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lost in a fantasy that will never be  

Tbythepoints44 29T
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1/8/2021 3:58 pm
lost in a fantasy that will never be

I am THE LAST person one would expect to be found in makeup,sexy panties and a dress with a wig on.. Typically I am the "bad " type that got kicked of before i ever even got a single report , the type of guy that if someone asked "what's your favorite sport?" I would respond with "Bar fights and heavy metal guitar and vocals" I trained for MMA when i was into my 20's and always sparred above by weight , usually 50lbs to 0lbs more then my own and would win 9/ times. Don't get me wrong I wish that isnt what people saw when they looked at me cause i am actually a very nice and caring person that is always happy to help and never cared if i got for it.... This damn Aquarius life..
I guess just really mean looking but in all honesty my biggest<b> fantasy </font></b>and goal in life is to find myself a super sexy slutty that is as open minded as i am and is into being the dominate one in the relationship behind closed doors.. and maybe even in public but that would take time and help. I want to find my actual twin flame that i can be SUPER close with and feel like we aren't in a relationship in the technical term, but we both knew we will always be together. The idea of having my partner that loved to dress me up just as much as i like to dress up if not more and spend hours taking pics of each other trying new shit on and both be excited to try new stuff together and with other people when the mood was right seems so far from reach to me. It drives me crazy that ill probably never find someone to be the slut I worship and enjoy the world with as well as the people on it.
I daydream about that person daily and how amazing it would be to go out to the bar one night and while we are sitting there she leans over and tells me that she finds another guy there hott and wants me to go to the bathroom while she talks to him and asks if he wants to fuck,then leads him into the bathroom and tells him to slide her panties off from her skirt/dress while they are making out so she can throw them to me and tell me to put them while i watch them then her bra and so on until im dressed up in all of her clothes and then she reaches into his pants and pulls his cock out and tells me to be a good little sissy and put it in my mouth as she grabs my head and pushes down while she continues to make out with the guy then pulls my head to her pussy that is already dripping wet and makes me get it even wetter so i can get the guys big cock to fit in side her and after he bends her over and blows his load she dismisses him and then tells me if i want to in her then i need to use my mouth to clean her up first... Damn......
The other major<b> fantasy </font></b>i have had FOREVER is to have a female to dress up with and try on clothes and makeup until we both feel like its perfect while we have a few guys watching and waiting to fuck us both and then just get dominated together but in all honesty i'd be happy just to have someone that would shave with me and be into dressing up together or being able to walk around our place in a pair of panties and a dress or w/e and even if i didnt really want to dress up she would want me to so bad that she would make me do it...
After years and years of thinking about that type of relationship i am 98% sure ill always just end up sitting alone in a dress and feeling like a fucking weirdo for even thinkin about

Stilllookin4ugrl 60M  
112 posts
9/2/2021 9:57 am

Mmmm yes very hot fantasy !!!

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