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A dip into being a Bull
Posted:Jan 16, 2021 9:58 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2023 7:53 pm
Admittedly I was alittle nervous to meet Gwen and David. After what seemed like an endless string of flirty emails we were finally meeting. Being my first time participating as a bull, I was nervous of the infinite possibilities. This was my chance to meet the kind of woman I've always wanted, in the situation that I have always wanted without any emotional hang ups of traditional relationships.

You see, having had many swinging experiences, I found myself shying away from the boredom of vanilla sex. You see it was the deviant sex that I had craved, and found myself collecting a lifetime of these types of experiences. There's a thin line between early sexual experiences that cause deviant sexual behaviour, and extreme trauma that causes the multitude of mental and physical issues. The deviance that I craved was the premier of these two. These types of women watched sexually charged movies in their early teens which ended up in them taking their new found sexual desires out on their hair brush or other phallic nearby objects. This into a borderline obsession with orgasms that would lead her along a life of sexual promiscuity and exploration. This is the type of women I wanted and craved!

Gwen was such a woman. She was married to her long term husband David and had found a particular kink in hotwifing! This should not be confused with cuckolding which is a distinction that can be later explained. Their depravity lied in David's enjoyment in knowing that his wife was sleeping with another man. At first my communication was with David solely. We exchanged many pleasantries before he started to open up to me about his inclinations. It wasn't long before I discovered the full breadth of what was expected from a Bull. David and Gwen were experienced swingers, but in terms of inviting a bull for a private play session, this was their first experience.

When I finally talked to Gwen online, I found her to be polite and meek at first, but playful banter later revealed a deep sexual lusting that far surpassed other women in my life. Although they had been to swinger clubs, she wanted to experience a bull for herself and had the full support of David. Not only did he support her, he did everything in his power to fully enjoy the kink and I found him taking every opportunity to revel in every fact and detail. This didn't bother me in the slightest as I was very hot to continue my conversations with Gwen. What really ramped up my appetite was he intense lust for male cum. She toyed with me endlessly about her love for watching men ejaculate, getting it all over her face and chest, and playing with it afterwards. Her enjoyment of that was as much or more than the sex itself.

Thinking about these details made me endlessly hard as I finished up my serving of pineapple and headed to the bar for our meeting. I ordered my customary double of whiskey to loosen up as I awaited for their arrival. There's something special about the moments before you meet someone with the expressed purpose of having an intently deviant sexual experience. When they showed up to the bar, they were exactly as they had described and their pictures matched. She was a tiny brunette skinny and elegant at 5'6" and approximately 105lbs and was wearing a black dress that rode up high enough to get my imagination going but not high enough to be obscene. She was sexy but classy. The kind of woman you imagine breaking in half in bed, which the thought entertained me endlessly. He was larger like me and his time in the military showed as he was heavily tattooed and carried himself with a certain authority. Needless to say, I found myself to have a great relationship with David and found him to be well spoken, respectful, and a really nice guy... despite his intense sexual deviant desire to see men spray their cum all over his wife.

We shared a few drinks and some small talk as we awkwardly fumbled our way through the initial conversations. Her eyes locked intently on me and I could feel her heat from under the table. It was very casual though and soon we were able to chat openly about things. David and Gwen had booked a hotel close by as they were out of towners and David made the suggestion that he go for a walk, and me and Gwen head back to the hotel. This was a bold and unexpected move but a welcome one. Maybe they sensed my trepidation? Either way, a chance to be with Gwen alone is exactly what the doctor ordered for their first introduction into the Hot-wifing kink. We paid our bill and walked back to the hotel together. The energy between us mounted as we took the elevator up their room. David walked us to the door of their room and kissed Gwen deeply before sending us in to the room and shutting the door behind us.

My anticipation of what was to come next was overcome by Gwen immediately slipping her dress over her head. She was wearing her heels and thy high stockings and nothing else. No underwear of any kind was found. It happened so fast that it caught me off guard despite my expectations that for the night. The sight of her naked was completely intoxicating. I distinctly remember the smell of her desires. It wasn't unpleasant... far from it... it was musty and distinct but not overpowering. I found myself compelled to step closer to her as she met me half way in an embrace. It wasn't frantic, more slow, deliberate, calculated. Our first embrace was hot as I could feel her nipples through my clothes. We kissed lightly at first as her hand roamed my chest.

