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The Bluewater - Part 1  

Str8UpandEasy 63M  
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9/28/2021 9:56 pm
The Bluewater - Part 1

He spent most of the day hiking the trails, traversing the boardwalks, and climbing the stairs at Rosy Mound. It's a sojourn they've made every year for the summer solstice. Except this year, he's alone. She left him last fall for a guy she works with. He was crushed. "Should have seen it coming," he kept saying to himself. But he finally let it go a few months back.

He returned to the Bluewater to shower. Suite 3K. It was always suite 3K. Nothing fancy, rather dated, but a nice view of the lake. He stood at the window drying himself. “Think I’ll take a walk on the pier before I meet cousin Hannah for dinner,” he thought, as he slipped into his favorite pair of jeans and a black PowerCore tee shirt. He liked the shirt for two reasons: it hugged his chest, abs, and biceps (all of which he worked hard on maintaining); and it was great at wicking away the perspiration. It was pretty warm and humid, and talk of potentially heavy weather later encouraged him to tie the arms of a light windbreaker around his waist. Slipping his bare, tanned feet into an old pair of boat shoes, he headed for the pier.

"It's good to be back," he thought as he walked along the beach. "And being here alone has been therapeutic. I needed this..." It was his idea for them to come to Grand Haven initially several years ago. When he was young, he and his brother spent many summers in MI, splitting their time between Grand Haven and Traverse City. His aunt and uncle had a home in Grand Haven, and what they called a "cabin" on a lake just outside of Traverse City. Cousin Jake was his brother's age, and cousin Hannah was his. Jake had long since settled in San Francisco, but Hannah divided her time between Grand Haven and New York, along with a couple of months every year in France. It was her idea to for him to return to Grand Haven again this year. "It'd do you good," she said, and told him she'd already made a reservation for him at the Bluewater.

As he reached the pier, the wind was picking up. But it felt good in the warm, heavy air. He was focused on the growing number of whitecaps on the lake as he made his way toward the lighthouse at the end of the pier. Suddenly, his eyes were drawn to four people about a hundred yards in front him; one woman surrounded by three young men. As he strode closer, it appeared to him as though she was somewhat distressed, trying to distance herself from them. He picked up his pace. She turned, and seeing him approach, said, "Finally! Where have you been!?" She ran to him, threw her arms around his neck, nuzzled her cheek firm against his, and whispered with a heavy breath, "Kiss me! Please!" She took his face in her hands. He could see the uneasiness in her eyes. She closed them and kissed him hard, thrusting her tongue between his lips. He wrapped his arms under hers and around her back, then lifted her, savoring the sweet, warm taste of her lips on his.

The three young men watched, but appeared in no hurry to abandon what apparently had been their pursuit. He let her down gently, and brushed her hair back from her face. "I'm sorry I was late." He turned, but held her close to his side with his arm wrapped tightly around her waist. She, in turn, reached her arm around his back and pulled him tight to her. "Gentlemen," he smiled as he looked directly into their eyes, "You'll have to excuse us. I have a bit of explaining to do." He stood there, watching them closely. Finally, after exchanging uncomfortable glances among themselves, they turned and headed back toward shore. He turned them both to watch their retreat, holding her tightly still. Only after the three of them had walked a few hundred yards away, did he take her hand in his, turn, and say, "That...was interesting..." "And you, my dear lady, are an incredible kisser!"

“Ohhh my God, thank you” she mustered, “I walked out to the end of the pier alone, not thinking at all anyone would bother me. I’m so glad you came by. “She down looked shyly, then peered back up into his eyes with a look that he’d swore he’d known for 100 years, her eyes melted him as she whispered, “your kiss, I think may have changed me...” Her finger tips brush his cheek, he begins to smile, his hand still in hers, he brings her to his chest, the pull between them so strong there seems nothing else he can do except kiss her again...

