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Who cares?  

T_Louise 55F  
94 posts
3/9/2020 3:17 pm
Who cares?

I don't, lol. IM message sent to me:

Dumbfuq: Penis Preference: Length/Girth? Trimmed/Shaved?Uncut/Cut?

Me: who fucking cares. Your dick is the least of my concern.

Love your dick much? LOL!

T_Louise 55F  
127 posts
3/9/2020 3:18 pm

Desperation always makes me laugh...lol

Paulxx001 63M
16697 posts
3/9/2020 3:49 pm

yep... I hear ya. 🤔
u sound like a person with a sense of humour. your profile is a classic...
keep smiling. 🍷🍷❗😎👍

T_Louise replies on 3/9/2020 8:06 pm:
Why, thank you. But at least one responder believes I have a nasty attitude, not worth waking up to. Oh well. Can't please them all...lol

partimeswinger2 44M/44F

3/9/2020 3:50 pm

Got that right. They have a one track mind and it gets them nothing.

agedfun1 73M
602 posts
3/9/2020 3:59 pm

Many men judge their manhood by that which makes any baboon their equal

agedfun1 73M
602 posts
3/9/2020 4:01 pm

and any donkey their superior.

T_Louise replies on 3/9/2020 8:05 pm:

Hawkfan533333 31M
652 posts
3/9/2020 4:07 pm

I love hearing all the funny strange, weird, or messed up opening lines people use.

Feel free to message my private mailbox

freetobeme9569 50F
172 posts
3/9/2020 4:19 pm

That’s why my blocked list is over twelves pages and counting

T_Louise replies on 3/9/2020 8:07 pm:
It is too bad we have to resort to blocking. My blocked pages are a few as well

JustLookn439 54M

3/9/2020 4:22 pm

People who ask that question constantly have serious ego/self-esteem issues.
Personally, I groom as I like it with full confidence some women will like it and others probably not.
I will say, though, that some women ask about grooming/trimming along with boob size questions....but not as often as I am guessing men do. LOL

Brownie202 63F  
1830 posts
3/9/2020 4:27 pm

Agree. If all they can say is their size or well hung etc they have nothing else going for them.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

T_Louise replies on 3/9/2020 8:04 pm:
My sentiments exactly!

TB5758 62M/63F  
533 posts
3/9/2020 5:19 pm

It seems to be a topic no matter what. Old and tired but still it is there.

T_Louise replies on 3/9/2020 8:04 pm:
Sigh, yes indeed

Dandie9er 62M  
21 posts
3/9/2020 5:41 pm

well sunshine, what would that be like to wake up to that attitude every morning sorry just sayin

T_Louise replies on 3/9/2020 8:03 pm:
I knew there would be one butthurt widdle snowflake. You say attitude, I say strong minded. But you would not know the difference if it hit you in the face, lol

AnewWoman 61F  
165 posts
3/9/2020 5:56 pm

LOL, your Dumbfaq moments ago messaged me on the IM with the same thing. Hope you don't mind I copied your response.
Penis Preference: Length/Girth? Trimmed/Shaved?Uncut/Cut?08:51 PM
LOL, you saw I replied to that blog postRead 08:52 PM
i didnt08:53 PM
who fucking cares. Your dick is the least of my concern. Love your dick much? LOL!08:54 PM

T_Louise replies on 3/9/2020 8:02 pm:
Ah, so he was making the desperate rounds, huh? Not at all, copy away

JustLookn439 54M

3/9/2020 6:06 pm

    Quoting agedfun1:
    and any donkey their superior.
I'm thinking I should be concerned that you HAVE these pictures!

nekkedcouple 60M/54F  
78 posts
3/9/2020 7:40 pm

We get it all time....

Tbadboytoy69 60M
182 posts
3/9/2020 8:12 pm

He must be in love with his dick but he is 26. He probably rubbing it all damn day

positively4you 70F  
3952 posts
3/10/2020 3:38 am

My answer......Well, big guy, since you asked, my penis preference would be George Clooney’s.

T_Louise replies on 3/10/2020 9:37 am:
OMG, what a stellar response. Wish I thought of that!

sensualmaninmn 59M  
519 posts
3/10/2020 6:52 am

More comedic relief courtesy of an oversexed and underachieving member. Thanks for sharing!

SZ13914097469 64M
20 posts
3/27/2020 12:25 pm

Actually, looking through many blogs, it is interesting to note that for many men, their main photo is exactly that, just showing their dingus. Personally I'm quite attracted to large breasted ladies but if their profile only showed their breasts I likely wouldn't look for too long before moving on. My point being that they must have more for me to be interested in than just their boob size. I prefer ladies with a brain in their head who can articulate their feelings as well. Maybe it's my old age, I'm just not interested in only sex for the sake of the sex. I want to be able to hold a conversation with her before we get to the bedroom.

Cuddleboy79 40M

4/15/2020 7:27 am

Well if you don't care about dick size the over whelming majority of people on this site do those guys with 9 plus inch dicks don't get a shortage of replies and likes on their pictures or videos and hits on their profiles and chicks sending messages about how nice their dick looks

T_Louise replies on 4/15/2020 4:58 pm:
Obviously, you cannot read. My blog was about a guy who sent me an IM, asking me about my preference. Not hi how are you, just what I prefer. Also, I mentioned nothing about me going to profiles and looking at pics or videos of dicks. But I wonder, just how many of those women are actually men that are commenting on those photos? And, how many men are commenting on them? Lol. Yes, many like those kinds of photos, videos, etc, but not everyone. Dick pics or size means fuck all to me....it's the man behind the dick, lol.

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