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A priest and the nuns, (Erotic Humor)  

TheOrion1986 35M  
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9/15/2021 3:04 am
A priest and the nuns, (Erotic Humor)

In a convent, late at night, in the male showers, a Priest is just finishing when upon getting out he realises he's left his towel in his dormitory.

Thinking, "It's just a quick few minutes dash to my room, I should be able to make it" he collects the<b> bars </font></b>of soap that had been left in the shower by others and sets off at pace completely nude, trying to make it inside without being seen.

Half way to his dorm he remembers that there is a shortcut but that it take him close to the nun's dorm. After quickly considering his state of undress, and the hour, he decides it's worth the risk.

Taking a few quick long strides down the nearest corridor, he suddenly skids to a stop when he hears voices coming towards him, female voices.

Beseeching the lord for help in his moment of strife, looking all around him the priest realises it's too late to try and go back, but there are next to a dozen or so stone statues of also naked people in the nook closest to him.

Getting an idea, he slips in among the statues, hides the soap behind his back, and stands dead still.

Quickly looking down he realises that the possibility of getting caught like this has turned him on, and that he has a raging hard-on to match that of any of sculptured works around him.

As the nuns are passing, one giggles, furtively looks around and runs her hand over several of the statue's penises including the priest's.

Well what a shock for the priest, it takes so much of his willpower not to move and give himself away that he accidentally releases one of the<b> bars </font></b>of soap he was holding.

Shocked, the nun jumps back at the unexpected sight of the bar of soap, and calls over to the other nuns to take a look.

Shammed and scared, the priest is about to break out in profuse apologies, sure that he will be booted out of the faith for this, when the nun exclaims excitedly, "Look they've installed the new soap dispenser!"

Stunned the priest maintains his rock solid stance, and waits to see what will happen, maybe he's going to get away with this after all, and he thanks his god for the naivety of the nuns.

Suddenly he is jolted out of his own musings when a second nun reaches out and gives his stiff cock a quick tug.

Playing along the priest releases his second bar of soap, to the further delight of all the nuns.

Then just a quickly the third nun reaches out and gives him a pull.

Nothing happens.

Frowning she tugs again, still nothing, and tugs again for the same nothing result.

Confused she starts tugging harder and faster looking for her bar of soap, then her eyes light up in sudden understanding, gasping suddenly she quickly backs away, points, and loudly exclaims to the others "Oh how cool, Hand soap too!"

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