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going though the divorce process.........  

TheDarkPan 46M
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7/20/2021 3:36 pm
going though the divorce process.........

Wife doesn't want to be a swingier no more she found her other lover. i was no angel but i was honoest..if you asked if i fucked or wanted to fuck that person i told the truth.the secret to a happy swinger life the truth no lies. she lied and fucked one dude. no watching her get fucked first no<b> team </font></b>work mmf...like they were dating and i was the dad...lol so bam divorce by her order.....lol. So now getting the lawyer and stuff this week. but this more about the happy side of the marriage freedom. Fuck her and have fun.

Lol. To play porn and do artwork in my tattoo studio has been keeping me busy cause i cant go out and fuck, not yet anyway. Tattooing sleeve and big pieces of tattoo art on people gotta get money up for a place to live. be one here as a swinger couple for 10 years. thi is the first time im single on here. lol

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