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Last Days on AdultFriendFinder - The Young Buck Experience
Posted:Oct 6, 2021 5:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2021 4:47 pm
Good evening everyone and that would read my blog. The Young Buck with maybe my last blog let alone day on the platform. It's been an interesting couple of months so I thought you would love hear my story the time I spent this site.

First Thoughts,
When I first signed , I never expected much due the fact lot of the women are bots the site. Along with not being invested in it due being able have sex with women outside of this site.

Getting my Feet Wet,
Getting more comfortable with the site it felt more if it was a pornhub style of facebook that never worked right. Sure you got see some of the women I have sex with but the site has many problems with it. Coming down younger women being E-thots (for boomers it means online strippers that demand your money for attention) not really my cup of tea. It was funny rejecting a bunch of them. They would call me all sorts of names or threaten report staff if I never went out with them or had sex with them. Guys remember that sex is nice but it's not worth it the time. Like that old song "Know when fold 'em, Know when walk away, And know when run."

The Matches.
Leaving off where getting my feet wet was comes the matches. Lot of bots, Absolutely. But I did have plenty of single women message me. What got me was when guys kept messaging fuck their wives. Bit strange in my book also bit worrying due well being in florida with sorts of stand your ground laws. Not really wanting get shot or stabbed after fucking someone's wife really good is on my list. Something that was a bit messed was that I kept getting by Gay men even after blocking them. Not sure what kind of algorithm allows that but the Young Buck does not roll that way and only lays pipe down for women. I did end having sex with 5 single ladies from this site with a couple wanting multiple nights. But it was a bit of a pain. For it is a lot simpler go out and find a woman I like have sex with than relying someone message me. A funny thing was i got messaged by a bunch of women in a marriages still that wanted cheat their husbands with . And no I did not take them their offer. Morally I think cheating your partner is childish and you really should grow . You both agreed be partners for life yet choose hurt them like this. The Young Buck is not a marriage breaker. I only bring Pleasure.

Any Regrets?
No, not really. Met couple guys be their wing men show them how pick women with 3/4 ended working out for them. 4th guy was a bit of a pussy who did not want do any work pick a lady. I learned a lot from this site not that it makes it harder get women but reveals their true nature behind a screen rather in real life. I take it great training. But something I rather not do again. I rather sticking the beaches, casinos, clubs and the sweet Miami night life for my women.
Hope you perverts enjoyed my pics and videos lol
Do I recommend this site others? That is them decide but paying for shortcuts are never the answer but each his own.

I do wish the best you and may the Young Buck be with you gentlemen. Fuck your women hard and nice and the world is your oyster. you have do is open it and get her done!

- The Young Buck 26 10/06/2021

8/23/21 Journal Update MILF ALERT!!
Posted:Aug 22, 2021 11:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2021 11:02 am
Your Young Buck is back with another Blog. I haven't been keeping up to date with all the gals I have been with but hey lot of stuff stays with me and I can give you all some bits. Remember this ain't a Porn Hub Chanel. But where can we start with this Golden age 35 year old MILF I met in south beach. Normally the golden rule is never fuck MILF due to not wanting to get involved in their life, but I am the Young Buck so I have a way with words. Now she was from rural South Carolina and I don't know about you but her accent was country as hell. Which was another bucket list of mine. Talked to her on the beach doing my thing, being honest I didn't know she was a MILF till the drive to her place. But holy hell can she give head. I have to give it a solid 8.95/10. As for pussy game I would give it a solid 7.4/10. She never tapped out and took it like a champ! But I did get her really good enough to make an ear piercing noise. I guess the only draw backs a weird feeling I couldn't shake off. We went for 4 rounds before I had to head out to the Hard Rock but was a nice couple hours. I do have some funny pics and videos of us too. My overall experience is an 8.3/10 will do again.

