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Confessions of a bad mom (from another forum)  

SydwithME 24M  
3 posts
9/4/2021 9:06 am
Confessions of a bad mom (from another forum)

Hello. I'm feeling really ashamed and I'm currently hiding in my bedroom with a huge hangover so scared leave my room! Last night I did something unspeakable and I don't think I can ever see my sons again.

I'm 42 mom of two boys, I'm single for 6 years after my husband left. save people asking I'm 5'3, Blond long hair, quite plump, 38ff bra size. I have always considered myself as a fun mom. When my boys have friends over I allways end up having a laugh with them and end up drinking with them. All of my boys friends love coming our house for parties and I enjoy a good party too. I guess they like because I don't have any rules and just let my boys be boys.

So here comes. My fingers are shaking as I write this. Last night my boys went the pub with a few of their friends but our local kicks out at 9pm. My eldest called about 8:30 asking if they all could come round and carry on their session. I had spent my night watching TV drinking wine and being a little pathetic. For some reason I don't have alot of friends myself apart from a couple of people from work so I can get a little lonely and that's probably why my social life revolves around my sons and their friends. I know its sad but not much I can do about it now. So the boys roll up about an hour later and we all start drinking (I allways have a fridge full of<b> beer </font></b>ready lol). It all got a little crazy, music was turned up and we were playing drinking games and doing shots and silly forfeits. So at some point the boys decided that they all wanted get in the tub. A couple of weeks ago we baught one of those inflatable ones and apart from the day we got we haven't really used . So all the boys strip down their underwear and all climb into the tub. 's supposed be for four people and with the five of them in they were a little cramped. I sat in the patio chair and we were all chatting and stuff. So after much convinceing I agreed join them. So I went upstairs and put my two pice swimsuit on. The problem was my swimsuit is about years old and I baught when I was much slimmer and not so busty. that is when I should have changed my mind but probably because of the drink I squeezed into and went down the patio. I did love the reaction from them all as I dropped my dressing gown lol. I'm quite confident but I was feeling a little self conscious being dressed in just a swim suit about three sizes too small. As I said I'm a little plump and have a bit of a belly so it's hard for me to want to go swimming. But their whistles and whoops made me feel really good and not just a frumpy fat cow lol. So I got in and we carried on drinking and started playing a stupid game where you had to go under the water and drink as much from a bottle of vodka as you could. So I had my go and almost killed myself (joking). We carried on chatting and I was feeling really woozy and it was at that moment I realised I had been sitting for god knows how long with my tit hanging out of my bikini top and no one had said anything. I went to put my boob back into my top and my eldest boy told me to just take it off. Against my better judgement I did and I did feel quite nice not to be so restricted. I did notice that all of the boys from then on kept their eyes on my chest and even my two sons were getting an eye full. It didn't bother me as much as you would think. It was just nice to feel attractive. One of my sons friends offered to grab some more beers from the kitchen and as he stood up I saw his white boxers had gone completely see through. I made some comment about the size of his dick and how he must make the girls happy. This caused alot of teasing from the others aimed at him but mostly me. My youngest even said that I wanted to his friend and I was gagging for . I laughed off but in truth had been a while and with the drink and everything else I was gagging for it lol. I don't know how we got the next point but somehow I agreed each of their dicks, even my sons were involved. Imagine the sight, a middle aged topless woman sat in a tub with 5 teenagers all stood up with their cocks out. I had to go through them all one by one giving the a rating out of . Now that I think back I can't belive my two sons were showing their mom their dicks and I can't belive that I was looking. So then someone says that 's not fair that I've seen them naked and I hadn't done the . Never backing down from a challenge I stool up and undone the tie strings on my bikini bottoms and threw them in this lads face. So now I'm stood completely naked, I do a twerl before sitting under the water again a little embarrassed but laughing along. At this point my youngest seeming a little pissed off gets up and says he's going bed. I should have taken that as a que that things had gone too far but I was having fun and so was everyone else. More drinks followed then we started playing truth or dare. Such a stupid idea but at the time I was game. seemed like alot of the questions and dares were aimed at me. As you can imagine the questions were all very dirty, like had I ever had a threesome (no BTW lol) and how often do I masterbate (almost every day lol) but when the dares started (so you know I did all the dares) I had run round the garden naked, spank myself, let my spank me, snog all of the boys including my . Let two of the boys suck on my nipples. The last dare that I had was lay on my back on the patio, spread my legs and masterbate. I don't remember much as its all a bit of a blure but I remember laying with my knees apart going town on myself. I remember thinking I was so glad I shaved even though I didn't expect to be showing myself to a group of horny teenagers. Strange things go through your mind at the time. Before I know I am fucking myself with a<b> beer </font></b>bottle fingering my ass while all the boys stood around me wanking. I remember gushing alot as I allways do and letting the boys cum all over my body. My shocked me the most as he let his jet of cum shoot right into my face and hair, some of landed in my mouth and I'm ashamed say turned me on tasting . By the time I came my senses I was laying in a puddle of my own juices covered in cum. That's when I grabbed my dressing gown and ran bed. Now I've woken up the realisation has me of what I've done. My younger probably thinks I'm a horrible and won't speak me again and my eldest is now going get shit from his friends for wanking over his mom. I don't know how I'm going ask them for forgivness and they will hate me forever now.

agelesssexylegs 78F
1058 posts
9/4/2021 12:27 pm

That is why i do not drink alcohol excessively,left that to my nightclubbing days though gave that scene up in my 60's

ltrskr 73M  
5067 posts
9/4/2021 3:13 pm

Sometimes "STUFF" happens!

ltrskr 73M  
5067 posts
9/4/2021 3:14 pm

A fine body u have there young lady!

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