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Affraid to be Bi  

TeigandOzy 60M/52F  
5 posts
3/25/2016 9:08 am
Affraid to be Bi

why is it we get texts from guys saying that they are Orally bi or I'm 85% straight?

Here is a NEWS FLASH!

If you enjoy receiving a Blow Job and you don't care if its a guy or a girl giving it....Your Bi

If you enjoy giving a blow job and eating pussy... Your Bi

If you enjoy receiving Anal or enjoy giving Anal....That is okay!

If you can't imagine anyone sticking anything in your ass then that is okay too.

Its okay to be yourself!


thinkingofyou12 65M
3909 posts
3/25/2016 9:28 am

Well put

TeigandOzy replies on 3/25/2016 10:24 am:
Thank you!

92camaro66 55M  
1753 posts
3/25/2016 11:54 am

people are so confused lol!!!!

love2pleasu13 53M
6473 posts
3/25/2016 5:27 pm

try it u might like it

mixednuts5920 65M

5/20/2017 4:34 am

I am orally bi and proud of it. In the heat of things may go anal but have not yet crossed that line

grampaakela2 73M  
19 posts
11/2/2020 7:12 am

It's all good and fun for all. Love eating pussy While being fucked in the ass. And any variations.

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