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1st Time in Drag Part 2: At John's Apartment  

SubmissiveSon3 41M  
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3/5/2020 5:43 pm
1st Time in Drag Part 2: At John's Apartment

This is Part 2 to the article I wrote called "1st Time in Drag the Club." [post 43053] In story I explained how I 41 but look, feel and sound younger, I shave myself smooth and like dressing in gurly panties and other female clothes to be a sissy femboy for older guys. A guy I met here on AdultFriendFinder, "John Smith," is in his 60s, with wrinkles, gray hair, and is very masculine, which is what i am attracted to. "John" likes shemales, drag queens, crossdressers, and the like, and asked me to wear a dress to a gay-only club where we would watch a drag queen show.

I changed into a purple sleeveless short mini-dress that was very thin and showed off my entire back and shoulders, and was so short and tight at the bottom of it in the back that the bottom of my buttcheeks were almost exposed and in the front you could almost see my panties and cock when I walked.

In the bathroom, after I changed, I was sexually assaulted, though I enjoyed it and didn't tell anybody. When I came out and sat next to "John," he said, "Wow, you look hot in that dress. Just put on make-up, maybe a wig, and you look sexier than any of these pro showgirls." We ate our dinner, watched the drag queen show, and talked for a while. Throughout the night, "John" would massage and squeeze my legs and knees, massaging my inner thigh. Remember: everything is exposed until you get to my very tight panties and "John" had told he was "a leg man.".
He was also kissing me, licking my neck, and nibbling on my ears. " out," he whispered to .
"Under the table," he explained. " out." He grabbed my hands and guided them to his crotch. "Here.." His dick was indeed out, exposed, and he put my hand on it. It was like holding a gun, here was a hard, long cylinder that could shoot wet, sticky ammunition. "Stroke it," "John" suggested. I did, giving him a hand job there. Meanwhile he was still nibbling on and licking my ears, his hand slowly moving up my inner thigh all the way to eventually my panties where he felt all my now dry but sticky cum. "I see somebody was already excited," he said, then pulled on my cock. "Fuck this, want to go back to my place?"
Though I just met this guy and was just getting to know him, I was so horny and so hot, so into it, i said yes. So we left the club, the drag queen show early. I didn't mind walking through the dimly-lit parking garage in drag, not too many people saw me. We got into his car, drove to his apartment that was close by here in gay-famous Hillcrest.

When we got there he held the door open for e, a true gentleman. We enter into an apartment with an open floor plan, the living room leading right off to an open kitchen. "Would you like a drink?" "John" asked.
I was already buzzing a bit off the wine I had at the club, but to be nice I answered yes and he started filling two glasses with champagne.
He walked over with both glasses and gave me one, then he turned down the lights, lit a few candles, and turned on some porn on his 50 inch TV. It was drag queen and cross-dresser porn, shemales and the like being fucked and sucking dick. His favorite.

We sat together on the couch, I sat closed-legged to hide my panties just like a woman would. I don't know why I did, "John" already saw and felt my panties and genitals, I guess I just liked the feeling of being like a woman. I took a big drink of the champagne and it must have been strong because I quickly started buzzing more. I felt so good, so happy and a bit relaxed, as well as very vulnerable and weak. After finishing off his glass, "John" yet again couldn't keep his hands off my long, smooth bare legs and thighs, remember he said earlier he was "a leg man," and he couldn't keep his mouth off my ears, neck and chest.

"John" then turned all the way towards me and lied on top of me, his hands all around me, caressing my bare exposed back, then down to my ass where he reached under my very short dress and started groping my buttcheeks that were exposed because of my thong panties. His left hand was on my right thigh, he was now exploring the inside of my mouth with his tongue, his lips locked around mine. I was lost, hidden, buried under his body, totally dominated and under his total control. "John" reached under my dress and slipped off my panties, he then unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and took out his cock, he leaned into me with it after lifting up the front of my dress and started rubbing it against my lower abdomen, stabbing me with it. I could tell he wanted to penetrate me with his huge, hard dick, but of course I'm not a real woman, I have no pussy in the front, so he'd have to put it into another hole.

I pushed him off me and got him to sit up straight on the couch. I then lifted my dress and mounted his lap straddling him cowgirl-style. It was a bit awkward and took a few minutes to get his cock, that was sticking up like a rocket or flagpole, lined up with my boypussy hole, but eventually I felt it poking me. I started bouncing up and down on his dick, leaving my dress on as I did it because it gave the illusion that I was a woman. Of course it didn't help that my long, hard cock was rubbing against his stomach and leaking pre-cum, but "John" was fine with it. As i said earlier, he likes shemales and crossdressers, he likes the smooth, curvy bodies of females and the cock and balls of men, so he was in heaven, even stroking my cock at the same time and putting my pre--cum into his mouth.

As I was bouncing on his cock, it pushing in against my sphincter and penetrating my anal cavity, "John" was kissing my chest, sucking on my boytitts, and burying his face into my breasts. With each bounce downwards, each downward thrust, his cock was getting deeper and deeper up into me, hitting my p-spot and giving that "full" feeling. I felt like a shish-kabob! Then I witnessed what must have been the biggest orgasm ever.

