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Shoots Load and Leaves
Posted:Apr 7, 2019 6:27 am
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2020 1:13 pm

Since losing my young regular fwb to a younger model, I have taken on two older gentlemen (both still younger than me) who are keeping the beast at bay, they both have a different way of satiating my needs and both seem to enjoy my devouring of them, which as we all know is my favourite pass time. I just love having sex, experimenting with all the different ways and means, crossing boundaries and releasing ones inhibitions or hangups and of course heightening experiences.
The most delicious aspect of sex is that a regular fuel injection keeps joint pain at bay as well as an enjoyable form of exercise, I find the severe lack of interaction on here very disturbing. Perhaps I must accept the fact that actual physical interaction is now a thing of the past for a lot of people who have now succumbed to another state of sexual awareness/fulfillment. For me to be without physical contact is like not having fresh air to breathe, a hunger that does not go away with a hug, a yearning and emptiness that I call caged tiger syndrome.
What a dull, frustrating experience, shoots load and leaves is, especially if the build up has been promising, one of the reasons I gave up sex for a while and now I think there is a severe need for sex education for adults. If the title resonates with you, being the receiver of such bad behaviour then my sympathies are with you and I hope you have learnt a lesson and not let it happen again. If however you are the perpetrator, shame on you, sex is a two way street, giving and receiving, the selfish act of self gratification is an abuse of someones body, whether they are aware of it or not.
Lets start with something simple Guys and Gals if your aftershave/perfume tastes toxic to you then believe me it will be even more toxic if things get heated and there is nothing more of a turn off than a bad taste in your mouth.
Guys believe it or not but your dead weight is not something we should have to deal with when on top, please support yourself and your weight with your arms, trapping us beneath you is not only painful, very claustrophobic and again kills the moment.
Shaving/removing ones hair especially below can be a painful process not necessarily the act of removal but the grow back can feel like sandpaper and the ingrowing hairs which cause painful lumps and not the risings we had hoped for , a grade one with a mans hair trimmer seems to do the job very well and hopefully prevents any unwanted bulging.
Obviously we are all very different and all of us are aroused in different ways, if you are going to embark on a sexual encounter, take time to arouse and be aroused, make sure the juices are flowing, that the woman has had at least one orgasm and is ready for penetration cos by the time you have shot your load she will be ready for more.....and some more.
If your experience is to only orgasm once during a session then allow your body to enjoy and be enjoyed, you may find that once your mind is off releasing your load you might actually start to enjoy and discover many other delightful ways to heighten each others pleasure. I actually caused a guy to have an orgasm once whilst playing with him with a strawberry, totally delicious, yum.
Discover the erogenous zones, no they are not something out of Star Trek they do exist and again can be lots of fun discovering them and what and how these areas respond, feet are one of my most arousing areas, shame they get neglected with so many guys not liking feet.
The G spot in a womans vagina is not her cervix, banging away at which is very painful and can lead to days of discomfort and worse, the G spot needs to be stroked and encouraged to come out to play, it, like anything else worth doing, takes time and work, experimentation and exploring positions, but believe me it is worth it.
Practising safe sex, the amount of people (guys especially) who ask me about safe sex and are happy to use a condom for penetration but expect the protection to come off for a blow job etc, talk about missing the point MUCH. The whole point of safe sex is so that you don't come into contact with anyone's bodily fluids, why is this so difficult to understand, if you are having unprotected sex, then you are at risk , in other words if in doubt, cover up or don't do it. This includes going down on a woman, use a dental dam or a condom with the top and bottom cut off, yes it takes practise and time, condoms especially flavoured ones can be used for blow jobs, leave them on until after ejaculation, use each dam or condom once. Make sure you wash your hands before and after sex, don't be afraid to look at your partners body, especially their bits, make sure there are no sores, lumps or bumps, swelling or strange smells, again if you don't feel comfortable or something does not look right don't do it. Get used to your own taste down below, you will be surprised how your diet, smoking and weed can affect how your natural juices taste, let alone your performance. it is important to know what flavour you are and when you are not and for what reason.
A lot of women will stand by their man no matter what, women for some unknown reason do not speak up about their lack of satisfaction in the bedroom department, orgasms etc and prefer to let that side of their relationship die. Therefore there is a vast sea of female orgasms just waiting to happen, british men in particular are very lazy in the bedroom department, shooting your load does not make us orgasm or feel grateful, just used, abused and neglected. As my profile says if you did not orgasm when making love would you bother?
The Bands I Love & Concerts that I get to
Posted:Mar 31, 2019 10:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2020 12:51 pm

