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25 Oct 2014 (3)  

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2/12/2021 8:39 pm
25 Oct 2014 (3)

I was already so jittery about the whole night ahead of Katherine that I wasn't sure who would be behind that door. As it slowly swung open I heard myself gasp as a women dressed in a black latex catsuit, and standing in extremely tall platform heels, had nothing hidden from view with her costume stretched tight against her curvy figure. From just above her ankles up the top of the latex hood she was a mystery in latex. The hood had an open mouth area, something similar to a Batman cowl, so her identity was completely concealed except for the blonde pony tail sticking out of an opening in the back of the hood. On her hip was a pair of black handcuffs attached the wide belt that was pulled tight around her tiny waist at the top of a flared pleated latex skirt.

As she moved closer to me I didn't want to act too obvious, but what she was wearing accented her sexy figure, which left nothing to the imagination and I wanted her. When she finally reached me this mystery woman reached down on the outside of my gaff and began slowly rubbing, "This will be the night I get to Katie." was Mary. I didn't even know she had returned from back east, and I was totally surprised. As she continued rubbing and looking deep into my eyes she asked, "Did you miss me?" I moved in to kiss her but she pushed me back, but never beyond her reach to continue holding my growing erection, "I didn't hear an answer my sissy slave." Damn, she had me quivering with lust and I was finding it hard to say anything, "Yes, I missed you." She pointed at my gaff and signaled me to drop it down my thighs to step out of it, which I quickly did exposing my excitement.

Mary smiled widely as she reached down and loosened the belt around her waist enough so that she could drop her skirt around her high heels. As I slowly scanned down over her stunning figure I was suddenly transfixed on the realistic black penis strap-on she was wearing, "I've been missing my little sissy girl too, can't you see how hard you make cock?" She was stroking the dildo and swaying her hips as I was swept away by her seduction, "You promised I could Katie. Well, this may be the first time, but won't be the last if I have my way. I know you are going love this as much as I do." Mary moved over the makeup table and opened a jar of something. When she turned back me she had a handful of the white cream and was smearing it along the length of the dildo. She then bent down and retrieved her handcuffs before tossing them to me, "Attach yourself to that pipe." I hadn't even noticed it before, but was a pipe leading from an old space heater in the corner of the room, but before I moved in that direction I was suddenly unsure, "Are you sure this is what you want right now?" Mary walked back the door and turned the lock and secured with a loud >CLICK<.

"It's not even five, so we have just enough time." She continued rubbing the head of her black penis in the most erotic way before she snapped her fingers and demanded I follow her instructions completel, "For us reach euphoria." emphasize her intentions she added one last , which sent me scampering the corner and attaching my wrists together after moving my hands between the metal pipe and the brick wall. Mary followed me closely as she pointed out the perfectly positioned mirror. As I turned and looked over my right shoulder I was presented with my sissy self cuffed and dressed for a good fucking, and Mary intended to do exactly that to me.

I watched her silently move up behind me and began lubing my slutty hole with one of her slick fingers, "Don't worry sweetie, I'm not a sadist. We don't want to hurt you, since it's your first time. I want YOU to enjoy this. I need you to want this. Will you give yourself to me completely?" I nodded, but my response once again was not well received, "She switched to two fingers and was widening me with circular motions, "Show me that slutty that seeks forbidden submissive feminization." Looking at myself in the mirror, wearing a matching pink bra and garter belt, stockings and lacy pink maids collar, being finger fucked by a latex Domme appeared I was already well on my way to that goal.

Mary tossed a chair cushion onto the floor below me, "Drop Katie, it's finally your moment to become a real girl. I'm just so glad that I am going to be your first. You will always love me for doing this to you...and doing it nicely, not just rutting out your asshole." We both moved to the floor with her quickly rimming my smooth sissy hole with the thick head of her strap-on, "You wouldn't believe how much this makes my pussy so wet." It was the last thing she said before she plunged the mushroom head into my stretched hole. Mary did exactly as she promised as she slowly allowed me to accept her cock an inch at a time until she had over half of it inside me. Pausing her downward assault, she leaned over and began kissing my back, "Horny for me to dominate you as my cock ?" I was ready for control and service to her, "Yes, Mary!" She grabbed my hips and<b> slammed </font></b>another couple inches of veiny cock deeper as the head felt it was in my belly. As she slowly started rocking in and out of my hole Mary leaned over and rubbed her tits against my back, "I hope someday you'll be desperate for public fucking with me, just as long as our identities are concealed."

She left me hanging on this thought as her hips were thrusting the cock in deeper than any dildo I had ever taken on my own. Mary's reactions proved that this was more than a fantasy for her, it was a fetish, and I was the toy that she could indulge her lusty desires upon. As she started to slowly long dick my pussy I could see no wrong with this arrangement as she was triggering new feminine desires deep within me until suddenly my belly quivered and I shook uncontrollably, moaning like a true slut under my breath, "Well, look at you. You are already cumming from throbbing cock, my thick cock...admit it." She quickened her pace and reached underneath my body and grabbed my leaking clit, "Your first female orgasm proves you really are a slutty ...and I love it."

Moving her hands to the middle of my lower back, Mary really lean into her thrusting to go even deeper. She took over everything for the next ten minutes as she constantly ordered Katherine, "Don't stop watching bimbo Katie in the mirror being deflowered by big hard cock." After a series of female orgasms Mary asked another question between her panting, "Is Katie already loving the feeling of being filled more than she could have ever imagined? I just wish I could cum inside you right now so that Katie could know how it feels to be bred with sticky cum shooting deep inside her pussy," I could sense she was also about have an orgasm as she tried get her point across, "But I know you already love my hard on." Before she could say another word, she shook and<b> slammed </font></b>balls deep into my spread hole with the root of her cock being gripped by my asshole. We eventually slumped down to the floor as she wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tight, "Not bad for a first time anal virgin. Don't you agree?" This comment made me chuckle as we laid connected by a piece of thick plastic.

Looking at the clock in the room, Mary softly told me, "Sorry little girl, but we've got a few minutes get ready. Next time we'll need break in that pretty little mouth with my hard black cock." She shifted around behind me and in one long tug pulled her ten inch cock out of my flowering asshole. As she stood up and looked down at Kate she took in the scene, "If I were a photographer, this would be a pose any Master would approve." Mary quickly crossed the room and removed her strap-on, placing it in a drawer inside the left side of the make up table. She then returned and uncuffed her submissive, which enabled me to jump up and quickly my makeup one last time before pulling on my gaff and having my maids uniform drop down over me. Through all of the other excitement, this also caused another ripple of excitement cascade through my body and nearly bringing on another orgasm. Mary came over and kissed me hard on the lips, "Admit it. You love having me you with my big hard cock." I was already repeating it word for word even before she was finished. She smiled, turned back the mirror and touched up her lip stick and then handed the silver tube, "You like you need a bit more of this for your lips. You've been drooling." We both laughed at her observation and made our final preparations with minutes before the deadline. Mary unlocked the door and was giving Katherine one last , making sure I was presentable the world when the door suddenly swung open.

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