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I need to please!!!
Posted:Oct 6, 2021 5:33 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 3:59 pm

I'm very discreet. Privacy and Anonymity are of the upmost importance to me. I enjoy making others get off. Its my secret and I prefer it that way. I like beautiful people both men and women. I prefer mostly women as they are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. THE BEAUTY they possess is beyond miraculous and I am in love with a woman's body. I'm into attractive men and women who practice very good hygiene and care about themselves. I seek to be the attraction of these people by getting to know them a little, asking questions on sexual preferences. I enjoy reading the body through the senses of sight, touch, smell, and taste. I want to know how you think. I want to know your very essence of sexual desire, like what turns you on? What turns you off? Do you like slow or fast or both? do you like soft or rough or both? Do you like fantasy? Roll play? Being submissive or dominant? Do you like being naughty or faithful? Perhaps both? Same sex? Curious? Both? Toys? Porn? Showers? Cum? Do you ever just want to shut the world down and play with yourself all day? Whatever your into I want to be that for you. I want to discover your mind and be your temptation. I want to be your fulfillment of most every sexual fantasy and desire you have ever had. I want to be your affair, your fling, your part time lover and your husband or your wife even if only for a day.
Like I said in the title, I need to please and I crave to please you! By pleasuring you, it pleasures me and it fulfills my fantasies to be In yours. When and if you meet me, and get the chance to see me for who I am and what I like, I believe that you will come to find a 1 of a kind. I go to great lengths to satisfy and have studied the art of sexual satisfaction for most of my adult life. I aim to please and don't get many complaints. I want to to feel wanted Not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. I want to edify you, connect with you, make you smile, make you laugh and make you have an amazing orgasm. When the affair ends, I want you to think of how fucking good I made you feel and I want you to be happy and content. I'm very versed in the line of sexual gratification. I know how to love,, I'm very open and into fetishes, erotica, tantric touch, & nuru massages, I enjoy pleasuring many at a time or 1 on 1. Or 1 on 2 or any combination. I'm an amazing lover who can't get enough love. I like to kiss, I like romance, I like flowers and showers, I like to get messy and turn myself into a slave for you with 1 goal and mission. To serve you as you see fit. I love to make you comfortable and let me love on you. All I want is for you to have a , relax and be yourself. Lets Tap into your mind and be open without fear of judgment, let go of any negative thoughts you may have, and convey to me what you like, what you really really like, and talk to me about it. I love porn, role play, oral, anal (recieving), mutual masterbation, missionary, i enjoy sex from the side, froggystyle or doggystyle. I like to dress up and look like a porn star and love to dress down and look like a porn star, I like slow play and I enjoy cutting to the chase and gettting right to the point. I love to be Instructed on what to do to you to you to your partner(s) The more specific the better. I'm a giver but can take most anything you give me and if I can't well then I won't stop until I find a way. I love cum, breasts, I love big Cocks, love rythm and enjoy performing my oral talents on you while you sit down, relax, and listen to music and or watch your favorite porn as you let me take care of the rest.I love when a woman has an orgasm and can squirt. I enjoy taking a man's Cock and tantricly stimulating it just the way he llikes. I love to give head.. oh The nectar of life is sweet and just thinking about it makes me feel like I am always left wanting more. So sexy! I enjoy lingerie and making you feel sexy and beautiful Or handsome and mancho I like to get spun and have fun. I really do! It's alot of fun to have the Euphoria while performing, but if thats not something you enjoy than that's OK, it isn't a nessisary thing for me just putting it out there in case your are. I also enjoy drinking but this is also not nessisary. I'm a light social smoker. I'm in my late 30s and am an attractive bisexual male who is athletic and very strong. I have a muscular build and my body has hair but keep it trimmed and soft but none the less I am a masculine man. I have a nicely trimmed beard, some tattoos and beautiful eyes to compliment my shaved head and chiseled jaw line. I am into smelling good and being clean, I ask that you be too. I take care of my body and would like to take care of yours too. I love to laugh and am Into telling jokes and carry a good scence of humor. I enjoy making people feel good and humor is my go-to when not being physical. I have a good perception on life and am very intellectual. I believe that I can be what your looking for but please be discreet and please carry no expectations as I will not carry any of you. I Always like seeing how the chemistry sparks before engulfing myself selflessly into your wildest erotica fantasies. I'm seeking someone or or a couple or a group (women, men, trans, gay, bi, straight or unsure) who wants to try something different or new or taboo. You must have a desire to be physically and sexualy spoiled, be somewhat attractive, open minded, respectable, practices good hygiene and wants to know what it's like to be sexually pampered and treated the way you deserve to be treated like a Queen/King, but most important attrubute in the sexy people I am seeking are people who can keep discretion as this is a must for me. My anominity is sacred to me so I please ask that you honor this or kindly move along. I am in a dedicated relationship and will not be swayed in having it any other way. If this interest you then let's break the ice and see what our sexual adventure entails.

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