Three bands for the price of one on Sunday night and what a blast, quite literally, the bass was up so loud that my heart was reverberating in my chest during the first act. Thankfully the sound balanced out during the second act and by the time Alex Band came on we were all well warmed up and WITH the beat.
Alter Bridge just has be the most incredible band on the planet, their stage presence along with Myles voice, just listened to the concert they did the RAH, such perfection, if only I had been there. Myles and Tod make a very sexy pairing talk about rock god heaven.
Finally Dover has somewhere bands can without tripping over themselves and cramping everyones style, The Booking Hall is just a medium size hall with a stage and a makeshift bar, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in a pleasant atmosphere, a friendly crowd and drink prices dont break the bank. It may be a bit out of the way but is a bad thing?
Bon Jovi Experience what a blast, absolutely brilliant, very and sweaty, and hoarse but great fun and lots of dancing, great crowd interaction and photo opportunities which of course I took advantage of, Jon Bon Jovi lookalike, why not and besides he smelt very nice.
I went to see Fleetingwood Mac last night, the sound engineer needs new ears, the drummer seems to be on speed and thinks he should be a front man, the lead singer worked very hard make herself heard but the overall vibe was bloody good time had by all. I danced the night away until it was time to leave and my legs punished me with no sleep, but hey ho, I was in a world of my own while I was there and do you know what there was not one person there I knew or recognised, so I was left to my own devices and once the lights went down and the music started I didnt care. Going again soon the Bon Jovi Experience, must get my denim and leather . Excellent gig and great crowd interaction.
Went again last night to see the Bon Jovi Experience and boy what a difference a few months make, the sound was awful and the lead singer seems to have taken on someone elses voice, where ever we stood man mountain seemed to follow and the lack of deodorant, in such close proximity, was nostril pungeosity at its worst. Yes I make words up as well.
Toxic Masculinity
Posted:Jan 26, 2019 9:32 am
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2019 1:46 pm

Why is masculinity seen as toxic? As a woman, it is a mans masculinity, a mans manliness, the way that he smells and the way that he moves/uses his body, that attracts me to a man.
A man must “do the work” to develop his own independence and grow into a “relaxed masculine confidence” that is not threatened by the feminine. Something magical and unexpected happens when men help each other do this. (taken from the MeToo movement).
So many men that I am coming in contact with are unsure of themselves and their sexuality, almost as if being a man and being manly is a bad thing, I do not have answers and would be very interested to hear what the group has to say
Posted:Jan 6, 2019 4:50 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2020 6:20 am

I love watching movies so I am going use this space waffle on about what I have seen and enjoyed or not as the case may be.

There is a lot of dross around at the moment so finding something worth watching has become more of a favorite pass time of mine than ever before, thank goodness for Peaky Blinders which is not only excellent viewing but men in suits with attitude will always have my undivided attention, they even make smoking look sexy.
Another very high scorer in my book goes out The Gentlemen,, an intelligent, funny, beautifully put together and the choice of cast excellent, it was a pleasure to go the new movie complex and a lot more than I normally do, watch a movie that is instantly addictive, from the dialogue the very adult humour and even a respect and decency that has been lost from so called polite society of today. It is a grown ups movie from another time and a total delight that I shall be pursuing again and again, it moves, arouses and delights on so many levels. And where the hell has Charlie Hunnam been hiding and as for Hugh Grant, this part was written for him and has allowed him to become the fully fledged actor that he has always been on the verge of but not quite, a beautiful birth of naughtiness and wickedness.

