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Sexy Mechanic Mark  

TastingFineMales 41M
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6/28/2020 1:33 pm
Sexy Mechanic Mark

Mark is a 26 year mechanic. Originally from Canada. He has dark neatly cut straight hair which is parted on the left side and jutts slightly over his forehead with deep brown eyes. In the colder months, his beard is thicker but always neat and trim. In warmer months his beard is very short and at times he has only a 5 O'clock shadow which looks quite good on his handsome rugged face. Mark is usually a bit tired at the end of his workday. Mark knows he can come by and receive the service he needs from me because I appreciate him for all he is. He arrives in his nice fitting mechanics work uniform. Gray Dickies which are worn and soft sometimes with a hole in them. His work pants fit him so well showing off his thick legs and enticing round tight bubble butt. His well defined chest and sexy belly with some hair and sensual goodie line are covered by a gray button up work shirt with his name embroidered at the top right in black stitching. His worn leather belt and saddle colored work boots are the icing to his striking manly blue<b> collar </font></b>good looks. One who appreciates raw beauty feels a rush of warmth take over just by standing near him and looking into his deep brown eyes while catching his sweaty scent mixed with the smell of tires and oil from him working on cars. A handsome beefy straight young is truly a celebration for the senses of a gay like who prizes them so. Although it may appear impossible, when one is as motivated as I am, one finds ways get them give up their goodies through sincere worship and respect of their natural manly ways. I prefer men like Mark right from their worksite, unshowered and as they were from the job. My appreciation for younger attractive straight males goes beyond the sublime and is a need for their scent which is not hidden by the perfume of soap and water after their hard day at wor I prefer the smell of sweat over all as its a natural smell on a workman's body.
Mark likes a good foot massage and having his toes sucked for a bit. Then he is ready for a back massage as he lays on his belly in his briefs. I use a small amount of oil as I start on his nice toned legs and work up to his bac I enjoy pressing my nose into the damp backside crack of his briefs sniffing the dank odor of his delectable butt as I work his muscles to the point that he starts to moan in relaxation. I remove his briefs and massage his butt checks opening them as I do so. I lean in and place my tongue on his perfect oval brown rosebud between them and politely taste his musky hole as he begins to moan even more. I become lost in my enjoyment as I use my tongue to eat and Savour Mark's tasty bung hole sliding it from his ballsack up his taint to his hole and ending at the nape of his bac Then, I bury my entire face between his ass cheeks attempting pierce his manhole with my tongue as I become lost in his masculinity. Mark definitely enjoys my attention to rimming him in sort of a frenzy. Ive found that simply providing straight men with some passionate tongue in cheek attention keeps them returning to my home for more as they don't seem to get such unadulterated treatment elsewhere from their girlfriends or wives who eschew the thought of licking a man's asshole let alone exploring it deeply with their tongues I do. Mark turns over when he is ready for the explosive finish. His groin is trimmed but not shaved. An exciting sight for me as I view his oversized earthy dude jewls atop a bed of his dark man fur First I enjoy his large testicles. Taking them one at a time and suckling them well as I know this will build up the sludge which is brewing within them. His nuts are big and challenge my ability to fit them in my mouth as they lay before my wide open lips with my tongue outstretched lapping at his fleshy long sac I welcome them in one by one Saveur and enjoy. When enough time has been spent on his balls, I latch into his long thick goad which, by now, is fully erect and at attention with its pink spongy head now peeking fully through its intact untouched floppy hood exposing its enticing glans with a shiny drop of natural lubrication oozing from the head while awaiting my tongue and throat. I suck feverishly until he is forced to release the liquid stored in his nuts. Mark thrusts back into my throat and I meet his urgent lurches with my own moans of desire for the taste of his rich thick warm liquid.When he is at the cusp of climax his penis grows even thicker, its rigidity fortified by blood gushing to the puffy veins on its sides. Mark moans loudly as it spurts forth in delicious pearl white blasts as he grunts and twitches, I attempt to hold him in place by his muscular thighs with my face buried balls deep down below finishing my wor Mark likes a finger massaging his manhole as he releases his fluid. I try my best not waste a single drop of the thick Canadian man sap that I worked so hard extract from Mark's giant low hanging chestnuts. The precious drops which attempt escape are met with my tongue lapping them up as I make a few swiping licks from his asshole up his balls and shaft sweeping all in my mouth as a final treat for me to enjoy. He's a polite bad boy resting his arm on his head exposing the fur of his armpits, saying thanks and that it was one hell of good head job. I am pleased that he found the relief he deserved. Mark gets dressed, and as I watch him, I am fixated on how his perfect dark facial stubble ascents his rugged French, Irish & Italian good looks. He leaves the house. and I think how lucky am I to get such a handsome young straight man, who appreciates my skills in worshiping him and giving him relief. Mark, you are welcome here any time. Thank you sir. From your humble servant Jay

Leegs2012 47M
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6/30/2020 9:53 am

Very...Very Nice!!

More444it 54M
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7/3/2020 9:15 am

Very ho!

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