His slightly open lips meet hers. She takes his tongue deep, and closing her lips around it, ever so slightly sucks him in…then out…and in once more. He gently pulls it back, and she reluctantly lets him go. He pulls her tight to his chest, her cheek resting soft on his shoulder. As she kisses his neck, under his ear and just below his jaw, he sighs heavily. “Wow,” he whispers. “Wow…wow…wow…”

A sudden clap of thunder gets their attention. “We should get off this pier,” he suggests, and with her hand still in his, they begin walking toward the shoreline. “By the way, I’m Ryan,” he offers, ”but my friends call me Prince.” “As in charming?” she asks after a rather long pause. “It’s a long story,” he replies. “I enjoy stories,” she says, “Especially bedtime stories…” “Oh, you do, do you?” as the wind picks up. “Curious - do you have plans for this evening?” “Not anymore,” she replies, pulling him close, matching his gait step for step. “I have to make a phone call,” he says, as drops of rain begin to pelt them, driven almost vertically now from the winds blowing off the lake. “Here. Take my jacket. It’s going to get wet and chilly before we clear the pier.” He unties the windbreaker from around his waist and wraps it around her shoulders. “Do you have a car, by chance? ‘Cause mine’s at the hotel a few blocks down the beach.” “I do,” she smiles, as the rain begins in earnest. “What hotel?” They almost have to scream now, to hear each other. “And does your room have a good shower?”

She takes his hand, picks up the pace, and leads them to her car, unlocking the doors as they quickly approach it using the remote in her pocket. “You drive,” she said, letting go of his hand and getting into the passenger seat. They were both soaked, and sat laughing as the rain and wind whipped so hard that her car actually rocked slightly. He starts the car, and as the windows begin to steam, she reaches over and turns on the defrost. Resting her left elbow on the center console, she places her right hand on the inside of his thigh, just above the knee. “We need to get you out of these wet clothes,” she says, leaning up to kiss him. He runs his fingers through her wet hair, pulling her lips tight to his as they kiss, teasing each other’s tongues. She explores his entire mouth, running her tongue between his teeth and cheeks, and under his lower, then upper lip. Her hand slides up the thigh of his wet jeans, and she lightly traces his swelling cock with her fingers. Her head’s resting on his shoulder now, and he’s still running his fingers through her hair. The defroster has cleared the windshield. He backs up the car, navigates their way out of the parking area, and heads for the Bluewater.

He’s rock hard as they pull into the lot. She’s been teasing him, toying with it the entire way. It’s only drizzling now, and with their arms tightly around each other’s waists, they make their way up the stairs to Suite 3K. His phone rings as they approach the door. The caller ID reads Hannah. He opens the door and answers the call simultaneously. “Hannah. I’m sorry but I’m not going to be able to make it for dinner. What? You’re kidding! You okay? Okay, good! I’ll call you in the morning.” “Who’s Hannah?” she asks, as she takes off his drenched windbreaker and slips out of her sandals. “My cousin. I was supposed to meet her for dinner at the Grand Seafood and Oyster Bar. But the wind has caused some damage at her place, and she called to cancel.”

“Hmmm… Well, then let me ask - ever shower with a friend?” she asks pulling her shirt off over her head. He smiles wryly, admiring her taut belly and beautiful firm breasts. “Don’t friends typically know each other’s names?” he asks, as she unbuttons, then begins unzipping his jeans.

“But we’re really strangers” she whispers, as her fingers pull his zipper down, her lips brush against his ear, her breasts press against him, his eyes shut as he buries his face in her neck, inhaling the sweet warm rain and the scent of this strange woman he longs for...

For what seems like forever, they’re lost in each other, savoring the moment. She pulls his shirt up and off over his head. “I’m Jordan,” she whispers again, then smiles as their eyes meet. “But my friends call me Beauty…Sleeping Beauty to you - Prince Charming. But sleeping is the furthest thing from my mind right now.” She admires his tan, as her hands trace his shoulders and his biceps. With the tips of her fingers she teases his pecs, then finds one of his nipples with her lips and tongue, and bites it gently. He reaches behind her and slides his hands inside her pants. “Mmmm,” he thinks to himself. “Yoga pants are God’s most recent, and perhaps greatest gift to every red-blooded heterosexual man.”

Her ass is firm. He pulls her to him, a knee and thigh pressed hard between her legs. She finds his hips, and sliding her hands inside his jeans, pulls them down to just above his knees. He does the same and leans her against the bed. She sits and raises her legs so he can peel off her pants. Her thong is stretched tight between her lips, and she lays back as he slowly pulls it off. She slips onto the floor and kneels, pulling off his jeans. His hard cock is bulging against the front of his low-rise briefs, and she slides them off. She looks up at him, rubbing his abs, then caressing his ass. “I want to taste you, Ryan,” as she finds his swollen sex with her mouth. With one hand around the base of his shaft, she teases his balls with her other hand and takes him…slowly…into her warm, wet mouth. His hands are in her hair, and his knees buckle slightly as she takes him deep…and long.

To be cont'd...

Gingercat13 51F
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10/22/2021 2:38 am

Great lead in!

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