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That has me  

TeriLynnWard 53F  
16 posts
3/24/2020 9:12 pm
That has me

I still remember almost every feeling...pain into pleasure; my thoughts before, during and after; the excitement but nervousness of what would happen during each encounter I had with the only man that I could ever submit to 100%.
In 2014 I was a girl on the run, high on meth, living in Shawnee, Kansas with a friend, who was hiding me out from the law. When caught, I would be going to prison for drugs. I got on AdultFriendFinder, meeting guys for nightly flings. Nobody blew me away enough to want to see any of them a second time.
Then this man sent me a message. At first he asked about the person I am, wanting to know somewhat about me. Then the conversations became deeper into the kind of submissive I am. Because He was Dominant. Even right this very second writing about Him and saying He is Dominant, makes my clit throb with excitement. I got a room at Isle of Capri in Boonville and sent Him a message telling Him where I was. He told me to prepare myself, and what time He would arrive. He said that night was all about me and He would eat my pussy for 2 hours. I was so scared, excited. I had no idea what to really expect. He could have been a cruel, sadistic dom; or the Dom He told me He was.
He arrived at exact time He said He would, He came thru the door like He owned the place….very confident and without hesitation He directed me to undress and lay on the bed. I was shaking so bad I know He could tell. He began to tie me to the bed, spreading my legs as far as they would go. He kissed me very deep and I melted from that first kiss. He started to eat me out, oh my gawd He's so good at that. I think I had 30 orgasms...exaggerating a tiny bit. At right about 2 hours He stopped, untied me, gave me a kiss and He left. I so hoped to hear from this man again, He intrigued me…..which is very difficult.
I continued to run from my fate, doing the same thing that got me into that predicament.
We chatted online few times then I remember the day I told I Him my predicament. He asked me if there was any reason He could not take me on base. I told Him what was going on in my life. He was not impressed and He told me to go turn myself in. Of course I told Him I would, but didn't. I was scared and I wanted to be with Him. I knew a man like Himself could never allow Himself to be with someone like me, in the trouble I was in.
We chatted again one night and He made it clear He was not happy that I lied to Him but He asked if I was safe. I told Him what was going on in that house that day and He told me to meet Him at Baskin Robbins in an hour. I was there and waited. I wasn't sure if He was going to yell at me or take me somewhere and fuck my brains out. He arrived, I remember getting in His truck and He gave me the glare. Ya know the one….look from one side, eye piercing and one eyebrow up. He took me to Extended Stay and got me a room for the night to get away from that house. We arrived at the hotel, I followed Him into the room. He told me to strip, I did. And lay on my stomach, I did. He told me how disappointed He was with my lies and I was about to be punished. He fucked my ass from the get go. How can someone being fucked in the ass, with no prep for it, be in so much pain, but turned on at the same time? This man had me. He came in my ass, cleaned up and left. I was hoping He would stay with me but didn't.
I lied once again to Him, telling Him I was about to turn myself in. I told Him I just needed to be with Him one more time. He got a room at The Hilton. We met and got into the elevator. When the doors shut, He grabbed me and kissed me deep and I melted. He had me. We got into the room. He gave me a strappy little outfit to put on, He would be back in 10 min and I was to be in full submission with my hands on my thighs, head down when He returned. When He walked in, I was just how He directed. He used toys, driving me crazy, He fucked me with His incredibly hard dick and then He put me on my back, head off the side of the bed and fucked my mouth til He came in my mouth. I never let anyone cum in my mouth but I totally submitted to His desires.
I finally got locked up. I was away for 18 months. I told few girls about Him and how much I wanted Him in my life. I even cried thinking of Him often. I was released in May 2016. I didn't allow myself to be on any social sites until Jan 2017. The first night I got back on AdultFriendFinder I got a message from this man stating I guess you're not in Shawnee anymore. I stumbled on my words, my heart racing….i just knew who I was talking to. It was Him! He asked if I was drug free and I didn't lie this time, I said I am sober.
He came over that weekend and He always had this 'I'm in charge' demeanor but this time it was different. He was carrying the 'I'm more in charge slut and you're about to be dominated demeanor. He had cases of His toys, outfits, cuffs, ball n gag, so many things. He had me put this black leather 'thing' on that was sexy but scary...remember scary turns me on. It put my hands behind my back and locked, He blindfolded me, ball gagged, and put me down on the bed. He started using the body wand on me, bringing me to orgasm multiple times. Then He fucked me. Oh my gawd His cocky felt harder and thicker than ever before. He fucked my mouth and again came in my mouth...i would let Him do Anything to me.
The last time I've been with Him was Easter 2019. We went to a hotel by the airport. He used so many things on me, making my pussy so excited and wet. I remember right in the middle of all that I started to cry. He asked if I was ok and I had to take a break, my emotions just poured out. I have no idea why, at that point, those emotions poured out of me.
This is the only man in my life, ever, that when I'm around Him, I want to be better than I am, that brings tears to my eyes when, like now, I think of Him. I trust this man and I feel protected. If anyone has ever asked me what I want in a man it's always been an Alpha, someone I trust and feel protected with. I'm not a perfect person but if I had the chance to be His fully, on a regular basis, I know I could be better for myself and hopefully what He wants. I want to know everything about Him. He is the only man that I will ever submit to fully, He's the only one that I will ever trust. This man has me.

harleyhst2 58M
22 posts
3/25/2020 9:02 am

You are a beautiful lady I would luv to spend time in you!!

Male4three 60M
56 posts
3/26/2020 2:07 pm

Now that was a great blog girl! Good luck in the future and keep going strait!

KCPhoneman 61M  
16 posts
4/8/2020 8:01 pm

I appreciate your honesty and sincerity. It's nice to know you accept your role, one as a true submissive. Any man would be honored to get to know you!

JumpJacFlash 58M  
1 post
6/5/2020 5:26 am

Hi sugar. Come kick it sometime.

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