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Peeing in public  

TartWiffAHeart 27F  
2154 posts
10/21/2019 2:14 am
Peeing in public

Be careful not to pee on your shoes. lol

TartWiffAHeart 27F  
725 posts
10/21/2019 2:14 am

I just love this.

Janet4fun2016 59T  
891 posts
10/21/2019 2:21 am

Very erotic, love it also.

Paulxx001 63M
16632 posts
10/21/2019 2:58 am

As always! 👍 😊 🔥

luv2suk1966 60M/53F
1235 posts
10/21/2019 3:49 am

If ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

Love2eatpussy554 32M
58 posts
10/21/2019 4:08 am

Mmmmmm love it

nsa_al3x 38M

10/21/2019 4:20 am

yes plz

InnateDesire 59M
43 posts
10/21/2019 4:39 am

Erotic and exciting somehow... make sure to face downhill.

justskin1 68M
11700 posts
10/21/2019 4:49 am

Not sure why but I love seeing a woman peeing and doing it outside is best.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

hillcountryman60 61M
154 posts
10/21/2019 5:36 am

always pee down wind never up...maybe you can post some pics of you peeing in public?

Mr00Fun4U 61M  
925 posts
10/21/2019 5:40 am

Great photos and both Women know what they are doing because they are wearing high boots. Thanks for the pics

Peeing in public

4MoreThan 51M
20 posts
10/21/2019 7:00 am

amazing sights in Glasgow these days ... very erotic

Leegs2012 47M
54490 posts
10/21/2019 8:53 am

Very Kinky!!!

hobbit4019 40M
13 posts
10/31/2019 3:23 am

wish i had a girl that did that

hobbit4019 40M
13 posts
10/31/2019 3:24 am

anyone on here like to do that for me

fashionablegma 77F
7664 posts
11/7/2019 9:20 pm

Oh yes especially if you wearing suede,will ruin them

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