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7 Sept 2013 (2)  

SubMonique101 66T
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1/19/2021 8:33 pm
7 Sept 2013 (2)

Mary and I quickly found a secluded office for what I thought was just going be us catching up on each others lives. She moved across the room and turned off the light on the desk, but before she did I could clearly see a room dominated by dark mahogany walls and end art work. When she turned back I was completely taken by her beauty and at that moment I knew I wanted her more than ever. She smiled as if she knew what I was thinking and before I could say a single word Mary walked slowly across the room, as if she was stalking her prey.

Not wanting miss out on this opportunity I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close, "I have wanted you from the moment I saw you at that first auction." Our lips touched and it was electric, and as my hands moved up from the small of her back I pulled her close enough that she could feel my excitement pressing into her white mini dress, ",We have got to do something about that." Her arms wrapped around my neck and I lifted her into my arms. Mary's smooth thighs wrapped up over my hips as I guided her over to the brown leather couch. Our<b> kisses </font></b>were overwhelming us, and when my left hand caressed her firm ass she pulled back slightly to gaze deep in my eyes, "Do you want to do this?"

I just nodded and began nibbling on her neck as she began rotating her hips against my growing erection. I could hear her breathing become shorter as I reached up and pulled down the zipper of her skimpy mini dress. Finally, she removed herself from my grasp and in one motion dropped her clingy dress to the floor and stepped free of it. All she was wearing was a pair of pink panties, white thigh high stockings and her matching stiletto high heels, "Do you like what you see?" I moaned approvingly and pushed her back onto the arm of the couch so that I could drop to my knees and begin caressing the inside of her thighs. My<b> kisses </font></b>followed the path of my hands as I alternated from leg to leg, ever moving higher until I was close enough that I could smell her excitement. She spread her legs slightly, but not enough that I couldn't pull her panties down and reveal a perfect pussy topped by a small landing strip of blonde pubic hair, "I hope you like? I shaved it just for you."

I could feel my smile widen as Mary nodded approvingly, "I knew you would." I had waited long enough and I grabbed the back of her knees to open her to my advances before I reached out with my tongue and made one long slow lick from near her asshole, up the length of her juicy slit, until my tongue found her clit already poking out, beckoning me on to never stop. With my lips locked between her pussy lips I buried my face in her spicy cunt and began lapping against her tiny nub hoping to bring about pleasure she had never felt before.

Once I started hearing her moan deeply I knew I had found her secret spot and never let up as her moans got louder and her thighs locked around my head. I moved my hands against her firm ass and pulled her slightly off of the edge of the couch to alternate between sucking her clitoris and dipping my tongue deep inside her until one time I could feel her slightly spurting against my flicking tongue. Her hands locked on the back of my head, pulling me hard against her sex, as she panted and I was filled with a mouthful of her sweet orgasm. It was no time to stop as I wanted more of her and I began slurping her sticky nectar, "Oh Dave, you're going to make me cum again if you don't stop." I took it as a challenge as I wanted her wanting me even more than she already did.

Moving back to her clit I focused all of my sexual needs on giving her pleasure as her belly heaved and she gave in to her feelings. With one free hand I began twisting her hard nipples, which sent her over the edge once again, After another powerful orgasm she forced herself to pull me off of her crotch and begged her lover to her, "I need your hard cock inside ....NOW!" She didn't have say twice, as I stood up to give her a deep French kiss as we were swept away with our lusty emotions.

As I quickly fumbled with my belt and zipper Mary slid down into the leather couch and began to furiously rub her wet pussy. I was sure she was seeing the lust in my eyes that I was seeing in her delicate features. When I pulled down my underwear she grinned lustfully, "Oh good, you're as big as I hoped you would be." She then dipped two fingers deep into her pussy and breathlessly asked, "How much have you been needing this?" My hard cock was already dripping precum, so wasn't much of an answer I needed add, "Hurry, I need that big cock in me. Please me, but first this!" Her hand shot out and wrapped around my shaft begin stroking slowly.

She then winked, smiled and licked her lips before bending over and kissed the head of my fleshy cock head. felt like a dream me before her hand moved my balls caress them as she began licking, sucking and bobbing wildly up and down the length of my veiny shaft. I could barely keep standing as she mouthed my cock and gulped the head before pressing the top of her throat. Then looking up at me with those deep blue eyes she slowly pressed forward as inch by inch of my entire cock was sucked in past her ruby red lips. She gagged slightly for a moment before thrusting forward on me several times to bury my bulging cock balls-deep into her throat, all the time never looking away until I could feel my orgasm starting to crest. Sensing this, Mary backed off until just the head was still between her lips, hoping to stifle my impending explosion. Feeling my erection throbbing in her mouth she kissed the head once again before softly saying, "Not so fast big boy. I need you inside my pussy first."

This blonde nymph quickly spun around on the couch so that she was on her knees, presenting her lover with a view any man would want to see. Even in the moonlight shining in through the open window I could see her pussy glistening in anticipation and was nothing that could have stopped the inside me from consummating our sexual union. She then buried her face into the blanket on the back of the couch and gave herself totally to her lust as Mary's fingers were tugging at her clit once again.

Stepping forward and placing my left hand in the small of her back, I guided my full erection against her pink pussy lips and rubbed up and down her slit several times before slowly pressing the head inside. I didn't want to do anything wrong to ruin the moment until I heard her moan my . Feeling her weakness swell the animal in me took over and I easily slipped completely inside her as I could feel Mary already milking me with her tight cunt. What started slow and tender almost instantly became a pussy pounding that echoed with the sound of our flesh slapping in the silence of the room.

I moved my hands to her hip bones to control the action and began sawing deeply in and out of her juicy vagina. The feelings were overwhelming and looking down on those fleshy globes meeting my every thrust had me wanting it to never stop, but it was all beyond my control to hold off for less than a couple minutes before we were both cumming and my potent seed was mixing with hers and filling her belly.

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4/14/2021 9:46 pm

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