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01 Jan 2015 (conclusion-1)  

SubMonique101 66T
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4/22/2021 2:14 pm
01 Jan 2015 (conclusion-1)

When the door swung open Robert entered and<b> slammed </font></b>the door shut behind him, then locking the dead bolt before walking directly toward me, ",Oh, my little sissy Katie. You do know that was a real slave auction that took place tonight? And although I initially planned to have Slut Kate on the block for a one night temporary contract. Nothing permanent, just on a trial basis, the response was overwhelming, so I just had to take you back for myself. It all works out about the same in the end because I still get back most of the bid except the percent transaction fee. Hold on . . . I guess with being the boss I get that back too."

He then moved even closer as he explained further, "I think you are worth the price I bid, although I know of one bidder that was going to turn you out on the streets tonight and was quite disappointed." I tried to act like this was all news to me. I had already guessed most of it, but wanted to hear the truth from him. He his jacket and threw it across the king size bed, "It was something new tonight. The entire event was all silent bids this time and every one of the submissive slaves were dressed exactly like you. Those necklaces and Arabic symbols designated each of you as being available." He reached out and held the pendent in his hand, "This says you are slave number five. You were being sized up by every dominant men in attendance . . . especially the Prince."

Robert then walked past me and carefully emptied a bag of white powder across the glass table top and snorted several lines before offering to join him, "Those other girls wont be so lucky when they set foot in the middle east. An American , held as a kept woman, with no rights except the life of a slut. That could have been you if I didn't step in." He offered the coke again, but I had to keep my senses for the moment so I could get away from his syndicate, "You still looking for that 'out' every slave dreams of?" I nodded yes and he looked disappointed before snorting the final lines, "You're a victim and you don't even know you're a victim." He crossed the room while unbuttoning his shirt to partially reveal his chiseled body, finally stopping before he pulled his belt off and swung it around my waist allowing him to pull Kate closer. I immediately felt his thick erection bulging into my groin, "The clock is ticking Katie. Now is the time to prove to yourself that you're either a slut or a . The trap had been set and I had nowhere to run.

Hoping it was all just a test, I leaned in closer, which he took as a signal to initiate our first kiss. It started soft and hesitantly before I gave in and wrapped my arms around Robert's neck. He dropped the belt and grabbed my ass cheeks so he could erotically grind into my torso. I could feel my resistance declining, but I continued holding on to my senses so as not to give in completely. His left hand moved down to my thigh, which he used to pull my leg over his hip, opening me so his throbbing cock was rubbing against my horny hole.

The kiss lingered for a few more moments before he broke it off and looked deep in my eyes, "That's why I bought you. Whores don't kiss, but sluts will do anything for their Master." I was embarrassed and a bit humiliated, but that didn't stop him from taking us to the next level. When this Dominant Alpha pressed forward the 'boss' gave Kate that look every woman knows as he slowly unzipped his trousers and ordered me, "Reach inside." My heart was racing as I played along hoping it would end quickly, "You were mostly unconcious when you got passed around in your Halloween video, but now you know exactly what's happening and you want to be forced beyond the point of no return."

I didn't want to agree with him and turned my attention the thick cock my hand was now slowly stroking. I didn't even realize I was doing it until I looked down and hauled his big Australian cock out, "Looks good enough to eat. Don't you agree?" All I could do was nod in agreement as he forced me down on my knees. Once I was faced with my destiny I pulled his thick erection through the opening and kissed the spongy head, "Mmmmm, yes Katie. Take your time. We have all the time you and I will ever need. This night may permanently turn you into a true porno princess." I looked up at him before he brushed his hand tenderly across my face, sending Kate shaking down upon the floor, "Get back here and don't look at your owner again until you are ready and become my breeding ." I moved back on my knees in a position of extreme servitude and began stroking him again, "Don't make me wait much longer!"

Kate's moment had arrived, and now all I wanted was to have his 9-inch shaft of man meat buried deep in my throat, and hopefully have him unloading into my belly to avoid this Dom from taking my anal virginity. Without thinking about what I was preparing to do I instinctively bit my lower lip and brought a finger to my lips as my imagination was running away with me. Finally, I brought his dick to my painted lips, licked down the shaft, mouthed the underside of his veiny shaft and covered it with a thick coat of my saliva to help aid my plans for deep throat.

As Kate prepared herself to suck the bosses cock in hopes of aiding my ultimate release, "What's it going to be Katie? Is the real woman inside you a slut or a ?" I also wanted to discover the truth as my mouth lunged forward and fill it with his thickening hard on. Once again he touched me tenderly, sending me swooning to the carpeted floor. He moved off to the bathroom and informed me that he wanted me to follow him inside, "But I want you dressed in a lace garter belt and stockings, or whatever lingerie you brought with you tonight. I expect to see the slutty feminine fuck slave from your submission video when you join me for your introduction to full 24/7 feminization." Kate had no answer for him as I watched Robert enter the bathroom.

Robert's control felt complete as I obediently dressed as his submissive wicked slave. To intensify the moment the butt plug began humming in my tushy once again and now I had a better idea who had been controlling it the entire evening. When I joined him in the bathroom he was standing next to a large floor to ceiling mirror, "You took so long that Katie is going to have to start all over again." Although he had softened, his cock was still the forbidden introduction of being controlled by a dominant Master. He held the remote control and pushed the button to 'high', which sent shivers through Kate as he stepped forward. He positioned me closer to the mirror,"Remember, don't do it unless you accept your destiny. You are the syndicate's feminine lusty fuck slut. You can look at yourself in the mirror, just not up at me."

I was desperate to get this behind me, so Kate began stroking his thick cock once again and forced myself into submitting to my kinky owner. With my lips sucking his cock head he added a comment that made me moan, which he thoroughly enjoyed my reaction, "I told Fred and Paul I wouldn't need to have you in a collar and cuffs to swallow my orgasm." I tried to block his words as my tongue lapped the tip, tasting his precum for the very first time, "No hands sissy. I want you playing with your clit and nipples while you worship your man's cock . . . and we do own your ass! Never forget that." All I could do was moan around the dick in my mouth before I began jamming the Dom's soft head into the top of my throat, while one hand furiously twisted my hard nipples and my other hand was wrapped around my fully erect and oozing penis.

This went on for several minutes . . .

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