Actually got a decent copy of Venom and absolutely loved it, the humour and the action and of course delicious Tom Hardy.

Cannot believe I have only just discovered Younger , I have gourged myself on the first 5 seasons and just cannot get enough, the team from satc have definitely done it again.

Love, love, love Captain Marvel, anything to take our minds off of the monotonous routine of our daily lives and the boredom that is, especially at the moment, being a British subject.

GoT, WTF, have the writers lost the plot or has the plot lost the writers, what an absolute mess, after all the character building, plot building, no matter how heartbreaking, there was a flow of continuity and a semblance of fictitious believability kept us hooked. Now there is just emptiness.....do we even want to watch the last part, as we as fans, have been so betrayed.

GoT.....what are we gonna do when this comes to an end....I know go back to the beginning and catch all the bits i missed first time round, at least until Last Kingdom, Vikings or Outlander comes bac

I cannot praise Star Trek Discovery enough, season 2 has encapsulated every emotion and takes one on an adventure every outing, I really did hope we would be this civilised by now, maybe I will come back in 500 and we might be there, at least if I can join Star Fleet I will be happy.
I recently saw Bird Box with Sandra Bullock, I do enjoy her movies and this was no exception, edge of your seat stuff and is any body watching Knightfall so wonderful see Mark Hamill in a marvellous role, I always thought he was a much under acknowledged actor and I do adore the Knight Templars, again a romanticising of a bygone age, where men were men and............
As for the new episode of GoT, well always confused, can never remember who is related to who and how, but the characters are glorious and the dragons, bring on the dragons.

Why do I love the Transformers movies so, Bumblebee was amazing, I am just a big really and what is it about submarine movies I love???

I have just watched the Green Book, what an amazing moving movie, I laughed and cried, absolutely wonderful, anybody need a movie critic, what a dream job.

Sean Evans continues to encapsulate Morse brilliantly along with a convincing cast and story lines.

I do enjoy period dramas and Mary Queen of Scots was very good, The Favourite however, I just skipped through in the hope of finding something worthwhile it was lousy, noisy and a waste of some very good talent.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Ga Ga need a vehicle of their own to make their own not a bad remake of something already over done on so many levels, do we really need another reminder of the destruction of drug and alcohol , let alone the degrading and emotional turmoil that ensues.

Anybody else watching Strike Back, very addictive.

Robert Redford what a cool guy, even at eighty something, his presence, his ease and grace with a gun robbing banks, what an absolute delight.

Aquaman what an absolute whirlwind of a movie, I shall definitely be watching it again...and probably again.

Bohemian Rhapsody Wow what an adrenalin rush, or perhaps its just the love of a band and a man with so much talent who has carried me through most of my life, the highs and the lows.

Fantastic Beasts 2 - Very disappointed and what has Johhny Depp done to himself?

The House with a clock in its walls I thoroughly enjoyed, twice, mind you I do have a soft spot for Jack Blac

I am a James Bond Fanatic and love most of the movies, my favourite Bond, Daniel is very watchable and Pierce was very convincing, Skyfall is my favourite....so far.

Sci Fi really does it for me Star trek will always be my first love but I enjoyed the Han Solo movie, it reminded me very much of the first Star Wars movies. Star Trek Discovery is fantastic, I know its not a movie but its my blog lol

Anything do with Sherlock Holmes or Shakespeare always gets my attention.

I am always on the lookout for the ones go under the radar and deserve attention, Hampstead last year was quite beautiful as was This Beautiful Fantastic.

I did not enjoy The Shape of Water at all, although the graphics were amazing.

Hugh Jackman though RULES along with the rest of the cast of Showman of course, I have lost count how many time I have seen this movie and I shall continue do so.

Anything out of this world will always interest , I watched Attraction recently and if you fancy jumping into an ET's skin this is a must.

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