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Peeing in public  

TartWiffAHeart 26F  
2075 posts
2/2/2020 10:00 pm
Peeing in public

She could probably fill that tank lol

TartWiffAHeart 26F  
719 posts
2/2/2020 10:00 pm

Hope you like these.

agedfun1 72M
569 posts
2/2/2020 10:07 pm

Hmmmm, too much beer?

12349 posts
2/2/2020 10:18 pm


Got A Peeing Fetish??

I Hope You Have A Great Monday!


slutcock001 35M
21 posts
2/2/2020 10:29 pm

well u had a relief.

tallcool2013 45M
55 posts
2/2/2020 10:33 pm

i say yay if shes hott and dont get it on my shoes

lokingforfun82 38M
91 posts
2/2/2020 11:24 pm

The first one is really hot! Would love to film you peeing in public sometime..

Lkn4funwith2 54M
901 posts
2/2/2020 11:30 pm

Always a turn-on to watch women pee = )

canterburybay 50M

2/2/2020 11:43 pm

I LOVE a girl who will pee in public and infront of me! x

Jennifertightly 55T  
8 posts
2/2/2020 11:51 pm

Men whip it out and pee in public all the time. Women should do the same. When you got to go, you got to go and there isn't always a handy restroom nearby.

anmlmn 56M  
204 posts
2/3/2020 12:00 am

Now that's a talent

My Bite Is Way Better Than My Bark, And My Nibble Is Even Better.

looking46967 52M
6 posts
2/3/2020 12:45 am


lyavu 46F  
1317 posts
2/3/2020 12:56 am


lLbow2459 61M
126 posts
2/3/2020 12:57 am

A real gusher!!

Pleasurecook83 37M

2/3/2020 2:59 am

Hey it's a part of nature......... I know I enjoy whipping it out and letting it flow! so it should be fine for a woman to do so also!

Bighuskyman069 48M
34 posts
2/3/2020 4:34 am

Would love to see more

yahkt2011y 55M
21 posts
2/3/2020 5:40 am

When you gotta go, do whatever is good for you.

AnewWoman 61F  
141 posts
2/3/2020 5:55 am

On the side of the road or in the bushes is one thing, but on a public sidewalk is gross.

affair200 49M
256 posts
2/3/2020 6:35 am

hope for her in 2nd pic does not run to her purse lol

looking4u69ca 59M
3510 posts
2/3/2020 11:31 am

I like these. It shouldn't be sexy but it is.

keif2011 41M
41 posts
2/9/2020 2:09 am


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