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A Moment of Seriousness  

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6/11/2016 7:42 pm
A Moment of Seriousness

I appreciate the comments. Sincerely I do. However, there are a few people (mainly males) that make comments that, while mostly of a positive nature, have or contain pictures associated with their username or post that I simply do not want on my blog even though this is an adult site. Specifically, pictures of male junk (dick, cock, penis, balls, testicles, or any such male reproductive body parts) are not going to be part of my blog. This blog is for fun. While many of my jokes and puns and pictures or cartoons may be of a sexual nature, I do not want to have your junk associated with my blog.

If this offends you, then just don't post a comment. I will delete and block you.

Now...back to the regularly scheduled program.

lyavu 48F
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6/11/2016 7:58 pm

True seriousness. I don't blame u. It's rare to find on this site

pocogato12 69F  
36947 posts
6/11/2016 8:27 pm

Great post- well said! and THANKS

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