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A Story about my GF and I  

Teller495 65M  
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5/31/2020 4:33 pm
A Story about my GF and I

That Trixie is an amazing Woman. She loves, loves, loves, loves, loves, to fuck. When I walked into her hotel room, I saw her beautiful, perky breasts, topped with these amazing<b> erect </font></b>nipples. I swear, I was fully hard in 3 minutes. She told me she loved having her wrists restrained and held above her head. This is something I really like doing with women, so I secured her wrists above her head. I then began doing all manner of delicious things with my hands, fingers, tongue, especially my tongue. Making sure I teased, licked, sucked every one of her erogenous spots, hard and soft. Finally it was time for her to feel my cock. I placed it in her wanting mouth and I controlled how much or how little of my cock she could taste. By this time, I needed my cock to be inside her. I parted her legs and moved between them, grabbing my cock, I ran the head and down her slit to feel her heat and pickup some lubricant for that first entry. As I began enter her for the first time, I went in slowly so to feel her opening yielding the engorged head of my cock, then pulling out and running the tip over her clit then back down, entering her again and pressing fully downward, fully in, til I bottomed out, where I held there, pressing my pubic bone into hers. This she really liked. Between those delicious nipples and her exquisitely tight, HOT, ready pussy, that fit me perfectly, my head was spinning. My control was going fast. I, needed to go fast. I began to fuck her hard and deliberately, then harder more which is when she began bucking her hips into mine with such force I thought one of us would get hurt. Her eyes were shut tight, concentrating only on what see was feeling and what was happening to her body. She seemed to move to a higher energy level about this time. I do not know what caused that to happen. I am sweating furiously now and trying to stay with her. About this time she begins kicking my ass with her heels, prodding me fuck her faster, harder, longer, as though see was riding in the Kentucky derby in second place on the last furlong. Her moans and cries could easily be heard in the hallway of the hotel. That only made me fuck her faster, faster than I knew I could, til I had no strength left. I exploded a load in her and collapsed upon her with my full weight, pinning her to the bed. Our breathing was heavy and ragged, but soon we began breath in unison. After many moments she opened her eyes and smiled broadly and said That was the best fucking I have had ever. Ever. We stayed locked together for maybe an hour when she got up on her knees, and smiled, and said That was fun!! Lets do that some more! So we did!

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