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Just a fantasy.
Posted:Jan 18, 2020 6:08 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2020 5:1 am

She walked over the dresser and retrieved her favorite vibrator. It was black and 10” long. Lucky for her it had a full charge. She pulled the blue velvet bench away from the floor length mirror and positioned herself on it. Sliding the dildo beneath her, she pulled her lips apart. Stretched open wide she rested her clit directly against the black toy. She pushed down against the hardness. She resumed the nipple , twisting and pinching. Her delicate flesh quickly shone red. She pulled nipple clamps off a plastic hook glued the mirror. They were silver with tiny bells. The sound the bells made increased her excitement. She placed a clamp on each puffy nipple and adjusted it; a little tighter than usual. The pressure or rather the pain she felt was immediately gratifying. Her clit tingled. She resumed rubbing against the dildo. She pushed her deliciously large tits together causing the little bells to ring.

A fantasy is conjured: Captured and held against her will. She regains consciousness find herself restrained a bench. The bench faces a huge wall mirror. Her hands are tied above her. Initially the scene is erotic. The notion of being restrained, naked and forced watch herself excites her. With her legs tied wide apart she feels extremely vulnerable and exposed. She fights against the restraints and cries for help. A leather clad walks in, he slaps her before reaching down and roughly fingering her clit. She quivers with fear or is it excitement? A door opens and an exotic looking woman with gorgeous breasts dressed in leather chaps enters (her fantasy continues).

The woman reveals a small black riding crop. The dark eyed beauty flashes a smile and with practiced movements she engages the whip. Initially the whipping is feather like and the delicious pain excites her captive. The intensity of the blows increase. Via the mirror she can see small welts rising on her creamy flesh. Her nipples swelling and glowing red. She’s struck dozens of time.

The whip strikes last time against a punished nipple. Abruptly her leather clad torturer leans in close pushes her tongue in and deeply kisses her slave. Her kisses continue as hands gingerly caress luscious creamy skin to lure her back into sexual excitement. Her nipples are suckled when she feels the braided leather handle of the riding crop against her pussy. The black leather teases and taunts. The bound woman’s excitement is ultimately evident by the creamy sweetness left glistening on the handle. Outwardly she cries and fights against the unwanted stimulation…But her captor is unrelenting and finally abandons the riding crop altogether. Using just her hand the dark beauty rubs the pretty pink clit into submission. The bound woman’s emits pitched noises as her breathing increases. Within minutes she cums hard and loud. Her thigh muscles furiously quiver with legs still restrained and wide apart. Her vagina visibly spasms and gushes sweet sticky cum onto the bench.

Still gasping she feels intense fear when the master reenters the room. He praises her orgasm but now demands another for himself. He strokes her and although his touch is not mean and she’s unable to endure it. He bites her shoulders and breasts while his fingers continue to cajole. He whispers in her ear, that she needs to cum for him. Just cum for him and he’ll release her. And his fingers stroke her clit just a bit harder.

As though she were a rag doll, he picks her up and re positions her on the bench. She’s turned over and down. Her arms secured on either side. Instead of lying she’s bent over the edge of the bench, her legs again pulled apart and securely shackled. He approaches her from behind and grabs her pussy. Finding her swollen clit, he begins stroke…slow and deliberate. Internally she was a conflict of emotions, strong and baffling. Amidst whimpers and cries she submits his coercive stimulation. His fingers adeptly rouse her. Designed distract her, he bites her back several times and moves his fingers from her cunt her anus. She’s never had this done; it shocks and excites her. He shoves in a thick finger wet with her cum. She squirms inundated with delicious painful sensations. Finger thrusts become rhythmic. All at once she’s groaning and bucking from the deluge of a newfound sexual thrill washing over her.

Suddenly she feels his angry thick cock shoved inside stretching and filling her tight punani. It’s almost too much. He pulled on the cord that restrained her hands so that she might steady herself. And she needed to because his fucking became frenzied and rough. She’d let a scream every time his cock her cervix. was the sensation of his balls as they smacked against the back of her legs and sometimes her pussy. She remembers the mirror and looks up… he’s fucking her from behind and the site of her generous titties swinging with each hard thrust as he leaned in excited her. Overwhelmed by these images, she whipped up into a sexual frenzy. She asks for more, deeper, faster. He maintains his erection he feels her begin cum. : End of fantasy:

And so, she does cum hard…she has her clit pushed hard against the dildo on the highest setting…she cums with abandon. With the spell broken and the fantasy ended she slowly calms herself. She removes the silver clamps and gently rubs her nipples. They sting and glow bright red. She continues catch her breath and turns off the vibrator.
They Met Online
Posted:Jan 18, 2020 1:32 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2020 5:1 am

