didn’t care about much of anything, and agreed to the first proposal my attorney and I prepared. Don’t get me wrong. It equitable. But I came into the deal with a helluva lot more than she did. And our state isn’t one of those community property states, so I left with what I brought in, plus two thirds of what we acquired during the marriage. Just glad we didn’t have any . That would’ve made it an entirely different story. Not paying alimony, either. It fair, and she knew it. Turned out she split with that guy just after the holidays. Found somebody else to fuck, I guess.”

“Any regrets?” she asks. “Not any longer. I finally let it go a couple months ago.” “So why come back again this year?” It seemed to him she genuinely curious, which she . “I wasn’t going to, but Hannah thought it would be good for me. Kind of forced it on me, actually, by making the reservation here. It didn’t take much arm twisting, though. Like I said, I’ve always enjoyed it here, and like hiking the dunes. That’s where I was all day. I got back here a early, and decided to walk the pier before meeting Hannah for dinner. And then…” his voice trails off as he lightly brushes her lips.

“And then you rescued me!!” as she grins ear to ear, rolling on top of him. “My knight – no, sorry! My PRINCE…in shining armor…or jeans! Or…whatever.” Straddling him, she toys with his nipples, then rubs her hands up and down his chest. “Anything to eat and drink around here?” she asks, scrambling off him and the bed, prancing to the kitchenette on the balls of her feet. As she passes the clothes rack hanging open on the wall, she stops to examine what he has hanging there. She grabs one of his shirts off its hanger and puts it on, buttoning all but the top two buttons. “How do I look? she asks, turning to face him. It’s a long sleeved casual white shirt that hangs a less than half way down her thighs. She’s rolling up the sleeves so they don’t cover her hands. “Unbutton one more on the top and it’ll be perfect,“ he grins, as she turns her attention to the refrigerator.

He slips on his jeans, and drapes her shirt and yoga pants, along with his shirt over the backs of a couple chairs. As she forages through the cupboards, cabinets and drawers in the kitchenette, he opens his duffle bag and removes a bottle of One Hope pinot grigio, a favorite of his from California. A friend has a who owns a vineyard out there, and he’s enjoyed it ever since he first given a bottle to try. “Like wine?” he asks. “There should be a corkscrew in one of those drawers, and some wine glasses in one of those cupboards.” “Found ‘em,” she says, “And a box of Keebler Club Snack Pack crackers.” “Check the date,” he grins, as he starts peeling away the foil around the top of the bottle. “Oh, and loo” She holds up a tub of port wine cheese spread she found in the fridge. “It hasn’t even been opened yet. Date’s good, too.” “Hmmm,” he thinks to himself. “A damn good wine…with Keebler Club crackers and port wine cheese spread? Oh, well. Guess we’ll make do with what we have.”

She runs the water in the sink until it’s hot, then washes and dries the wine glasses, a couple of plates, and a butter knife she found in one of the drawers. He rips off a few paper towels, grabs the corkscrew and goes out to the dec He’s leaning against the deck rail with his back to the shore as he opens the bottle of wine. The cool breeze feels good on his bare back, and the waves that were crashing onto the beach across the street when the rains came through have almost entirely subsided. She comes out, puts the plates, a couple packets of crackers, the cheese, and knife on the deck table, then joins him with wine glasses in hand. He puts a good pour into each, sets the bottle down on the top of the railing, takes her free hand in his, raises his glass to hers, and smiles. “To you, my damsel in distress.” “To you, my…PRINCE…in jeans…that fit just right,” she replies, grinning, then lets go of his hand tucking her fingers inside the back of his jeans. He puts his arm around her waist, playing with her hipbone, then slips it up under her shirt, pulling her close. They stand there, gazing out at the water beyond the beach across the street. She loves the feel of the cool breezes getting under and around the bottom of her shirt.

“If I were to ever meet your ex,” she says, “Not that I’d ever to – I’d ask her why she’d ever to fuck another guy…” “I mean, the way you fucked ME tonight? Jesus Christ! It incredible!” He smiles. “Understatement,” he says, turning and leading her to the chairs at the table. “Cheese and crackers?” he offers, opening the tub of port wine spread and a pack of crackers. With the knife, he takes some cheese and begins spreading it on a cracker, promptly breaking it in half. “Here,” he says laughing, “Maybe you can try.” “The trick,” she says, “Is to keep the cracker flat on the plate instead of holding it with your fingers. Like this…” as the cracker breaks in two, with one piece dangling from the knife, stuck to a glob of spread. “Maybe we should have let it warm up a ,” she says. “It’s really still cold and stiff.” He takes another cracker and tries going right for the spread in the tub, breaking it in three pieces, with the biggest one now laying on top of the spread. “More wine?” he asks, taking the corkscrew and retreating back into the room to retrieve another bottle from his duffle bag.

A few minutes later he returns to find almost a dozen crackers on the plate, covered nicely with the port wine spread. “I figured it out,” she said, “Just don’t ask me how.” “You’re a woman with many talents,” he says smiling, leaning down to kiss her. She reaches her hand behind his neck, holding his lips to hers as she kisses him long…and deep.” “Mmmmm,” he grins, finally sitting down. “That spread actually tastes pretty good.” He makes two more good pours, grabs a cracker and leans back into his chair. “I at a bar, once, and overheard a group of women talking about men at the table next to me. They’d obviously been there awhile, and well “into their cups,” so to speak, when the loudest one of them said something I’ve never forgotten. ‘Show me the perfect guy,’ she said loudly, “and I’ll show you a woman who gets tired of fucking him!’ They all laughed.” He takes another cracker, washing it down with another sip of wine. “Apparently, he wasn’t her first. I learned that she’d been fucking around for quite awhile before she began fucking the guy she worked with. I’m glad it’s over…”

“I don’t think I could ever get tired of fucking you, Ryan. Ever,” she said.

“Might you be saying that because you’re…how do they put it? On the rebound? I was told it’s pretty normal after a significant break-up. I didn’t seem to experience it, but I’m told many do.”

She sits back in her chair. “I saw it coming for months, maybe even longer. It was my idea, hard as it was to break it to him. Yeah, I had second thoughts. And earlier today, I just found myself in a rather bad patch. Probably feeling a bit sorry for myself. But like you, I’m glad it’s over, too…the relationship…AND that bad patch earlier today,” she said, smiling into his eyes. “And speaking, as we were, of fucking…I have a surprise for you,” she teases, and disappears back into the room. He loves how she moves, up on the balls of her feet like that. She kicks open the door to the deck with her hands behind her bac

“Look what I found in one of the cupboards!” she says excitedly.

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