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7/19/2020 9:47 am

I felt it the moment we met.
Unsteady because we both been burned so many times in the past, so you weren't sure if you could trust yourself open yourself another, and I wasn't sure I wanted get close another, but then came the first kiss, and we both knew this was going be, if for no better choice of words....an inferno.
Yes. Inferno is appropriate.
It's a heat you can feel in your head, through your heart and soul, between your legs, and it feeds , actually four but we can go with heart, body, and soul just like you and I need.

You see sex is more than just feeling between your legs. It's about your whole being. So many men don't have a clue about the concept. Seduce your mind, and your body follows it's not just a cliché, it's the truth.
I know how keep you engaged. I can see it in your eyes without being told. I can hear it in your voice how badly you need to feel that connection.
But to get there, you're going must tell things. You're going tell everything that you like, want, need, and more.
Someone recently told me that the start of a relationship is the time to get your things, kinks, and your sexual secrets the table because if you wait more than a month or so it gets awkward and then it never comes out.
And I want know it , no, I need know, since I want it be perfect for you.
You're going tell everything. There will be no holding back.
You're going tell the things that you have been afraid admit even yourself.
I'm never going say "trust " but you will find out for yourself and know without a doubt that those secrets are safe.
That's half the fun.
And I'm going do every one of them. I'm going do those things for you. of them.
Because that's what I enjoy. I'm in charge. I'm the alpha, I'll be working with your needs.
Some people call it topping from the bottom. I call it a pleasure.

Why? Because when I get my hands you, my fingers in you, and my tongue on you and in you, and the passion is burning hot, you'll know you made the right move and you know I'm going drive you crazy before I bury every inch of myself in you, watch you immediately start cumming on it and proceed to deep stick you. Hard, Deep, Powerful and you can't stand the thought of waiting for that.
You ache for that feeling deep inside of you when I am finally completely inside of you.

But first I'm going to devour you. I want you clean and shaved or waxed and don't worry if you're not, I'll do it for you first. I’ve got the experience. Now lay on your stomach, while I kiss my way down your back, spread your ass apart, and let me show you how strong my tongue is.

I'm going to do everything exactly the way you always wanted it to be, and in ways you never expected.

The only thing I ask is that when you're going to come, say the words. Tell me it's coming, and I want eye contact.
When I tell you to look into my eyes, you open your eyes and look right in them. Do not look away. When it comes to bedroom communication, listen to me carefully, do what I say, and you'll never be sorry.

Here are some things about me:
I like to fuck deep. I’ve been called a hard fast fuck. Every millimeter in and out each<b> stroke. </font></b>Sometimes fast and sometimes slow and sometimes in between. But I always go deep.
When you go down on me, I don't want a weak blowjob, I want to know you love it.
Suck it like you like to be fucked.
Always go deep, no hands if possible. Maybe you like to start slow but not end slowly. Take every inch down your throat. Don't worry, I'm not going to come. There's way too much to finish first.

As for you, tell a few things.
What makes you come the hardest and do you want come more? Once or multiples?
Have you ever ridden through an orgasm straight into the next? It's torture. Pure torture, but what's on the other side of that is unlike any orgasm you've experienced.
and if you attention and listen my voice and do as I say, I'll walk you right through it.
And I'll get as much from it as you do.

Finally, know this above all other things, I will never put you in a position that you don't want be in. If you don't like something or doing something, we won't do it...

So about us...

If we had a thing, I think we would be one of those couples that every night one of us is lying in bed reading or whatever you do relax and the other one comes in the room and crawls across the bed, until for example, you’re above my face with yours, you looking me in the eyes with those big beautiful blue eyes and me look at you and I say you “I love you. Even when I didn’t know you, I loved you.”

And I tell you go quickly rinse off before bed and you come back dripping wet with a towel around you just below your breasts and you walk where I am at the end of the bed, drop the towel and are close enough that I can feel your nipples against my chest and I grab some of your hair between my fingers and firmly but also gently pull your face close to mine and then put my nose to your neck and smell the smell of my desire and I’m instantly aroused.

I stand and I turn you with your back to me and pull you tight against me. You feel how hard I am against your ass, and I know that you would happily bend over and let me slide right into your already growing wetness, but that’s not going to happen. What’s going to happen is that I’m going to do for you what I always do for you, and that’s made get you off, over and over.
Over and over till you tap out the bed like you do when it's time stop.
Because not only do I know how to handle your body, I know how to handle your mind with my words. I can't help it because I love to talk to you while I do it, I love how responsive you are to . And I love how it makes you feel inside. Because you know I feel it. of it. That's the empath in . It's a blessing and a curse, in bed it's always a blessing.

But most of I love how much you trust . You let do what I want because you know that I wouldn’t do anything you that you did not enjoy 100%.
You've always enjoyed being talked too, and I love to do it while thrusting myself deep inside of you. I Love how you get wetter and wetter can you love how my cock swells right before I shoot, and you can feel shooting in you.
Why do you love this?
Because you trust .

So, I kiss the back of your neck, reach around and with your nipples and then reach down, put two fingers inside of you and pull you open. It’s so hot do that and I spend the next few minutes just manipulating you down there. Soon you're dripping in my hands and you're soaked just like the sheets will be.

I turn you towards , throw you down onto the bed, then deeply kiss your mouth and I can feel your nipples against my chest getting harder and harder. You're grinding on my leg waiting for my fingers, but I make you wait, and then when I put my hand between your legs you lose it. Of course, I won't back off so I run my finger your wet sticky slit and then deep in you and I can tell by how swollen you are that you’re ready now.

But I'm not yet…

Not so fast, my love, there’s nothing in this world I love more than the taste of you. So I don't even bother with the formalities of kissing my way down your stomach, down between your legs, instead, I look at your beautiful face and I smile and then move in. I love the way you push your hips meet my mouth as if that extra 10th of a second is unbearable without me.

You know and I know that I’ve got this down pat, and the orgasms flow fast, easy, and get more and more intense.

And right in the middle of your umpteenth one, I jump , push myself into you as deep as I can, which since you’re so fucking wet is the way in, and you’re still coming and I grab your face and tell you look in the eyes, as I'm fully buried in you, I say "cum it" and I don’t even try mask your cries, the way you're shuttering almost makes cum and I imagine every guy within a half a block is jerking off right now.

be continued ...

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