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Hook up...?...  

SweetRide68 49M/52F  
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8/4/2019 1:41 am
Hook up...?...

I've been in the LS quite sometime as a .... I keep seeing profile names that begin with "rm_" then a name follows the underline... What the hell is this, signifying something..?... I'm assuming maybe it has do with a 'hook-up' location or way reach them meeting quickly...?...

Enlighten me, please...Lol

Legs5150 49F
1 post
8/4/2019 2:02 am

I wanna ride

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:38 pm:
Well yummm! Damn thxxx for being so naughty lol and taking time to respond to me xo

1971BiggUnsLuvr 49M
88 posts
8/4/2019 2:47 am

I thought it meant "real meets" for those who prefer to actually meet in person...

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:39 pm:
Thxxx for the info. And for taking time to respond to me xo

Cyrus2525 43M  
14 posts
8/4/2019 3:06 am

I actually been wondering that myself thank you for posting and asking lol

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:41 pm:


earth2adam4u 56M
108 posts
8/4/2019 3:29 am

In my experience most of those tend to be "spam" accounts so i tend to ignore them. The say with screen names that come on late at night with a couple of random letters at the end. Those always message you with a phone number and are almost always "spam" or "scams".

There might be some legit accounts beginning like that, so you have to judge for yourself. I am only express and opinion based on my experience.

But thanks for the question. I have wondered the same myself

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:43 pm:
Thxxx for taking time to respond xo

pnlooking4fun 45M/41F
46 posts
8/4/2019 3:41 am

yeah good question...
would be nice to know the answer

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:43 pm:
Thxxx for taking time to respond to me xo

jajo696 65F
2530 posts
8/4/2019 3:52 am

It means...returning member. One with an rm told me. They had deleted the account and came back , with not wanting to make a new profile, as others new them by the old name. So they reactivated the account...only now with an .....rm in front of the name.~~

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:57 pm:
Thxxx for the info. And for taking time to respond to me xo


Makemeswallowfor 40M
4 posts
8/4/2019 3:56 am

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SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:58 pm:

Makemeswallowfor 40M
4 posts
8/4/2019 4:03 am

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SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:58 pm:

Makemeswallowfor 40M
4 posts
8/4/2019 4:05 am

i want to is he fucking me 9like her if so 9894478142 i want to suck a cock

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 9:04 pm:

Bobbilly680 50M
20 posts
8/4/2019 7:09 am

Who knows nowadays could men anything.

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 8:59 pm:


night70250 24M
34 posts
8/4/2019 7:31 am


SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 9:00 pm:

JDeppth 43M  
6 posts
8/4/2019 5:58 pm

I think its a bot from the site or scammers that hijacked an old account. I was a former member who rejoined under a different screen name. And I've seen my old profile on here with that rm attached to the name. Gonna have to check on it, though

SweetRide68 replies on 8/4/2019 9:00 pm:

SweetRide68 49M/52F  
18 posts
8/4/2019 8:35 pm

THXXX so much all you sexy sexters for giving me a LOAD "of information" to digest.!!!... I really appreciate your taking a minute to chat, xo The Mrs

Trapper69 63G
2536 posts
9/7/2019 12:22 am

Several years ago, this was the topic of discussion on the Advice Line. There were several different suggestions, but "returning member" was the popular choice. About a week later, I had some problems, and called tech support. While talking with the tech, I asked him what 'rm" meant....he had no idea.

Since then, I've talked with 3 members who have "rm" in front of their username here on AdultFriendFinder. None of the three have any idea what it means. However, each of these members had been here for several years then took a break, shut off their profile, and returned.... one couple returned after 8 months, another couple returned after1 year and 4 months, and the woman returned after3 years. Therefore, I guess it means "returning member" Of course, I could be wrong??????

ludwig202 68M
11898 posts
12/26/2019 1:48 pm

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MisterXTC1000 56M
191 posts
2/4/2020 5:50 pm

WOW the Mrs is sexy as hell!!!! Love to make her do dirty things!!! If your ever up for some daytime play time let me know have cock will travel!!!

Bubaatnight 58M  
7 posts
6/13/2020 5:37 am

Bubba here. I'm in Sturgis South Dakota. I'd like to take a road trip to say hello. I can also host you here if you ever are interested attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Let's do a hit and run.

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