As she gripped my chest I slipped my shirt off and she ran her hands over my pecks and eventually touching my nipples. Our kisses became stronger as I could feel her pushing against me opening herself more to me. Her roaming hands found my crotch and rubbed me through my pants. I ached for her touch and pushed my hips to meet her pressure. Her fingers fumbled at my belt as I let her take off my pants. Tonguing her mouth hotly as I could feel what was to come. She massaged my cock with her hands and she could tell that I was rock hard at this moment. She dropped to her knees took my cock into her mouth. I stood over top of her... relishing the moment playing with her mouth. I knew she loved to suck on men as she had told me many times.

She eagerly sucked my cock moving me deeper and deeper into her mouth with excitement. There's nothing quite like watching a woman work a cock when she truly enjoys it. When she loves it as much as he loves receiving it... is a sight to beholden. I made eye contact with her and grabbed her hair and slowly gyrated my hips to fuck her mouth. I could feel her push to the hilt of my cock making me gasp for air. She mouth was so hot that I couldn't stand it any longer. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, dripping with saliva, and bent over and kissed her deeply! I brought her up to the bed and pushed her down on her back. I touched her pussy and she was extremely wet. Her gooey ooze moistening my fingers and I knew she was hot.

I arranged my cock in front of her lips and slowly jerked myself off allowing the large head to rub against her clit and lips. The mixture of her wetness and my own feeling intoxicating. It was driving us both insane and I knew I had to be inside her. She was so tiny that when my cock pushed into her, she gasped and I had to let out a moan as I savored that first moment I pushed my head past her lips. She grabbed me and pulled me close trying to pull me deeper into her but I wouldn't allow her to fuck me back... not just yet. I toyed with her pussy pushing into her slowly at first. As I lost myself to the feeling of how hot her pussy felt, I couldn't help myself but push rhythmically into her. She met me back with forceful thrusts lustily tonguing me.

I forcefully pushed her over so that she was sitting on top of me. I wanted to feel her grind her pussy up and down my cock. I could tell that she loved it because her tight pussy gripped my cock and it felt so tight that she lost her self riding me. I could feel her pressure mounting as she moved her hips to maximize the deepness inside her. My cock was very wide so I could tell that she loved to grind on top of me. Her movements became faster and faster so I helped her out by grapping her hips and meeting her strokes with my own. She started to moan out louder and I took that as my que to push harder. She erupted out loud and squeezed my cock with her pussy. It was very sexy to see her orgasm as I tried to keep myself from orgasming myself.

I slipped out of her quickly and bent her over. I took this time to tongue her pussy from behind. I loved to taste her cum soaked pussy ... her lips red and swollen. I sucked on her clit and tongued her lips up and down moving from her asshole back to her pussy. She moaned aloud and pushed her hips onto my face. I tongued her ass as much as I could before I had to be inside her again. I arranged myself behind her and savored the sight of her flower opened up to me, accepting of me and wanton waiting. She reached between her legs and grabbed my soaked cock and guided me into her pussy with a moan. She didn't hesitate because she needed to be fucked some more... she was insatiable.

to be continued.....
True story of my first foursome!
Posted:Jan 16, 2021 9:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2021 4:40 pm
My girlfriend Amanda and I were sitting in a the small dimly lit bar awaiting our guests. We didn't really know what to expect, but we had been talking to this other couple online for almost a year and we were about to meet. We knew they were around our age... and from the pics we've seen, we thought they were quite attractive. Despite feeling the buzz from my second beer, I found myself indescribably excited. My girlfriend was looking amazingly sexy tonight... she wore her matching frilly white panties and bra... they matched her perfectly and her nipples were showing slightly through her shirt. I knew she was extremely horny right now, she usually got so wet when she got horny too. I wonder if she soaked through her panties yet?