Now on to another point where women or couple message me. If I say something that offends you. Oh well. I do not have to fuck you or your wife, I have the right to say no and if you think telling me no in messages after messaging me to do it, just so you think you got a one up on me does not bother me at all. I can care less about this site. I get more Tail than you can think of. To the shit talking women mostly 19-28. You are not special to me on here. I will not simp for you nor bend over backwards for you like the thousands of other guys. I don't care about you. I can get women that are leagues above you in real life. I had women on this site get pissed at me because I refused to fuck them. And these women look like 7/10's but I say no and they get pissed of calling me all sort of names, threatening to tell other women on this site to not talk to me or they want to report me. (FOR NOT FUCKING THEM). I know I said this already but I get a lot of pussy and it is no joke. Sure I have a batting line up with 4-5 same women but every Saturday and Sunday I always find a new one either a one night stand or a gal to replace another one on the order putting the other in the bullpen. Am I a heartless bastard, yes I am. I got to where I am in life because of it. Being the nice guy gets you no where in life. Guys remember there women on here that are crazy af and you should always step up your IRL game up. Shit I might even start a wingman service in SoFlo.
7/23/21 Journal Update
Posted:Jul 23, 2021 11:33 pm
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2021 5:51 pm
Holy fuck guys, I have a story to tell you all on what happened. I have a Puerto Rican friend who we are friends with benefits (yes the one I went to college with). Last week when we were fucking her roommate walked in and caught us in the act. No this did not cause a three-way. Life isn't always a porno..... She closed the door and stayed in the living room. So after we got done we had an awkward talk because I ended up eating dinner at her place. (Dude Latinas can cook amazing stuff). Now I really don't know how it really started but my friend was messing with her because she can see how embarrassed she was to see us in fucking. Turns out she wanted a turn with me and we all laughed because I thought she was joking due to her always being so serous all the time with a stick up her ass nerd. But it turned out to be true. So we organized a get together being the 23rd which was yesterday.
Now, let me give you a description of her. 23 year old 5'4 Jewish gal with a B cup (I know, oh the humanity; small breasts), glasses, but a nice face. I say a solid 7.7 (grading is a bit harsh but my system is what it is), pussy had a bit of hair but wasn't a bush. but her ass was fantastic. Not on the same level of the latinas I have been with but she fit like a glove.
Getting down to the action, she took the dicking like a champ till she had to tap out a couple times, (5 times) ((yes it was annoying)) Longest we did without a tap out break was a 40 minutes. From what I can tell she was not a virgin but I really think I might have been her 2nd guy due to how she was handling it. Screaming her head off from pleasure, hearing my puerto rican friend laugh her ass off behind the door. A weird thing that happened was that when I had her in missionary listening to her moan like crazy, she swept my arms and pulled me in for a kiss while I was fucking her. It was really funny to see a woman so uptight and boring get fucked silly. I still got to end it with a BJ due to her not being able to handle the ending but it's what ever and I ended up feeling bad for her. A funny thing is how she was positioned when she gave me head. She sat with her legs crossed while leaning in. It was still a great night and I can now finally scratch off jewish from my list. If you all want to see some videos from the event let me know and I will post them.
overall score 7.2/10
- The Young Buck 26

7/21-7/22 Journal Update
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 3:14 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2021 12:34 pm
Met this hot Cuban chick at South Beach. Ended up being a really chill gal, bit rough around the edges when it came to her shy personality but I slowly broke that clam open. I say she was a solid 8/10 face and 7.5/10 body (about average weight but not model levels or definition) but her breasts and ass were almost perfect 9/10. I you not these Latinas are on a whole other level compared to the rest of these women I met. Ended up going on a mini date than ended with us going back to her place. Didn't think she would put out but I managed to turn a single to a home run. We fucked for about two hours and she felt like a cloud and her lips were like that of an angel. I think I made myself proud today because I know she wasn't experienced based off the clues and even asking her. But looks like I might have met a new fuck buddy for my list. Moral of the story is Cubans kick ass and tonight was freaking amazing. Cheers everyone, and guys never give up.
- TheYoungBuck26

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