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Julie's favorite lesbian video.  

Sweetgurl50 50F  
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1/18/2020 9:47 am
Julie's favorite lesbian video.

When Julie would go home at night, she enjoyed signing on a favorite porn site. She'd scroll through page after page of women professionally photographed. She hated those gross pics of girls with their legs spread wide. Julie preferred soft porn; women in beautiful lingerie seductively posed. Fondling their own soft full breasts or those of their female partners. Of women kissing and tonguing other women. Sometimes she's searches for her favorite sexy videos. They were videos shot from above a bed, usually one girl alone, masturbating. She loved watching and hearing them cum. Seeing the women's bodies spasm and jerk with orgasmic pleasure. Julie could only stand to watch and sometimes only one video before feeling so incredibly turned on she'd have pleasure herself. Sometimes she'd find an especially good video and she'd download it her computer.

The night before last, Julie watched one those saved videos. In the video there were young women frolicking together. One young woman resembles Julie in both build and hair color. The other are blonde and buxom. All are naked. The blondes overpower the redhead and tied her the bed with red silk scarves. Unable move and or resist, the redhead is forced accept playful torture and teasing from the other . The redhead's legs are bound and pulled wide apart. One blonde wastes no time and leans down kiss and lick the waxed clean mound of the bound girl. Then she moves on fingering her slit. The redhead squirms as her entire body writhes with provoked pleasure. The other blonde leaves for a moment and returns with a small riding crop. She proceeds lightly smack the redhead's perky nipples. The bound girl cries out with anguished pleasure. Her nipples quickly become visibly swollen and red. The crop wielding blonde gives a few more especially hard smacks redhead's breasts before throwing the riding crop the floor. With animated delight she licks and sucks the redheads bright red nipples with occasional mean twists and pulls. The redhead whimpers and cries, but the blonde assures her it's not meant inflict pain, but rather increase the redhead's arousal. At this point the first blonde pulls out a large hot pink silicon dildo that has been hidden beneath a pillow. She also finds a small tube there... she explains that it's stimulating gel lube and shows it the redhead. The redhead shakes her head with affirmation, and sort of gasps, "Yes, Oh God, Yes". The hot pink dildo appears be at least 7 inches long and super flexible. The second blonde is visibly excited as she comes around the bed help get the redhead into a doggie position. The overly excited blonde uses both hands to stretch open the redhead's anus. Stretch and release, stretch, release.... she does this several times preparing her friend for penetration with the faux pink coc Redhead is penetrated slowly at first... inch by pink inch. Redhead begins grunt with pleasure. The stimulating gel doubles the redhead's pleasure. The first blonde slowly twists and gingerly pumps the dildo. The second blonde slides under the redhead and applies more of the stimulating get the redhead's clit and begins stroke her. The redhead's body shudders uncontrollably amid cries and rapturous grunts of pure ecstasy.

Julie is completely undone by what she watches on her computer screen. She reaches under her shirt, pinches her stiff nipples and fingers throbbing wet clit. It excites and arouses her watch the other woman begin orgasm. The whimpering girl's body shudders uncontrollably. The second blonde cups her hand catch the redhead's warm sticky cum. The redhead cums hard, pure sweetness drips between her fingers. The first blonde waits for just the right moment amidst the feverish orgasm before pulling the pink dildo out with one quick movement. At which point the redhead screams, "Oh God!". The blondes untie their ravished friend and place her on bac Redhead's clit throbs from her tortuous orgasm. The women gently stroke her body, both to calm her and extract any final sensations of pleasure.

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1/18/2020 11:37 am

Hey, Sweet.

*A Beautiful Thing*
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Sweetgurl50 replies on 1/18/2020 6:09 pm:
Thank you, Sweetheart!

eagnas234 52M
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1/26/2020 12:05 am

hi Sweetgurl50 enjoy your story for turn on thanks

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