Suddenly "John" took his hands and mouth off me, looked up at the sky closing his eyes, and started pulling on his hair as his body convulsed violently, his legs shaking, making him seem to jump and i could feel his wet, warm sticky semen exploding into me. "Oh FUCK!" he screamed. The feeling of his cum filling me up got me off, but what tuned me on the most was seeing the look of joy and ecstasy on his face. And I came too, squirting semen all over his stomach. It took "John" a while to catch his breath and composure. "Thank you," he could barely utter. "That was awesome!" "You're awesome," I said.

I stayed on his lap and left his dick in me for a minute while it got limped then fell out of me. Not wanting to mess up his couch with the cum that was dripping out of my ass, when I dismounted "John" I stood up. " gonna go wash up," I said. "Okay, honey," "John" responded. I walked the few feet over to the bathroom, my very short mini-dress flowing back and forth with each step and exposing my panties in the front and the bottom of my buttcheeks in the back. When I looked back I could see "John" leering at me with a smile and I heard him whisper, "such a great ass!" An ass he was just all over and inside!

In the bathroom I used a wet rag and soap and washed off the outside of my ass and then my cock, sprayed Axe body spray all over, put my panties back on and fixed my dress. When I walked out I found "John" had already cleaned my semen off his stomach and has zipped and buttoned his pants. He also held two new glasses of champagne. I sat next to him, very close, again with my legs closed like a woman, and took one of the glasses of champagne. And again it made me feel really buzzed and good, but also tired. I then put my arm around him and rested my head on his shoulder. He leaned on me back as we cuddled there in the candlelight watching the crossdresser porn.

The strong champagne plus the wine I drank earlier at the club must have knocked me out because when i came to there was sunlight streaming in between the blinds and I was alone on the couch. I glanced around for "John" and found him in the kitchen in nothing but a bathrobe and whistling. "Good morning, beautiful," he said. "Would you like some coffee?"
"Sure," I answered. "But I like a lot of cream and sugar."
"Okay." "John" started the coffee-maker. "What do you want for breakfast? I have pancakes, waffles, eggs, cereal.."
"Ooh, pancakes or waffles. Those are my favorites and I rarely have them."
"I can make you both." And "John" put waffles in the toaster and started the stove for the pancake batter.
He must not have put the heat on yet because I was shivering. "i'm cold," I complained.
"Oh, here." he left the kitchen then returned from the bedroom with a fluffy pink female bathrobe.
My dress, as you know, is very skimpy and shows off a lot of skin, so this robe felt so good against my mostly exposed body. "This is nice," I commented.
"It's my wife's," "John" explained for no good reason.
"Yes, but it is a sexless marriage and she is out of town a lot for her job." He said, I guess trying to defend his infidelity.
Now I have to tell you I am naughty: I don't mind fucking with attached guys, whether they have male or female partners, I know many of you don't like that, but I find it very exhilarating, and I figure it's the guy's fault since I didn't chase them, they come after me. In fact, I had sex with a guy once that asked not to text him anymore after that because his wife might find out. I understood and complied with no amount of disappointment.
"So I guess you don't want me to text you anymore, then?"
"No, you can text me," "John" answered. "My wife doesn't know about this phone."
I think I was starting to understand this guy.
"And you know," he added, "anytime she's gone you can stay over."
"Thank you." We ate our breakfast and talked for a while. Then I said, "I have to put my other clothes on, I can't walk into my place in a dress."
"Okay, dear," "John" said.
I went back to the bathroom with my bag of clothes and sundries I had with the whole time but forgot to mention. I slipped off my dress but kept my purple lace panties on since nobody could see them and put on a pair of men's loose blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a black sweater. And just like that I was a man again.
When I walked out "John" smiled and said, "you're cute either way."
I blushed. I lost count how many times I blushed that night!
He gave me a ride home and it was still early enough, with no one around, we were able to kiss outside my place.
"You will text me, right?" "John" asked sounding worried.
"Of course!" I tried to reassure him.
His face got serious. "I WANT YOU, CHRISSY."
"You have me," I said. And with a wave and a smile I watched "John Smith" drive off. Man, what a night!

This sissy femboy is ready for a , for an older man, 50-- or older, to love and cherish and to kiss and grope all over, fuck my tight boypussy and with my smooth boyclit! And if presented a gold engagement ring with a huge gleaming diamond (even a fake one) and said, "Marry me, Chrissy. You will not have to worry about anything or work ever again. Just be a good wife to me, look pretty, and take care of the house." I'd probably say "Yes!"

Please "like" this post and comment on it, message and friend request me, give me tips or gifts, and you can find more content, including ones not approved for AdultFriendFinder, on Pornhub where my username is BiMaleSlutSD, on Xtube where my username is ChrissyinSD, and in my personal blog chrissyinsd. hotviber. . (Just copy and paste into Google search. I suggest searching Google images or videos.) And you can chrissy4 @ protonmail. com. Thanks! Kisses! Love you all!

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SubmissiveSon3 41M  
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5/10/2020 12:42 pm

Thank you, playme2259! You look hot too! Kisses!

playme2259 58M
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4/18/2020 9:21 pm

LOVED those Panties on you

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