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Sweetleeberry16 45F  
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4/24/2020 3:38 am

So I met this guy... he's your average Stoner guy, got a beard.. nice and full..hes kind of cute...at 1st glance he's definitely not a stud..he's kind of nerdy in the fact that he researches everything..but all thats ok because I'm like that too. He's a Gamer... definitely not my type... kind of dorky in his own way, but he's just chill, laid-back. I think that he looks like a Viking, without the muscled body. Hes got nice squared sholders..muscled thighs ..a little extra weight in his midsection ..your regular average guy..until he starts to fuck me, then his chest seems to get tighter, broader..he's insanely strong.. you cant tell that by looking at him though..not unless ur looking at him when hes fucking you..then he looks magnificent. If you watched the t.v. series "Vikings" and you remember the actors..well I would say he reminds me of Gustaf Skarsgård who played "Floki"until he starts touching me and then I think he looks like "Thor". The strangest thing about that is hes actually 75% Norwegian..he actually is a Viking...lmmfao. I am almost 46 years old and Ive had alot of damn good sex...Ive watched alot of porn and movies. I was even a lesbian for 3yrs and watched my live-in girlfriend getting pounded superbly...that scene has always been my go-to visual when in need...lol. Not anymore. I cant even think about anybody before or anything but him. Insanity... We had messaged back n forth lightly for 3 weeks..him begging me to give him a chance.. I gave him my number and then I ghosted him for the next 2 weeks. I thought by looking at his pics that he was going to be an average Joe...cum as soon as he touched me and be a huge waste of my time. Finally he messaged me after I ghosted him for 2 weeks asking me WTF??? Lol.. So on the spur of the moment I said WTF and told him Id meet him if he drove near me and got a room..never really thinking he would...now mind you, he had almost a 2hr drive and it was 10pm at night...he immediately gets a room and heads my way...Im thinking "Oh lord"" What have I gotten myself into" Oh Lord is right! I arrived 30 minutes late...a little leary...n I walked in and we started conversing...after about 30 minutes I decided I was going to have to make the 1st move. I get up start turning the major lights off asking him if thats ok...he says yes just leave on enough so I can see you. I walk up to him and lean down and rub his head letting my hands run down and into his beard. Never been with a man with a beard before...had no idea how much I was going to love it and how comforting it would feel against me. He stood up and starting kissing me and rubbing his hands all over my body..he touched me everywhere ...he lifted me up into his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he laid me down on the bed..he touched..nuzzled..kissed..licked..
nibbled and suckled every part of my body and was undressing me as he did...I couldnt even think...never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that lovemaking like this was real or possible! He pushes my body down and positions himself between my legs and started making love to my pussy with his mouth. I have never..ever had such good head in my life..he nibbled me just right..he would be gentle, blowing across my clit softly before flicking his tounge against it...and then he would suck my whole pussy into his mouth and his tongue slid between my pussy lips delving inside spearing me and sucking me at the same time...I cant even re-tale the events...the shear magnitude of the knowledge about sex and the womans body that this man has. He dined on me for probably about an hour and had my body continuously jumping..shaking..and arching. I begged him to fuck me..to let me suck on his dick..all he did was flip me over and start making love to my ass with his hands, mouth, and tongue. Finally he stands up and takes the rest of his clothes off and I finally see his cock. Its absolutely beautiful...just right..a little too big for me...thick and at full attention. I start to reach out..he laughs n pushes me down..lifts my legs up to his shoulders..spread in a V..and ever so slowly he begins to enter me until hes buried to the hilt and holds there ...my body starts quaking uncontrollably. He starts laughing and slowly, continuously, long full<b> strokes..</font></b>pounding harder with each stroke. Im going out of my mind with sensations.. My vision clears for a moment and I see him as hes pounding and all I can think is hes my Viking come to life...he looks like a "Viking God" in that moment...this surely must be the afterlife and Im being rewarded for my good deeds. His fucking is so good he literally has me crying at times..not to mention all the yells and screams and the moaning... which never ceased during the 5hours of nonstop lovemaking and the best (no comparisons) fucking Ive ever had and I know will ever have in my lifetime. He asked me if I was a squirter..I laughed and told him only twice in my life and both of those times was 20 years previous...and its actually hard for me to cum..."Im a tough nut to crack",  I say laughing... He smirked at me...OMG he precedes to make me squirt three times screaming the whole time..This man fucks like a God..Ive never even seen a porn that could compare to his fucking..its like hes studied every book and every porn he could get his hands on and took the best out of each..there isnt 1 thing that he hesitated about..not 1 thing he did felt wrong..my body completely opened up to him ..the harder he would pound the harder I would thrust my pussy and ass back at him..whatever he wanted from me and my body he willingly received without thought. It was like I was hypnotized and my only goal was to receive and give without stop..without pain and without thought...when he would hurt my pussy from pounding and I would try to squirm away...he would just hold me still with his hand on the curve of my back..at the top of my ass cheeks or by grabbing and squeezing my tits and staring into my eyes...I would immediately relax and we would begin to fuck harder....when I could think...the only thing I thought was"this has to be a dream or he has some type of supernatural powers or hes a God or even the real Devil" and before you even think to ask..the answer is HELL NO....Im not telling his name or giving you his number. Hes a wonderful outstanding lover..truthfully words cant even describe how insanely great he fucks, and one I want all to myself! Nope, definitely not sharing!!! I think that every woman should feel amazing sex like this at least once in her life..just with someone else, not him. I'm claiming him for as long as he will allow me to. We've met several times since and each time its the same...no fluke...hes amazing. I actually felt and thought I was going to start speaking in tongues at one point and truthfully I think I did. Words cant even begin to describe..he makes my body hum and as soon as he nears me my pussy starts dripping..I'm already jumpy , and I can't wait for him to touch me. My pussy is soaking wet and dripping as soon as I know Im going to see him. I love to suck his dick and love on it..Ive never ever even wanted to suck a dick the way I do his and I actually like to suck dick...I just lick and suck and look up into his eyes as I kiss the tip..he videoed me and even though I knew I sucked good dick ..I never knew how good I was or how beautiful it looked or I looked as I did....until I saw myself sucking his dick. Nothing could be sexier. I absolutely am in love with him fucking me. He told me its an honor and a privilege to fuck me. God..hes so sweet and controlling. He just keeps pounding my pussy and making me want to give it to him harder and harder and then he will stop buried to the hilt and just hold it right there...WOW the pressure fills me inside.. it's an amazing feeling! In the past week and a half Ive seen him 3xs...have fucked for a total of 10hrs and have squirted all over him about 15xs. My pussy is so sore yet happily throbbing wanting him more and more...NOBODY NOR ANYTHING COULD.POSSIBLY EVER COMPARE

Paulxx001 63M
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4/24/2020 9:48 am

That's hot 🔥 💦 ⭕ ❗

... is there another way to look at it.
We Have Lost Forty Million Good Men WTF

Hawkfan533333 30M
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4/27/2020 4:42 pm

That was hot to read, and no pressure on any future men that you may come across!! I mean a Viking god or devil might be hard to compete with!! I remember the women that was my equivalent to your guy, it was to bad we took our fwb to a exclusive one I think we were fwb for maybe 4 or 5 months, and I made it 2 weeks dating her, be for ending it.

Feel free to message my private mailbox

luvinyoutoo 52M
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5/11/2020 11:36 pm

awesome damn

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