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My Ex Co-Worker that I wanted to bang  

Suppletitties 59M
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4/21/2020 9:10 am
My Ex Co-Worker that I wanted to bang

A few months ago i was released from a job I didn't care for which was fine by . It was a local company with a national scope in affordable housing, but they were local in thinking and development. So appearances weren't a priority, I mean really how many fat reduction surgery candidates can you have working in one office,,,,,,,,,, out of 71 people come .

Anyway I had one or two co-workers that I just wanted fuck, and if I had pushed that envelope I would have, but for the only black male in the bunch you just don't. But I had my eye on one imparticular she was older and had the nicest titties.

Well in this corona world I ventured out yesterday and went the grocery store and to my surprise a masked woman calls out my name in the store. So I turned and it was JAB. So we stood there in the right social distance and talked about what was going ,,,,they were furloughed for now, I told her I was at work but today was too nice to pass . Anyway as we talk she tells my old boss was fired, after botting and hiring her friend. Then she asked why didn't I try stay in contact with them, and I told her I probably would have but...……………...the truth. and her mouth dropped. As she told the girl that used sit beside was always talking about what she wanted do her. So, needless say I was a little shocked, but then I said JAB, hey I was looking at you sweetie...…..and then she said that is why I wanted you stay and help clean the paint party. and that was it

She left it at that and said call and she continued shopping

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