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Double Penetration! Oh my!!!
Posted:Aug 26, 2013 10:59 pm
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2015 12:46 am

Wow!!! Last Saturday night I had AN experience of my life! Notice the word AN? I am not even remotely through with my new experimentation! The night started out a little nerve racking for me as I was determined to get out there and meet new people. Don’t get me wrong, I meet new people all the time. This was about meeting new people for lasting friendships. After hooking up with a group of people I had never met before, having a few drinks, and dancing fervently listening to a great band, I found a play toy to go and experiment with. As you all know, my soon to be ex and I are still best friends and fuck buddies and he is into experimenting as well. I was feeling a little wishy-washy about my toy. Really, how many guys am I going to fuck during this separation? So I decided to call my soon to be ex for a ride home. Read: I don’t drink and drive! As he was on his way, my new toy became irresistible and now I had a dilemma to deal with... 1. Call my soon to be ex after he had already left his house to get me and cancel..., 2. Be a cock block for my new toy and let him go home by himself to masturbate..., or 3. Be bold and daring and ask if my new toy would be interested in double penetration with my soon to be ex. Number three won out of the choices in my dilemma. I knew my soon to ex would be down to fuck and go for this experience... We had never done this before and it has always been a fantasy of both of ours. My new toy was more than obliging on granting permission to the endeavors I sought. So I called my soon to be ex and told him to turn around and meet us at my place for some great fuckery. Yes, I made that word up. He was all over it! We arrived shortly afterwards ready to get our fuck on. >>! Soon to be ex was in the shower when we arrived so we didn't waste any time. Off the clothes went and the foreplay began. I have to say, I love to be the center of attention! My neck, boobs, mouth, being caressed and thoroughly lavished upon really does it for me and my toy was doing a fine job of it. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves when I noticed the bathroom door had opened. This was a little awkward as I was getting down to it with another man and my soon to be ex is standing there watching us. I didn’t know what to think… After a spell though I could tell soon to be ex was enjoying himself, so onward we plowed without inhibition. Being new to this whole experience I didn’t quite know how to begin with the whole double penetration bit. Both men were very eager to instruct me on positioning and on came the demonstrations. We decided that I would ride my toy and soon to be ex would enter no man’s land (he he, yeah right! That was not my first rodeo…). Well I was caught by complete surprise! As soon as we began our erotic dance of bump and grind, I came fast and furious!!! Holy shit! I don’t ever think I have came so fast!!! Can I have more of that please? By the way I am a bit of an orgasm hog. Anyways, we rode that avenue until my soon to be ex exploded inside my asshole violently during which I am going and going and going like an energizer bunny. I don’t know what it is about anal that just turns my screw… After the explosion, soon to be ex needed a recharge. So back to one on one with my toy. Did I mention I love being on top? I believe I lost count of the orgasm train I was riding. It didn’t take long for soon to be ex to join back in on the fuckery though. After switching positions I was now riding soon to be ex and being entered by my toy. That was new to me… I have only had anal with my soon to be ex. We continued at this pace for quite some time… but how many orgasms can you actually handle? Has anybody ever died from death by orgasm? Well I thought I was the energizer bunny, apparently my toy could outlast even me. I must make note to just try 1 on 1 with him. I wonder if we could fuck ALL night long and past until the sun has risen? Well he outlasted me as far as anal was concerned. You know it can get a bit tender after a while… So we switched again. This time soon to be ex sat out and just enjoyed the show. Modified missionary won the prize and after a long while my toy shot his load all over my stomach and breasts. That was kind of hot by the way! Since it was 4 in the morning there was not a lot of tenderness afterwards just down to business with tidying up and the two of them getting to their own homes to have a productive day. So the adventures in fuckery had come to an end. At least until next weekend… What will the next adventure be?
Exploring my new world...
Posted:Aug 24, 2013 4:56 pm
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2013 12:18 pm

I recently stumbled upon this site as a recommendation from my soon to be ex (still my best friend). He suggested I check it out last Friday, since then I have not been able to get away from it! I never knew a site like this existed. Yes, I know porn sites are all over the net and in my early 20's explored a bit, but nothing where I could interact with other people and explore their sexuality. I have to admit, I'm not only looking at the guys sites. I love the the beauty of the female body! I have discovered I am a bit of an exhibitionist by interacting here. I am constantly thinking about what kind of picture I can post next and what kind of comment I will receive. My only fear is that someone I know professionally will stumble upon this... My thought to that however is "oh well, they were on this site too". I feel like an attention right now. For the last 20 years I have been with the same person and after a time my beauty died in his eyes. I thrive on the attention I am receiving! I don't know how healthy this is but I think it is normal for a person to want to be desired. In my exploration since the separation I have learned so many things about myself. BDSM is something I would like to explore (in a mild sense). I do not want anybody to cause physical pain to me or hit me (I would hit back), but I would love to experience a sexual encounter robbed of all my senses except touch, taste, and smell. Maybe try being tied up... I have been with other people in the last two decades as one on one and also in an orgy type setting. I have to say that if the atmosphere and company are just right, the orgy thing can be an amazing experience! This is something I would definitely like to explore some more. In the mean time I plan on continuing my interaction here with as many people as I can, both male and female. Please don't be offended if I do not respond to you though. I get inundated with chat requests. I cannot keep up! Well I guess that is it for now... I am planning on trying to blog regularly and maybe write up some of my encounters in the future. Have a fabulous and sex filled day!

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