Weeks earlier they met online in a “Open to Anything” chatroom. He read her profile and found her refreshingly open and honest, not like some silly 20 something flirt. She knew what she wanted; a NSA relationship describing in detail what turned her on best. She was looking for lots of oral sex both giving and receiving, nipple play, direct stimulation to her clit ~ not penetration alone, and stranger/stranger role playing. She was also bi-curious and wanted to try some bondage.
It all sounds quite fantastic, if she was to be believed. So, he sent the first message, “I’m just the stranger you’ve been looking for”. Well he thought, apart from being bi-curious. He was not interested in fondling some dude’s package. The role play and bondage really piqued his interest as they were things, he’d wanted to try but had never found a willing partner.
The usual messages passed between them, building up to that first meeting. It was just supposed to be a sort of drive at the back of parking lot. Just a few moments to get a good look at each other. She pulled her truck right up to his. They parked under huge shade trees. He gave sort of wave and her breath caught. His hands were huge. OMG, she loved a guy with big hands. Scenes flashed in her mind of his hands all over her; stroking and caressing her skin. He said he was tall, but this was too much. Without thinking she motioned him to get in with her.
She’d never been so forward with anyone. But it had been a long time since she’d had sex. The moment he got in her car she leaned over to kiss him. A long hard deep kiss. She reached down and felt he was already hard. She sat back for a moment and flipped the center console into the upright position just to get closer. Not a word passed between them. He was keen to follow her lead. They kissed again and she could feel that initial rush of arousal. Her clit twitched with anticipation. He kissed her neck and she came undone. Her body gave a little shudder.
He took a chance and slid a hand under her dress. He stroked her thigh; up and down several times against warm, smooth skin. He wanted to lick that skin. His thumb pushed past silky fabric and gingerly tugged at the elastic as if testing the waters. She pulled back and looked at him. She smiled, sat back, pulled off her damp panties and offered them to him. He grinned, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

He pulled her close, kissing her sweet warm mouth. Her lips were soft and full. She twisted toward him sliding her right leg beneath her, pulling her left leg open wide. His hand quickly resumed its place beneath her dress. His fingers gently teased her labia. Meanly teased she thought. Her clit tingled. She kissed him again and began to unbutton her dress. She’d worn a white cotton dress with buttons down the front. She’d chosen her clothing in anticipation of more than just a chat.
Her unbuttoned dress revealing a white lace bra. Her full breasts spilled over the top. He leaned down, kissing the soft creamy flesh. Wanting his mouth on her nipples, she undid the front clasp of her bra. Her luscious tits swung free. She fondled and teased herself. She pulled and twisted her nipples. The expression on his face was enough to know he was enjoying the show.
He looked her straight in the eyes, gave her the slightest grin and began to stroke her clit. She let out a, “Oh god yes!” She pushed her generous tits together as her fingers pulled down tightly around each nipple. The color of her perfect areolas grew from soft pink to bright red. She lifted and offered them…he eagerly sucked in a mouthful of her sweet tender flesh. His tongue circled twice before taking a nipple between his teeth and gingerly pulled. She let out a pleasure filled moan. He sucked loudly, relishing the taste of her generous breasts.
All the while he is fingering her…. His fingers wet silky sweetness slide easily over her clit. She pushes herself down on his hand and picks up a lubricious rhythm. With her eyes close tight she’s pulls and twists her own nipples. Her moans increase as he adeptly works her into a frenzied orgasm. She tries to hold on but he’s relentless. She cums hard and gushes more creamy sweetness onto his hand.
She pauses to catch her breath and asks for another. He pushes his bent knee closer to her. He makes a fist and rests it on his knee. She finds a sweet spot and begins to masturbate as she hold on to the back of the seat. Her hot clit slides along his fist and in particularly against his thumb. With her free hand she wildly fondles her left breast. He watches her face as she works herself into another orgasm. It’s as if he’s not there, but rather he’s become an instrument of pleasure.

