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What a whirlwind  

ThatRandomCouple 41M/39F
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10/19/2021 3:04 am
What a whirlwind

Went from uncertainty of the future, to charging forward at full speed. Life is funny sometimes.

We took a quick trip to Vegas for some personal needs and I decided to toss the idea out there of going to a club. It was a 7+ hour drive, so there was plenty of time to discuss and try to make decisions.

The drive was very eventful. I had invested in a couple of remote vibrators to try out. I had tried one earlier in the week that just didn't seem like it would fit my needs, so I exchanged for the 2 we took on the trip with us. One is definitely better than the other.

I'm someone who needs a lot of clit stimulation to cum, so that was an issue with the toys in the past. Mr. decided that the week leading to the trip was going to be a sexless week, and teased me thoroughly all week long. The drive could not come soon enough! Surprisingly, though, toys weren't brought out until a couple hours into the drive - but they were very much anticipated - as I was dripping wet before I even<b> touched </font></b>them. I inserted toy #1 and handed the remote over to Mr., who happily cycled through the different settings to garner various responses. I came a handful of times before focusing my attention on Mr, who got close many, many, many times - but didn't cum as he was saving that for later. Upon arriving to our destination, we had to take care of some (vanilla) business and then FINALLY got to turn in for the night and have him fill me up. I LOVE his cock inside me.

The next day we had errands and everyday stuff, and an event to attend. After that, we had a very nice dinner on the Strip, followed by our first experience at a swingers club. I had checked online to see what was going on over the weekend, and decided to give Whispers a try. For anyone who hasn't been, it's a house turned into adult playhouse with designated themed rooms, a large pool out back, a hot tub inside. We arrived and were greeted by some very lovely volunteers who gave us a tour of the place after all the technicalities were taken care of.

Lots of friendly people, and good chats.

We didn't play with others during this trip, but had a lot of fun watching, chatting, being watched. It was a good night for us. We didn't get back to the room until around 2:30am. What a night.

It was a quick turn around trip for us, so we headed back the next morning. More toy time in the car, and this time getting him to make a mess as well.

I definitely need more weekends like that.


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