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31 Dec 2014 (NYE)  

SubMonique101 66T
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3/8/2021 1:02 pm
31 Dec 2014 (NYE)

Everybody was in their places as 6pm arrived, along with the first guests of the evening, as I immediately allowed myself be totally immersed into my Katherine role in front of a large crowd for the very last time. I took on the role of a compliant submissive slave serving the wishes of her Master before her ultimate release. As the club quickly filled to capacity Mary and the bar tenders were being slammed, which caused an early emotional scene from one of the other harem girls. Both Mr. Paul and Mr. Fred swiftly grabbed an arm and led her out the rear of the club. When I was finally able to take a break for a moment and talk with Mary I asked her, "What happened with her? Did somebody make an inappropriate move on her? It's that type of crowd tonight." Mary always had the inside information because she was the nosey-type, "She's the second harem girl that's not here anymore, and everybody is taking the heat for it."

While mixing several drinks behind the bar Mary also added, "Something is going on tonight. This is not like any other recent gathering I've worked. Plus, I heard from Tommy, one of the regular body guards, that some VIP will be here soon." This was not something that I wanted to hear since I was hoping to ease through my last night without any further complications. Mr. Paul returned from backstage and walked directly toward me, "Glad I caught you on a break, but don't let Fred see you doing nothing." This snapped me back to the reality I was still facing, "How would you like to make some extra cash tonight?" I wanted to say 'yes', but knew better than to respond too quickly, "What would it involve?" Mr. Paul waved to Mary for a drink before beginning his proposal and to give us a bit of privacy in the packed club, "You have choices . . . your waitress position with us, or the new showgirl up on the cat wal" I didn't hesitate, "No more food service? I'm happy be your waitress once again." I looked up at the busty brunette that was pole dancing for the crowd, "Plus, Katherine is no stripper . . . at least not for public consumption."

Mr. Paul suddenly smiled before I interjected, "Your full-time waitress for the evening, with a significant raise." I knew I was pushing things, but I felt for once that I had a slight advantage, "Deal, I can offer you a 50% raise, unfortunately your regular uniform is not here, so just keep wearing your harem girl outfit." He then leaned in close and whispered in my right ear, "I was hopeful that Kate would choose her other option. I just hope you made the right choice." He kissed me lightly on the cheek before finishing with, "All of your loyal fans are going miss seeing even more of you. And so will I."

Suddenly there was a commotion at the front entrance and Mr. Paul rushed over the line up on the right side of the door along with 'the boss' and Mr. Fred. Then the door swung open and a loud group of nearly a dozen Arabic men, all dressed in ceremonial robes, entered and were greeted as if they were royalty. Thankfully with so much attention being focused on these men then I felt my evening would be worry free, but I was sadly mistaken.

Leading up midnight, and after a couple hours of pawing hands and inappropriate suggestions, I returned the bar and watched one of the strippers work the crowd seated along the long runway. Men were stuffing cash into her garter belt as this sexy slut was now down to her stockings, panties and the lacy garter belt as she performed for the horniest guys

Over my shoulder I heard Mr. Fred's voice, "That should have been you up there." I turned around to face him as he continued, "One memorable night of erotic humiliation would have guaranteed the outcome you truly desire." Normally I would have thought of this as a put down, but for once I saw the look of a caring dominant owner in front of me, "I know I have been a little rough on you, but because of it the sissy girl inside you has been exposed for the whole world to see, and that is all I ever wanted for you. I'm not saying I had ulterior motives that would have helped with our bottom line, but Paul recognized it in you that very first time, and he's never been wrong about guys like you that deserve to be feminized. We will hate to see you go if you decide to walk away, but you're always welcomed back if you ever change your mind." I was hanging on his every word as he reached out and took my new necklace in his hand, "I see you got Robbie's special gift. Well. I've got one for you too, so come with me."

I was led to the Manager's office expecting some kind of exit interview, but when the door was locked behind me, and the office was empty, I didn't know what to expect. Without saying a word, Mr. Fred walked to the desk and opened a small black box to retrieve a large flesh colored penis shaped butt plug and a large tube of lube. He didn't even need to tell me what he wanted me to do next as I pulled down my puffy harem pants and flesh colored panties before bending over to grab the edge of the des I waited there in my submissive pose for what felt like an hour before I felt the greasy tip begin press inside and push open.

He was going almost way slow, as the anticipation of feeling my hole spread wide eventually wrap tightly around the thin handle had moaning like a true slut. He paused when I thought I was at my widest before he twisted it twice and then pressed into until it was at its widest point before stepping back and telling , "Suck that big cock into your pussy like a true submissive ." I started to reach back when he slapped my ass and screamed, "No hands faggot!" The spank had tightened my grip around the toy in my cunt, which then easily plugged itself inside me as my flesh locked tight around my intruder.

I felt Mr. Fred pull my panties up over my ass so the plug wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, "Don't remove that symbol until you get in your car in the morning...after your full shift is complete." I was about to stand p[ when he moved up behind me and began paddling my ass until I knew it was turning a bright red, "That is for being a disobedient sissy girl. I don't want to deal with you as a guy anymore." As he continued his assault he finished his comment, "We could have made you a star as our featured MILF. All of our older love you since you are our only mature woman."

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