Her rhythm slows and he swears he can feel her clit throb with ecstasy. She gathers her composure and almost feels embarrassed to have enjoyed herself so much, almost. Repositioning herself on her knees, she leans in to kiss him. His lips are comparatively cook to hers. She works at quieting her before kissing him deeply. She reaches down and presses the button to recline his seat. Satisfied that he is comfortable she unbuckles his belt. She looks at him just for a moment before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. Her little hands maneuver to pull out his cock. It’s thick and feels a little moist. She fondles him with gentle caresses and passes a soft palm over and around the silky-smooth head before kissing it.
Her kisses are gentle and teasing. She holds him erect as her mouth covers his cock with kisses then licks. Long slow licks up and down her newfound meaty toy. He shifts in his seat and it excites her. Feeling wicked she endeavors to tease and taunt his delicious penis. She breathes in his manly scent and imagines that is grows and stiffens even more. She moans encouragingly.
Her tongue licks at the precum and she’s delighted the taste. She slowly takes him into her mouth, her lips envelope his glans before sliding it inch inch down her throat. Mmmm. She sucks and savors him as she slowly pulls out his delicious cock. It’s fills her sweet mouth to capacity… Animated its size, she moans with appreciation as her tongue swirls around the head and flicks under and along the rim. She holds the beautiful phallus with both hands as she repeatedly sucks deeply sliding him in and out of her mouth. Again, he shifts a bit in his seat. She smiles to herself knowing that he is enjoying her diligence.
She enjoys giving oral, it stimulates and excites her. Often just thinking of fellatio makes her mouth water. She increases the pressure, sucking harder. Her saliva pools in her mouth producing audible slurps. His breathing increases as do his moans. Her own arousal increases. His cock slides effortlessly in and out of her mouth. Amid slurping and sucking her tongue lashes his dick. Her actions become Animalistic and feral as she devours his monstrous cock.
His pleasure filled gasps and grunts fill the cabin of the truck. He does his best not to . He’s never received or felt anything close to this chick’s oral prowess. His heart races and the familiar tickle from every part of his body starts to build. Ultimately unable to hold back any longer it begins. Intense feelings of pleasure rush up inside him with each fantastic spasm as he begins to ejaculate. His orgasm is loud and he cums hard. Lips tightly wrapped around his cock her mouth is filled with hot cum. Greedily she sucks and swallows as she continues to coax every lubricious drop. With his release complete his breathes become measured.
She rocks back on her heels. They look at each other. Rumpled clothing tossed hair and the smell of sex wafting… with knowing looks, it’s agreed, their meeting has been sexcessful.
Julie's favorite lesbian video.
Posted:Jan 18, 2020 9:47 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2020 6:08 pm

When Julie would go home at night, she enjoyed signing on a favorite porn site. She'd scroll through page after page of women professionally photographed. She hated those gross pics of girls with their legs spread wide. Julie preferred soft porn; women in beautiful lingerie seductively posed. Fondling their own soft full breasts or those of their female partners. Of women kissing and tonguing other women. Sometimes she's searches for her favorite sexy videos. They were videos shot from above a bed, usually one girl alone, masturbating. She loved watching and hearing them cum. Seeing the women's bodies spasm and jerk with orgasmic pleasure. Julie could only stand to watch and sometimes only one video before feeling so incredibly turned on she'd have pleasure herself. Sometimes she'd find an especially good video and she'd download it her computer.

The night before last, Julie watched one those saved videos. In the video there were young women frolicking together. One young woman resembles Julie in both build and hair color. The other are blonde and buxom. All are naked. The blondes overpower the redhead and tied her the bed with red silk scarves. Unable move and or resist, the redhead is forced accept playful torture and teasing from the other . The redhead's legs are bound and pulled wide apart. One blonde wastes no time and leans down kiss and lick the waxed clean mound of the bound girl. Then she moves on fingering her slit. The redhead squirms as her entire body writhes with provoked pleasure. The other blonde leaves for a moment and returns with a small riding crop. She proceeds lightly smack the redhead's perky nipples. The bound girl cries out with anguished pleasure. Her nipples quickly become visibly swollen and red. The crop wielding blonde gives a few more especially hard smacks redhead's breasts before throwing the riding crop the floor. With animated delight she licks and sucks the redheads bright red nipples with occasional mean twists and pulls. The redhead whimpers and cries, but the blonde assures her it's not meant inflict pain, but rather increase the redhead's arousal. At this point the first blonde pulls out a large hot pink silicon dildo that has been hidden beneath a pillow. She also finds a small tube there... she explains that it's stimulating gel lube and shows it the redhead. The redhead shakes her head with affirmation, and sort of gasps, "Yes, Oh God, Yes". The hot pink dildo appears be at least 7 inches long and super flexible. The second blonde is visibly excited as she comes around the bed help get the redhead into a doggie position. The overly excited blonde uses both hands to stretch open the redhead's anus. Stretch and release, stretch, release.... she does this several times preparing her friend for penetration with the faux pink coc Redhead is penetrated slowly at first... inch by pink inch. Redhead begins grunt with pleasure. The stimulating gel doubles the redhead's pleasure. The first blonde slowly twists and gingerly pumps the dildo. The second blonde slides under the redhead and applies more of the stimulating get the redhead's clit and begins stroke her. The redhead's body shudders uncontrollably amid cries and rapturous grunts of pure ecstasy.

Julie is completely undone by what she watches on her computer screen. She reaches under her shirt, pinches her stiff nipples and fingers throbbing wet clit. It excites and arouses her watch the other woman begin orgasm. The whimpering girl's body shudders uncontrollably. The second blonde cups her hand catch the redhead's warm sticky cum. The redhead cums hard, pure sweetness drips between her fingers. The first blonde waits for just the right moment amidst the feverish orgasm before pulling the pink dildo out with one quick movement. At which point the redhead screams, "Oh God!". The blondes untie their ravished friend and place her on bac Redhead's clit throbs from her tortuous orgasm. The women gently stroke her body, both to calm her and extract any final sensations of pleasure.

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