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7 Sept 2013 (conclusion)  

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1/23/2021 12:40 pm
7 Sept 2013 (conclusion)

When I returned the massive living room everybody's attention was focused on something in the middle of the room, so it was effortless for me slip back in and regain my previous spot at the bar. After ordering a drink, and turning see what the hooting and hollering was about, Steve came rushing over toward me, pushing his way through the tightly packed crowd, "Hey, where have you been? This has been the best auction ever! Can you believe that beautiful talent that was sold tonight!" I had to think quickly for a response, since I hadn't expected to be asked that question as soon as I returned, "Yeah, I actually saw the first go for . When they brought the next one I kinda felt bad for her. Plus, she reminded of my big sister, so I really couldn't bring myself watch. I took a walk outside to check out the view and smoked the joint I had brought with ." This was just enough distract Steve, "Hey, why didn't you look for your good buddy share some of that weed?" I just shrugged my shoulders, "It got me pretty stoned and I lost track of time, so did I miss everything?"

Steve pointed for a bottled beer before he began, "Yeah, it went quickly because there was an unexpected run on the hottest woman by foreigners using call-in bids.' He leaned in closer after taking a swig of his beer, " I just don't see the attraction with cross dressers or sissies. There's always a few mixed in at all of the auctions I've ever attended, and surprisingly they typically get the most action and highest price, not so much with the overseas bidders, but the 'Americans' are always looking to turn another one out." During his speech I had turned away from my friend and was slowly sipping my drink, trying to act natural while my heart was racing wildly with the humiliating fact that he was talking about me, "If you ask me...anybody that dresses in women's clothing is a really sick pervert." Reacting to this without thinking I turned back to him and asked him a series of pointed questions, ", so that's where you draw the line? Look around where you're at? You're telling that you haven't been hoping have some kind of kinky sex with a Dom's slave?" Before he could respond one of the butlers came behind Steve tap him the shoulder, "Sir, I believe you are holding number18, so you are next?" His face turned a bright shade of red before he took another drink from his beer bottle and followed the man back into the crowd.

I was so upset just listening to what he said, and then it dawned that if he was invited New Years, he might recognize Kate. Then I heard Mary's voice behind , "Hey, where have you been hiding?' When I turned around I caught her game right away and played along, "You know, just hanging in the shadows." She turned reach over the bar and grabbed a bottled water, causing her skirt rise quite high, "You need what I have in my pants pocket." Turning back and opening the bottle she realized what I meant and tugged down her hem, ", I think you need that more than I do." If anybody would have been watching us interact, they would have never known that we just had mind-blowing sex.

As Mary settled onto the bar stool and crossed her long subtle legs I couldn't stop staring, "I was so glad you came dressed as Dave tonight. Although maybe next time you'll let me fuck Katie." My reaction must have made Mary concerned, "What's wrong?" I moved closer, "Nothing with you, it's just something I'm dealing with." Before she could respond I added, ", there's going be a next time?" Mary quickly perked , " yes, I think we could be real good together." She leaned into my ear and whispered, "Cross dressers are my Kryptonite."

Hearing this made want her even more, but suddenly she shot back from my shoulder, quickly seating herself fully onto her bar stool. She was looking at something over my shoulder, and when I turned I saw Mr. Paul and Mr. Fred approaching the bar. Mr. Fred started, "How are our guests tonight? Having a good time?" We both nodded, "That's good, but you're still employees, so break it . Yes Dave, Paul told you're working New Years Eve for us. Do a good job or else." He allowed this trail off before he turned and walked away.

Mr. Paul chuckled, "He can be so dramatic sometimes, but he's probably right. Plus, we're just finishing with the night's activities right now." Mary stood and excused herself, "I'll call for the limo. No passenger van for you tonight." She moved over to Mr. Paul and kissed him on the cheek, gave a nod, and was gone. Watching her walk away drew my attention the smaller group of spectators in the living room. Now I could see there was a red padded bench set up with a busty blonde wearing a matching red latex waist cincher. She was held in place by two wide metal rings on posts. One of the rings was locked around her waist and the other was locked tightly around her neck, "What's going on there?" Mr. Paul didn't need to look, "It was her new owners idea. She doesn't know it yet, but it's her official send-off before she gets shipped out of the country...but her ultimate fate still rests in her hands. The phone-in bid for her was placed from Miami, but the buyer is actually located somewhere in Bavaria, Germany. She will be on a private lear jet flying out later tonight. She's expecting to land in South Florida tomorrow, but when she wakes up outside the U. S. borders her fate will be permanently sealed. Just another missing person the police will never locate."

Looking back at the unsuspecting slave I noticed that her beautiful face was smeared with numerous loads of cum. Even more was pooling in a glass bowl on the floor below her mouth. I couldn't tell if she was broken or just enjoying it before I noticed another man move up and stick his hard cock in her open mouth. As she began expertly blowing him he turned his head in ecstasy, and I could now see it was Steve. "Looks like you're buddy Steve is taking full advantage of the night." Sensing my opening I jumped at it, "Speaking of Steve. Let's just say I can't have him EVER know about Kate." He allowed to build up my courage, "So, I'll need to back out of New Years Eve." Mr. Paul turned to the bar tender and motioned for him to retrieve a small plastic baggie filled with a white powder. Once it was in his hands he turned to emphasize what he was about to say, "Just a little magic dust to bring on a restful nights sleep. Don't concern yourself with Steve. You'll be working here on New Years Eve to fulfill our agreement, and I promise Kate is going to love every minute of it."

He moved off and crossed over to where Mr. Fred was chatting with several scantily dressed women. He pulled him away from the small group and said something to him while they were both looking in Steve's direction. This brought my attention back to Steve, who was now long dicking the submissive while holding the sides of her head. She was moaning and couching and struggling to contain his dominant thrusting between her puffy lips. When he finally came he shot a huge load of sperm all over her beautiful face and before he was finished, pushed the pink head of his cock back inside her lips so that she could clean the last of his mess still oozing from the tip. I was startled when something was suddenly<b> slammed </font></b>down on the bar behind me, spinning me around on my bar stool. It was Mr. Fred with his trusty video camera, "Don't you worry your pretty little pink cotton candy head about Steve." He patted the video camera and ejected the tape, "I've got all I need on your friend, and YOU WILL BE HERE FOR NEW YEARS...AS KATE!"

Turning back to the bondage slave, Steve had disappeared but I saw Mr. Paul pour a portion of the white powder into the bowl of sperm before standing and announcing, "We have an added surprise to end the night. If this slave consumes every drop filling this bowl in less than 2 minutes, with only a straw, then she will be permanently released from her slave contract." A short table was slid against the bench, allowing her free hands to easily move the straw anywhere in the bowl. I turned back to Mr. Fred and asked if that was true. He looked at the submissive and said, "There's always an 'out' possible in any situation, it's just up to each individual to make the correct choice." Two minutes later the bowl still had a small chunky mass of the seed remaining on the bottom of the bowl as the slave was crying and drooling with a belly full of multiple men's ejaculate. Mr. Fred winked approvingly before punctuating the moment, "Sweet dreams for her. Or is it possibly also similar sweet dreams for you?"

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