As I pondered the thought, they walked through the door. I knew it was them, there wasn't anyone in the bar but a few people playing pool and another table chatting quietly over something I could care less about. My heart skipped a beat as they approached, I was able to finally get a first glimpse of the blonde haired fox that approached me. Nat was 5'5... blonde, 115lbs... very hot. We exchanged hugs and handshakes as we all sat down for beers.

The guys name was Matt. He was a good lookin guy for all I knew, I was just glad that my Amanda liked him. I knew it immediately as Matt sat down beside her, and her cheeks went red. It turned me on to no end watching her swoon over this man... wanting him. I didn't have time to notice long though as Nat sat down beside me. I moved in close to her and our chat was personal and sexually charged right away. We were like two couples on a blind date, involved with each other, quietly in conversation with the other....only... we were swapped.

I moved my hand around Nat's waist. I felt her snuggle closer to me and I felt my cock move with excitement. She must have sensed it because she placed her hand on my inner thy. She didn't touch my cock... but she might as well have. I sprang to life right away. I could see Matt had moved his hand to the inside of Amanda's thy as they chatted and laughed about something. I wonder if he could feel how wet she was. She assuredly was.

Our verbal foreplay lasted about two pitchers of beer before we all decided to drive to a motel immediately. Since we had two different cars, Matt had the ingenious idea of swapping girls for the drive to the motel. I quickly agreed and kissed Amanda deeply pulling her close. By the way she drove her tongue down my throat I could tell she felt my hard-on as she rubbed up against me. She was so horny I could feel it pulsing from her.

As Nat and I got into our car, Matt and Amanda drove away with us in hot pursuit. Without a word...Nat reached over the stick shifter and massaged my cock through my jeans. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I tried to keep the car on the road. As we stopped at a traffic light, I reached over and grabbed her by the neck and forcefully kissed her. This was the first time we kissed and her mouth was hot. I gently rubbed her nipples through her shirt with my other hand. I could feel her unzip my pants as we frantically sucked each others tongue.

As I noticed the light turn green again she quickly lowered her lips onto my cock. She took it deep into her mouth without any warning and I almost came right there... except I was driving and trying my best not to be the one who died while getting a blow job. Her lips felt heavenly as she gagged deeply on my cock like a cock hungry slut I knew she was from our chats. She had said she was very hungry for my cock and she was finally getting to show her respects.

We arrived at the hotel shortly and to my dismay Nat sat up and sexily wiped the saliva that was running down her chin. I tried my best to stuff my raging erection back into my pants as we both prepared ourselves to get out of the car. Matt went to the front desk and handled the details and we all waited. Later Amanda would tell me that she sucked on his cock in the Matt's car as well.

We got a two bed with one bedroom and a den motel room. It was quite big and definitely big enough for what we needed it for. The ladies were drunk by now and they giggled and immediately ran into the bedroom and shut the door behind them. I was in the room with Matt just chatting about life. He was a pretty cool dude, maybe someone I could be friends with. As he finished up rolling the joints.. I figured that we hadn't heard a noise from the girls in quite some time, it had been about 20 minutes that we had been chatting. We decided it was time to find out what the girls were up to.

I opened the door to the bedroom only to see the most amazing sight I had ever seen up until that point. Amanda and Natt were 69 on the bed eating each others pussy wildly. they barely noticed us walk into the room as Matt and I sat on the dresser and sparked the dube. I knew Amanda had never been with a woman before, although she had dreamed of it... she was eating Natt's pussy like nothing I could have imagined. The sound of wetness and licking and moaning was almost too much for me to handle.

Finishing the joint was the only thing keeping me from running in there and fucking them both that second. I high-5'd Matt and our eyes met and we shared a moment... the kind of moment that only guys can share. I said to him... enjoy my friend, and he said in return, cheers. As we finished the joints, as if on que, the ladies looked up... like out of a trance, their faces wet with pussy juice, their eyes lusty with desire we'd both never seen before. Come join in, they both panted... and like wild animals, Matt and I stripped naked like two school boys with the promise of pussy and sex for the first time.

