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Continued ....Dreams come True.. Wishes are Granted...and Satisfaction is a Reality  

Sweetleeberry16 46F  
24 posts
3/27/2020 5:07 am
Continued ....Dreams come True.. Wishes are Granted...and Satisfaction is a Reality

I couldnt get him out of my mind... I contacted him again. I wanted him inside of again...wanted feel his hard, thick cock sliding inside of again. I wanted have that gorgeous cock inside of my mouth, pushing his way down my throat, teasing him with my tongue. He told his day was pretty slammed at work and was dealing with a lot of frustration. He sounded like he needed a short break breathe or work out some of his frustration. I gladly offered visit him and see if I could help him relax....He laughed and said he wouldnt say no that....lol....If I was him I wouldn't have said no either. I arrived at his office and as I walked in I couldnt take my eyes off of his sexy ass in his office chair sitting behind his desk. We exchanged a few pleasantries and then I walked around his desk ..leaned down towards him... sitting in his chair..he grabbed and started kissing . His kisses were so deep n sweet. He grabbed my tits and started nuzzling them..telling they were illegal...lol I told him "You should be illegal"
I pulled back...lowered the top of my dress down to my waist and he started suckling n kissing..my pussy was throbbing n jumping with need for him. First though, I just wanted his cock in my mouth. He looked kinda surprised when I immediately dropped down my knees, asking him as I did pull his pants down for . Without hesitation he immediately complied..teasing me as he did..saying " I dont think it can get hard" he's hilarious...lol! What a fib...he of course was already rock hard n waiting.
Such a gorgeous site!. I enclosed him between my breasts...spit down on top of the head...lubricating his shaft between my breasts ..held my breasts enclosed around him by pulling my nipples forward as he started titty fucking me...I wanted to taste him so bad..I leaned down and started licking n sucking his tip while he was thrusting between my breasts..I moaned...so turned on by this man.
I couldnt take it anymore...I had to have him in my mouth. I slowly ran my tounge down the length of him...teasing him with kisses and long licks down his shaft. I was teasing myself more than him. His cellphone kept ringing n then his office phone was ringing...I told him he could answer,Id just continue to suck on him quietly...he replied...that can wait.. I enclosed him in my mouth ..trying to get of his length down my throat...impossible but fun trying...he helped by pushing my head down n holding there for a few seconds..I gratefully allowed n continued suck his cock, swirling my tongue around his head n length as I still had him in my throat. His cock was hard. I sucked and licked a few more mi utes until I couldnt take it anymore...I had to have him inside of .
I stood ..kicked off my black thongs...turning around with my ass facing him and as I went slide that beautiful hard cock inside of ..he said.. " Are you wet enough" OMG...LMMFAO.... He must not have realized what he does ... I replied.."I believe so".. I put his cock against my pussy and slowly started sit down as I did he slid inside of ..my pussy was gripping him tight as he entered splitting apart..ohhh my, hes so fucking big. My pussy was soaking wet, hot, and welcoming...his cock was so hard, silky, and throbbing inside of 😍😍😍 I immediately started bouncing him fast n hard before sitting the way down n grinding him inside of ..he was grabbing my breasts n squeezing them hard using them help ride his cock. Fucking him feels so glorious and free..
My legs started tire...so I told him his turn n stood n layed ass across his desk...with no hesitation he was slamming his hard length inside of ...my pussy was still tender from the day before so at first I was trying get away from the full pound...so bravely I anchored myself against his desk pushing my ass more n forcing myself take that dick.. of a sudden the fucking felt so good the tenderness was gone and my pussy was gladly begging be pounded full length..fast... hard thrusts...over n over until he was cumming inside of ...hot lava squirting deep inside making my pussy start quaking.. As he squirted...it caused have a small orgasm...he continued<b> stroke </font></b>inside of ..never losing complete hardness. What an amazing man...he definitely isnt wasting his cock..n I am sure glad of that...lol
He went and got a towel n came back n he was still covered with my juices..laughing as he started to dress, he said "look its still wet". I laughed and said "May I lick you dry n clean you off with my mouth?" Gratefully he complied. I licked down his shaft n around the base..sucked my juices off his balls and then slowly sucked his cock into my mouth...sucking all my juice off of him. As I removed him from my mouth I planted a last, long, lingering 💋 ontop of his cock and then backed away. I exchanged a few more words with him as I fixed my clothing n slid my heels back on...reminded him he needed to get to the bank..went over to him and gave him one last kiss n hug n then I swept out the door...my bodding humming with pleasure.
I hope he enjoyed me as much as I did him and that he was able to release some of his frustrations from the day as he released himself inside of me.

cyclingfool 58M  
6504 posts
3/27/2020 8:17 am

That is very hot. I miss and long for encounters like that. It's been a long time, but I've been there. So amazing for both.
Enjoy, but also please be safe.

Sweetleeberry16 replies on 3/28/2020 1:10 am:
Dont worry...I will be safe. Thanks for your words. It was a wonderful experience and it felt as hot as it sounds.

Paulxx001 63M
16348 posts
3/27/2020 11:52 am

THAT was hot. 🔥 💦 ⭕ ❗ 😎 🍷 🍷

Sweetleeberry16 replies on 3/28/2020 1:10 am:
Thank you for reading. Hope it read as hot to you as it felt for me

fashionablegma 77F
7938 posts
3/30/2020 9:41 am

Oh it is exciting with someone new,that you find the attraction and chemistry just right that you cannot live without them in your life,cherish these moments

Sweetleeberry16 replies on 3/31/2020 1:30 am:
I do cherish those moments...Its very rare to find...especially rare to find when both parties are available to follow those yearnings with one another.

Sweetleeberry16 46F  
9 posts
3/31/2020 1:31 am

Thank you and I will definitely cherish those moments...they were spectacular and I hope for more of the same with the same person.

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