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College Game Day,,,,,,,,and what it's all about  

Suppletitties 61M
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9/22/2019 10:10 am
College Game Day,,,,,,,,and what it's all about

Yesterday I was at the Stadium watching the Buckeyes just beat up on Miami (OH.) . It was so bad that I left the game early, and the week before I was in Chicago at the Howard-Hampton game and both days great football days...…...All the women and young ladies at the Howard game were dress, pressed, fried, dyed and laid to the side and looking good. On the otherhand the OSU crowd was a little of the so, happy to be in the stadium, ain't got no business on a college<b> campus </font></b>types to the youthful pretty students exploring their freedom to the old stogy alums...…

In that moment I saw some 50 something Miami moms,,,,that were with their 20 something daughters and it was like they were in the Shriver(((((((er Rez as they call it now)))))) still in Miami, toasted roll, merger fashion. But with that youthful , that all of a sudden caught my eye when compared to the mother. Now as many of you have seen or my know I like older more mature women, but they are sometimes not worth the trouble.

So, yesterday I just looked at and their youth daring and thought maybe it's time leave the old dogs alone and keep it young. Less of a problem, less of a mess and more open to the type of situation of the day, versus that of yesteryear....

Out with the old way, the old girls and in with the youth, in with the vibrant in with the women on the same wavelength,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with tittles sitting way up firm and high.
I love titties and it was so good seeing big, supple and firm young titties, versus seeing a old lady boob job or seeing them hangng long and lean.

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