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01 Jan 2015 (4)  

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01 Jan 2015 (4)

The rest of the night I was expecting be snatched up like those other harem girls were handled earlier in the evening. Several times I purposefully worked an area of the club close the exits, but each time I thought I could escape without being noticed security or one of the muscle guards would turn me away. One of the<b> clubs </font></b>regular security guys obviously had his eyes on me all night, so I hoped use that my advantage and when I saw that he was alone at the rear entrance I made my move.

Kate did her best girly bimbo impression and shamelessly flited with him for a couple minute before, "It's so smokey in here tonight, you would like join me in the alley for some fresh air?" He looked down the narrow hallway back toward the main room before nodding and stepping away from the door. I touched his arm lightly to make seem be what he thought would be coming next, "Just give me a minute or two get ready. I hope you have a big cock." seal the deal I reached down and handled his growing bulge, "Oh, good! I want you fill me with your cream load while I deep throat your throbbing cock." I gave a seductive wink before pushing past him and out the back door.

I walked out slowly, but as soon as the door snapped shut I was running for my life, needing cover a couple blocks reach the safety of my car and then I would disappear for a couple days and try figure out my next move. I ran as quickly as possible, thankful I wasn't in high heels as my normal foot wear attire for these events. Once I reached the end of the alley I thought I had gotten away unnoticed when I scurried out of the darkness and directly into a line of limos on the street where the prince and his entourage were in the process of leaving the party. I froze in place, not knowing what to do when Robert walked out and began talking to his royal guest as two of the harem girls willingly entered the second limo with three middle eastern men. It wasn't long before Robert glanced in my direction and began to intently stare directly at me. The syndicate's property had nowhere to hide so I tried to slowly back up toward the security of the alley and decide what Kate's next move would be.

Finally reaching the safety of the dark alley as the prince entered his limo, which gave Robert a chance to signal me to get back inside the club, before waving one last time at the prince. As the limos pulled off I could see an LAPD car stopped at the street light beyond Robert. It would be risky, but I had to take the chance to run for the policemen's protection, but just as I made my final decision the squad cars roof lights sprung to life followed by the tires squealing as they drove off in the opposite direction to help some other victim of a crime. I thought I could still run off down the street away from Robert and his crew hoping for the best when I felt a steel barrel pressed into my lower back. It was one of the syndicate's largest muscle guards, "Where the do you think you're going?" Robert was still staring at me and motioned for me go with his guard, and with a weapon cocked and loaded behind me I dejectedly turned and walked back down the alley return the club.

Outside the back door the club's security guard was sprawled on the pavement bloodied and severely beaten. The guard behind me chuckled, "Damn amateur security. Thinking about a blow job and not the job he was hired perform. He didn't know you were a sneaky little sissy bitch." As I reentered the club was a long line of patrons exiting out of the front entrance. I discovered just by the chatter I overheard from several couples that once the prince exited the party was on the move another location.

Walking in from the opposite direction was Robert and a muscle guard, and on a direct line toward me. I was surprised to see he was acting like nothing had happened, "Well, it's almost three in the morning, and I always live up to my agreements. Why don't you get changed and get out of here. James will make sure you get back to the hotel safely. If I don't see you again I hope your time with us will always remain a pleasant memory." The boss then turned and walked off like I was some insignificant ex-employee. Not a single mention of my current status after tonight's silent auction.

Not wasting a moment I rushed back to the dressing room and quickly changed into my street clothes, rejoining my body guard as he walked us toward the front entrance. I did briefly catch Mary's eye before leaving as she gave me a that clearly meant 'what's happening?'. I just smiled and gave a subdued wave before we exited the club.

That walk back the Hotel Cecil was nerve racking as every step I expected a van pull up filled with men in hoods that would abduct me, but when I finally reached the hotel lobby I felt relieved and a bit safer, and when the sexy night manager waved me over the guard held his ground near the front entrance while I moved see what she needed, "Hello. When you checked in yesterday afternoon the manager forgot have you sign this." She pushed the paperwork across the desk and purposefully leaned over so that I could easily down her open blouse see her pink areolas. Distracted by her luscious breasts she handed me a pen, "'s for your late checkout later today that was prearranged. 's so you don't get charged for an extra day." I looked back up into her deep brown eyes and explained, " wasn't on my credit card, and I plan be gone long before my checkout time." She gave me the sweetest , "That pig of a man that is the day manager is always screwing up and I am just trying cover his ass." seemed like a reasonable hotel policy and I shrugged off and signed next the X.

The sexy red head slid another envelope across the marble desk while snatching the paperwork from my view before I could read what I had just signed, "'s a gift for being a guest in our Presidential suite. Inside is a complimentary two-night stay in any room. The management is extending this offer you the next time you are visiting Los Angeles, just not the Presidential suite." I knew I would never use it, but also thought it might be useful if I ever acted upon my fantasy.

Once inside my suite I grabbed all of my belongings and stuffed them in my bag. Passing by the rear window I looked out see if my car was still waiting for me. It was, and I was happy see two other cars in the rooftop parking lot, and the parking attendant was already gone for the evening. I quickly checked to be sure I wasn't leaving anything behind and as I was reaching for my bag I heard a key in the lock of the door and I froze in terror.

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