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A girl and her thoughts  

Thoughtwewould 68M/63F
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12/24/2020 4:18 pm
A girl and her thoughts

She writes:

I love my husband. Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed I don’t know how contain myself. Our sex life has been more than remarkable from day 1. It seems as though it gets better each day. In the course of our lovemaking we do tend get a bit wild and crazy. The excitement of it all just makes it the best. We decided look for a delightful lady that would bring some Shazam us. My desire was have her straddled across his face while I blew him until he couldn’t take it anymore. That was my goal. I didn’t necessarily want another man. I just am wanting make him happy and let his dream be realized.

In the meantime, I’ve encountered a very nice gentleman who has gotten me thinking of other avenues. Like a threesome with guys! I’ve had that<b> fantasy </font></b>for most of my life but never acted on it. Just let the thoughts flow through my head sometimes. I’m going my new guy John. In fact every guy will be named John and every lady will be named Jane. John and Jane Doe. That makes it simple doesn’t it!
Anyway, John sent me a very kind message about our profile and was quick say he just was complementary and wasn’t necessarily hitting on us. He had taken the time actually read our profile and comprehended the entire message! That and being kind was a huge turn on. I have say as well his professionalism in being discreet helped a lot. So we’ve been talking. I’ve already decided my first adventure with men will be with John and my guy. I couldn’t think of a better turn on!
I’m looking forward it and of course I’ll give you all the details! So be sure and check back soon!! Warmly, Sanctuary.

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