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The Grey Shadow Men  

SweetorSharp 50F
83 posts
4/12/2016 4:14 pm
The Grey Shadow Men

I hear many whines and whinges from guys about the fact no one talks to them or replies. There seems to be a common factor with the majority of these men.

A grey shadow profile image and a very minimal written profile. I say minimal trying to be kind if I am honest they are more likely just down right pathetic. Can anyone really think "Want NSA fun" or "I love oral" is going to make a woman with even half a brain think WOW I want to get to know him! Then to go with the lazy boy grey shadow say nothing there is the most common message attached ----- " Are you interested?"

I have to ask interested in what? You give me nothing to be interested in! For this the sensitive souls often get all hurt and stroppy!

Men are strange creatures x


40Deuce 43M
5727 posts
4/12/2016 4:30 pm

You got that right . Personally I wish I was a grey shadow in real life .

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love2pleasu13 52M
6474 posts
4/12/2016 5:19 pm

u will have that

AlvinBooth 66M
5472 posts
4/12/2016 5:26 pm

I am the original "Grey Man" and I resent this site using my picture with out my permission.


No Bozos

SweetorSharp replies on 4/12/2016 11:15 pm:
And you are perfectly entitled but just don't ask if I am interested based on that grey shadow that is my point!

windsjohn 69M  
709 posts
6/12/2016 6:32 am

Yes we are. And very shallow. Remember God invented us first and the prototype is always less quality than the finished product: Women.

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