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Domination Fantasy  

Sweet0Apple 27F
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1/21/2015 12:06 pm
Domination Fantasy

Setting: My house- I invited a Dominant male friend over to play. He just rang my doorbell. I just finished walking my English Mastiff and hang his chain leash and on the hook next to the front door.

I open my front door to reveal a mountain of a man standing on my front stoop. He is imposing at 6'4" a relaxed and confident smile spreading easily across his face. His thick brown hair hitting just above him shoulders. He is of average build wearing faded jeans that hug is ass, just right and a flannel button down. He steps inside and folds my small body into his arms for a tight hug- I feel my bones creak. In his arms I am acutely aware of our size difference. I am short at 5'3" with generous features. Large doe eyes, full pouty lips, large breasts and a tight ass.

"Mmm you look great, sweet girl." He whispers into my ear, his deep rumbling voice instantly making my small nipples harden like little beads.
" Thank you" I say in my sweetest voice, looking up at him through my eyelashes, giving him the full force of my big green eyes.

His hand slides up my body, his large hand covering most of my neck as he gently holds my jaw, tilting my head up as he leans down to give me a soft and passionate kiss. As the kiss deepens his hand slides down my back and cups my ass, pulling me a little more forcefully toward him. I moan softly, my arms wrapped around his neck, one hand in his hair and the other silently slipping the chain leash off of the hook. In one stealthy motion I twist his wrist off of my ass, bringing him down to his knees, facing away from me as I slip the chain leash through the chain handle around his neck, making a noose. His surprise works to my benefit as he is taken off guard and easily manipulated. To warn him off of any attempts to try to over power me I give the chain a sharp jerk, making him gasp and cough.

"You sneaky little bitch" He growls- not used to being on the receiving end of punishment.
"You make it sound like it was so difficult" I purr into his ear as I wrap the chain around my hand.
"Unbutton your shirt." I instruct him, pulling slightly onto the chain, to punctuate my point. He growls but does as told, unbuttoning his shirt, shrugging it off.
"hold your hands behind your back." I pull on the leash this time, cutting off his air for a second or two. He does as I told him and I use the other end of the least to chain his wrists together, using the leash clip to secure it.
"Stand." I whisper into his ear. He does as I ask. His back to the wall, a frustrated and somewhat dazed look on his face. I catch a glimpse of a smile twitch at the corners of his mouth.

I undo his belt, pulling it from his jeans and setting it aside for later. I pull his jeans off of his hips as well as his briefs. He is standing before me, completely naked. His strong body is mine to manipulate and use. Despite his earlier complaints, he has a full erection. I lick my lips as I run my hand, gently letting my long sharp nails graze over his soft flesh, up his inner thigh, up his stomach, over his chest and up his neck, my nails skipping over the chain around his neck. His cock jumps as I tease his body. I softly wrap my hand around his shaft, slowly increasing the pressure. He groans, as a little precum wets the head of his cock. Abruptly I squeeze him, making him gulp a breath of air and his eyes widen. I giggle and release his cock and slide my hand a little lower, to his sensitive balls. As I gently cup them I stand up on my tippy toes and whisper into his ear, ever so innocently...
"We are going to go into my bedroom, you are going to want to keep up." After I finish telling him I close my hand around his balls and start heading toward my room, pulling him by his balls to keep up. He lets off a string of curse words as he hobbles along to keep up, his hips arched forward and his eyes watering.

Once we are in my bedroom, I release his balls and he drops to his knees, panting and cursing. I smile down at him.

"Now, I am going to put this electric collar on you. If you try disobey me, I will press this button and you will receive a shock. Following the shock, your punishment will be harsh. After I put the collar on you I will remove the leash from you hands..."

I buckle the collar around his neck, the smooth metal prongs pressing softly against his neck and unclip the chain from his hands.

"I want you to get on your hands and knees and crawl into that kennel, like a good pet." I gesture toward the massive wire crate in the corner of the room. As he hesitates, I give him a warning buzz from the electric collar. He swears, tensing his jaw as he backs himself into the extra large crate. I pat him on the head before shutting the door.

"You are such a good boy! I bet other people would love to see how good of a sub you make while I change into something a little more appropriate." I skip over to my laptop, sitting on my desk. I open it up and start up the AdultFriendFinder webcam, pointing it at him; naked, on his hands and knees, bend over in a crate.

"Great! Maybe someone with have a good idea of what I should do with you." I say as I begin to undress. I remove my top and wiggle out of my jeans. Grabbing my hottest piece of lingerie from my dresser, I turn my back to him and remove my bra before lacing myself into the black corset. I bend over, digging in my bottom drawer for my stockings. Finding them, I straightening up, I slip them on and stand before the crate contemplating what to do next with my new pet....

To be continued....

okimhere111 59M
5 posts
8/9/2017 9:32 pm

hi nice blog. funny too

baldbuddah1959 61M
99 posts
8/10/2017 11:50 am

i have a few very dirty naughty thoughts on what to do next with him

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