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The Turning Point  

Sweet4u928 68T
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4/13/2019 2:45 pm
The Turning Point

I know how it all began--the evolution from a normal male into something not quite male and not quite female? There were the early signs of course--playing with dolls, learning to crochet and bake with my beloved Mom's help and encouragement! Whatever my father thought about it and I am sure that he made his displeasure known--I must have turned his influence and his displeasure off from my conscious mind (somehow) because my fear of him was great? Yes, that is perhaps what is most fascinating about my 'pursuits' was my very real and well founded terror of displeasing or standing out in the wrong way to him! I truly feared for my life but my interest in 'girly things' still managed to move forward?
As I grew older, the magazines that i was able to acquire---the books that I read only further pushed me in this direction. But even with all of that--we grow even older and come to that age where marriage can come and for a time--we forget everything that once was--the direction that we seemed to be headed in? Responsibilities and the stresses of Life and can get us to a place where we forget who we really are--where our true nature, really lies?
More time passes, a divorce and grow up and we are left alone and lonely and even more confused than at the start! We get on the dating sites--we exchange meaningless messages that really never get us anywhere and that chronic loneliness becomes even more acute and then----? We remember back to those earlier days and the way we seemed to have been bent and shaped for another destiny? I started buying things from Amazon and going into the women's section of Walmart to buy intimates--stockings, garter belts and panties! For some reason, I was not so embarrassed or ashamed by going there to shop? Getting back home---that privacy where I could do whatever I wanted to do--dress however I wished! It was VERY liberating and VERY sexually arousing---feelings that I thought had long ago left me, now returned with a vengeance! My body was on fire---my desires inflamed and at last---I understood! This was me and this would now be the identity, for better or for worse, that I would fully embrace!

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4/13/2019 3:57 pm

There are many distractions along one's path in life - both internal and external.
Detours, wrong turns, backtracking, I think we are all prone to that.
Best wishes on your journey.

Sweet4u928 replies on 4/13/2019 8:28 pm:
Thank you Luv---for your kind and thoughtful remarks---we are one in our understanding of these (at times) confounding issues---kisses, Connie

Danny65432198 31M
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4/13/2019 6:57 pm

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Sweet4u928 replies on 4/13/2019 8:30 pm:
Thank you Danny---I will keep that in mind--you certainly have a lovely cock---regards, Connie

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