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Never wear pajama pants to Dollar General  

Suppletitties 60M
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10/15/2020 12:31 pm
Never wear pajama pants to Dollar General

there are some things that some folks including myself should just never do.

well today I wore pajama pants to the Dollar General and needless to say wearing them sends a ton of unwanted<b> messages </font></b>to certain people, so this black guy wearing the one button fly pajama pants it is not an invitation for another due to ask can he suck my dick.

no is it an invitation to exchange show and tell with the big tittie, big belly, flat assed white chick,,,,,,now maybe her if I was into younger chicks because her titties were standing . So, I'm seeing a little bit of it camel toe etc. and then I get to Kathy the cashier,,,,,, she 50+, short, big titties in a barrel shape body and while not my type, I can't lie I've fucked a few like that and had some of the best head from a woamn like that....anyway

I've talked with her before, because I buy the same shit at Dollar general candy and Magic Shave, so she say hey and starts adding my stuff and the says in see right in there. I look and she says I can see of that. so that is whne I look down and feel the breeze and try button my fly, and she says if you wanna see my titties you can come around anytime and she gives me here number on the receipt...

so, I think this might be something to do and keep secret..........

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