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It's truth talk time  

Tennbroad 68F  
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5/14/2021 6:50 pm
It's truth talk time

I thing I have addressed this subject before but maybe I need be enlightened. I get a lot of hits from younger men and that all well and good but why? I still love have fun but I prefer men in my age range I have found they are sort of more gentle, understanding and not in a hurry get you in bed. I know I probably won't get anyone answer this blog but I want your opinion do I look like I am desperate, ready be scammed, and or just want be with a black woman? I am just doing some catch up getting my feet back on solid ground and seeing what I have do get a nice date, not a romp in the bed a nice lunch or evening out some good talk a walk in the park things like that for starters. And another thing if you are single and unattached why do you need be discreet? Are you hiding something I am one of those ladies that feel you can tell me I won't put you in a bind. I am good friend material if nothing happens i am not a snitch. Snitch who? Anyway thank you for your time and your eyes. I was looking back at all my blogs from yesteryear and i had a good time when i was younger. maybe I should take this one gentleman's advice and give up my membership if i am not going hook up save yourself time we will see


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