I laid down beside them and immediately started to kiss Natt. She had Amanda's pussy all over her and I ate her face hungrily sucking on her lips and tongue. God she tasted so good. I felt Amanda suck on my cock as she took it deeply into her mouth. I moaned into Natt's mouth as she panted from being fingered from Amanda. Amanda also moaned on my cock (which I love) from having her pussy eaten wildly by Matt. I saw Amanda reach down and run her fingers through Matt's hair as she grabbed a fist full and mashed her pussy against her face. Natt reached down and started to jerk off Matt while kissing me deeply. Amanda would rotate back and forth from Natt's slopping wet pussy and my rock hard cock.

Shortly after that Amanda couldn't handle it anymore and she pulled up Matt aggressively by the hair and kissed him deeply. I knew Amanda loved the taste of her own pussy and she tongued him deeply. I watched Matt mash his body against her... their hips met. I could see Amanda pumping her hips rubbing her pussy against his cock. She was such a little slut for me.. I was never so turned on.

I got a good eye full before Natt pushed me down and sat down on my face. She grabbed me by the hair and fucked my face furiously with her hips. I have never had a girl fuck my face so sexily and forcefully. The way she ground her hips and pussy on my face was intoxicating. The more she wanted... the more I gave her. She let out a piercing scream as she came, grinding her pussy wildly over my nose and mouth... desperately trying to grind and gyrate to get the most of her orgasm.

Natt lovingly stroked my face as she came down to kiss me. Just then I noticed more moaning sounds in the room. I looked up to see Matt on top of Amanda pumping furiously into her pussy. Amanda was fucking back just as forcefully, their hips meeting with a loud and wet smack. Their eyes were locked in sexual frenzy as the pounded each other. Natt sucked on my cock and I was in ecstasy.

Matt was fucking Amanda so hard they were bouncing the bed. I could almost feel the tremors of pleasure ripple through Amanda with each stroke. I had had enough I pulled Natt up by the hair and tongued her mouth wetly. I pushed her on her back and sucked her nipples and neck... as I rubbed my body up on her... she spread her legs knowing of what was going to happen... she ground her pussy against me and I was completely lost in pleasure.. her pussy felt so wet.

I slowly inserted the head of my cock inside her... her pussy felt so good... so warm. I was over come by pleasure... I shoved quickly into her ... to the hilt... she gasped and I allowed both of us a couple of seconds to enjoy the depth. Her pussy was so tight... I quickly started to pump in and out of her wet pussy... she fucked me back pulling my ass into her to get me deeper.

Amanda grabbed the base of my cock... and squeezed tightly.. just to let me know she was there. I looked over at her and our eyes met lovingly. the slutty lust-fullness in her eyes combined with the hunky stud pounding on top of her is a sight i will never forget... I reached down and kissed Natt deeply while I pounded her extremely tight pussy... she was such a slutty temptress... I was such a lucky guy. Suddenly, Amanda was beside me and pulled my cock out of Natt and put it deep into her mouth.. she ran her lips slowly up my cock fully sucking Natt's juices off my cock. I was in heaven.

I bent Amanda over immediately and shoved my cock deep in her... Amanda screamed and slapped my ass as I pounded into her. I grabbed a handful of hair, which i knew she liked... and started to pound her ass... Matt and Natt shared embraces and the fingered and jerked each other and watched us fuck. I savored the tightness and the feeling of Amanda's familiar pussy. it was so hot to see them jerk off while I pounded Amanda in-front of them.

Natt mounted Matt and she rode him with a hunger i had not seen yet. There we were, the four of us fucking hotly... i reached out and stroked Natt's face... she sucked wildly at my fingers... like a symphony our moans and the sound of our wet fucking to louder and faster. Our sexual appetites all being satisfied as one... and like a crescendo, our orgasms came together. i pulled my juice and saliva covered cock out of my girlfriends gorgeous pussy and grabbed it by the head as I jerked it and cum dumped all over Amanda's ass. Amanda immediately stuffed her fingers in her pussy replacing my cock and gyrated and screamed out as her orgasms rocked through her body. Matt reached up and pinched Natt's nipples hard as they both came together... we all fell into the bed in a heap of flesh. The smell of sex permeated through the room... the ladies exchanged kisses with all the men and we laid there glowing from our sexual exploits.

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