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Once upon a time in modern Japan  

ThaiEsquire 61M
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7/13/2018 6:08 pm
Once upon a time in modern Japan

The Japanese underground entertainment sector, also known as the water trade, was swept from the public eye before the Japanese 1974 Summer Olympics. More hidden or moved from tourist areas, it remains to this day and age.
Our story takes place the mid-70s when American businesses sent more representatives to Japan to secure the cheaper electronic goods that Japan was producing. Japanese businesses, eager to earn contracts, entertained their foreign ‘’ much the same way as any business would. After meetings, they would meet for drinking parties and give a push to sample the full benefits of Japan’s obscure culture.
Our hero was one such businessman. Excited to travel abroad, see the world, and of course, sample the night-life in this exotic land.
So, the business day was filled with meetings and the evenings were ruts of drinking with pretty girls to attend to their food and drink; and eyes. Traditional presentations by the ladies of Japanese music and song filled the night. His Japanese hosts arranged to ‘bar hop’ to the more seedier parts of town with less of everything but drinks served by exotic-looking girls. As was the program and being Friday night, his hosts had arranged with the mama-san for his for the evening.
In her room, the girl bathed him, using her body as an erotic, supple sponge, before retiring to the bed where they proceeded to have the best sex of his middle-aged life.
To control her situation, our girl climbed on top inserting his manhood and cooed in joy. This alpha male soon took control and maneuvered her into variations of missionary, but better, as she opened her legs spreading them out or over his shoulders (Kamasutra reference The Glowing Triangle and The Hero).
‘Thank god for all the drinking,’ he thinks. This girl so wet and tight, he’s surprised he hasn’t shot his load yet. All the while, this little Japanese girl’s coos have turned into moans. Her control of her pussy muscles feels like she is massaging him like it was a hand. ‘I’ve never felt anything like this’
Caught in the throws of drink, passion, and ecstasy, he finally picks her up, tosses her over onto her stomach, and thrusts in from behind. ‘OMG,’ he thinks as she again tightens even stronger around his manhood. Her moans turn into wails and screams. Those screams have words – “A na ta wa ma chi gat ta a na des!”, “A na ta wa ma chi gat ta a na des!” It’s so tight and is too much to hold back any longer. He cums and passes out.
He comes back to his senses as his Japanese cutie is giving him a cool compress to his forehead, wiping the sweat from his face. She is smiling and pulls him back to the bath, cleaning off all the sexual fluids and perspiration from his body with her soft body-sponge.
After dressing, he departs her room heading back to the reception area. Mama-san asks him if enjoyed his visit. Replying it was, “Great, The Best, Fantastic, # 1.” Mama-san grows a cat-like smile, knowing that the reputation of her establishment will rate highly favorable among the Japanese businesses as able to accommodate Gaijin visitors.
“By the way,” he asks. “The girl kept saying something near the end of our love-making. What does ‘A na ta wa ma chi gat ta a na des’ mean”
Mama-san’s eyes ever so briefly widen in surprise but she quickly composes herself and answers, “Oh, you make her very happy. She say, ‘You numba one, best man ever!’”
The next day, his Japanese colleagues pick him up at his hotel for their golf outing. Now Japanese culture would not allow them to ask how he enjoyed his night. Even hung-over, he is beaming like a schoolboy losing his virginity. He wants to talk, wants to shout, he wants to brag over his conquest and sexual prowess over that Japanese girl. Their facade is blank but they know.
On the short 9th hole, the lead Japanese golfer sinks a hole-in-one. Everyone is congratulating the man. Wanting to use his newly learnt Japanese from last night’s gracious professional woman, the American blurts out, “A na ta wa ma chi gat ta na des!”
His Japanese partner looks at him puzzled, and asks, “What do you mean, ‘You’re in the wrong hole?’”

LQQK7979 M
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9/4/2018 10:37 pm

Japan didn't host the 1974 Olympics. In fact, there weren't even Olympics in 1974. They were in '72 Munich and '76 Montreal.

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