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The art of the naughty selfie.  

TartWiffAHeart 26F  
2075 posts
2/24/2020 2:52 pm
The art of the naughty selfie.

Some bush needed I think.

TartWiffAHeart 26F  
719 posts
2/24/2020 2:53 pm

A lot of you will not agree. All the old paedos among you.

wildthoughts 64M  
1111 posts
2/24/2020 3:22 pm

With or without your still a stunning beauty , I think with out is sexier , goes for both men and women

JustLookn439 54M
828 posts
2/24/2020 3:54 pm

I like a little "landing strip" of bush above....I also like it shaved. What I don't care for is "natural".

furry7890 47M
85 posts
2/24/2020 3:57 pm

i love hairy pussy, but these pics are still beautiful.

Allagesneedapply 44M
9 posts
2/24/2020 4:12 pm

Very nice

kevindusex1232 43M
71 posts
2/24/2020 5:55 pm

je veut te baiser beauté ecrit moi

1Sexygoodguy11 55M
1164 posts
2/24/2020 7:42 pm

I much prefer the smooth look. No bush for this man.

Stay Sexy My Friend.

chsbeachbum28 31M
2 posts
2/24/2020 7:52 pm

I like it shaved with a nice landing strip

Usemyhardon 50M
33 posts
2/24/2020 8:14 pm

I like without or with a runway strip, but all the pics are gorgeous

looking4u69ca 59M
3510 posts
2/24/2020 9:24 pm

Very nice selfies. No bush required.

Sexczy69 65M
2916 posts
2/25/2020 10:32 am

Looking so good to this person I am only seeing the nice part not the naughty parts....

baas142 95M
3343 posts
3/4/2020 1:07 am

nice view

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