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Tiamat2020 51F
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5/30/2020 6:40 pm

I’m in love with a man who doesn’t exist. Sometimes, I think I left my previous lover for him. It’s not implausible.

It started simply enough. I thought about his face, his body. How I would meet him and what he would say. I needed a frame, though. To put flesh on the narrative. Using the stories of other people, books, I admired, I began to set the stage. Tell a story about this man I wanted so badly.

Why not? It’s my brain. I get to play with it.

But I'm afraid. I couldn’t think of myself in that story, so I gave him a lover. A woman, although he is omnisexual. That developed later in our relationship. I gave her brains, beauty, a vivid identity, snappy repartee. She is me, yet she is not me. Naturally, he fell in love with her. So did I.

The first time they met was while I was in the middle seat on a long transatlantic flight to Europe. If you’re like me and you can’t sleep on the airplane, I highly recommend engaging in an elaborate fantasy. The only problem is you’ll be a little breathless when the flight attendant asks if you want something. Oh, yes. Yes I do. In my minds eye, the lovers met, circled one another, kissed. She seduced him, he acquiesced and surprised her with his expertise in bed. His ability to be tender one minute, overcome with passion the next. It was a great flight.

On a lark, I started writing it down, giving them a complex back story, histories, friends. Danger. Conflict. I wondered, how would they deal with trauma? I wondered, how would they deal with illness?

All the things I didn’t have, I poured into their relationship. All the issues in myself I didn’t fully understand, I had them face. They dealt with everything I threw at them. They had honest conversations about their relationship, they talked about their past. What they did and did not know. They made each other laugh. They were vulnerable. They had sex, they fucked, they made love, they learned favorite touches, moods.

He pins her to the wall, overcome with passion for her, holding her thighs lovingly in his palms as she wraps her legs around his waist. He murmurs in her ear how much he desired her, how good she feels.

She takes him dancing and wears a sheer, silk dress; white garters peeking through the thigh high slit. He can't take his eyes off her, holds her close until the anticipation is too much. She guides him to the room she reserved and pushes him into a chair, gliding smoothly onto his lap. Her legs straddled his as she reaches down to slowly unbutton his trousers, slipping her hand inside. When he pulls off the dress, he discovers she is wearing anything except the garters and stockings. They have sex in the shower, on the beach, the woods.

As time went on, they moved in together, discussed getting married. That’s where it deviated from me. I have no desire to live with anyone or marry.

As I wrote, I fell in love. Not just with him, but her. He’s tall, lean, great legs, gentle in spirit. She’s short, muscular, confident, prone to starting bar fights and winning. When she ran her hands over his naked chest, I wanted to do it with her. When he caressed her full breasts, I wanted to roll my own tongue over her nipples. I wanted to cup her generous ass in my hands, caress her hip bones with my thumbs before dropping to my knees and slipping my tongue over her sex, tasting her clitoris, feeling her labia open in welcome.

As I wrote, I tried to capture all the different flavors of kisses. The first kiss, full of promise. Lips brushing, tasting at first. Press closer and slip your lips between mine. Then, a flicker of tongue, a question, an invitation. Do I answer with my tongue? Slide it between your lips, listen to you sigh as I angle my face to better taste you. Get to know what you feel like when I move my lips, my tongue, just so.

The second kiss, third, full of passion. How do I show you my desire? Not just my lips, not just my tongue slipping alongside yours, but with my body. I press against you, lightly at first, feeling your warmth. My hands are in your hair, stroking behind your ears as I slide a hand over your jaw to your throat. You make a sound, maybe pull me closer. Am I making your heart beat faster? What if I run my hands down your chest, around your waist, sliding over your hips as I move mine against yours? What if I slowly unbutton your shirt?

And then what happens?

able202 71M
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5/30/2020 8:22 pm

Wow this is so fantastic. I love that you are free to be with a guy and girl. Open minds and the search for fun and excitement and pleasure are so cool. I hope you writ e more. Please read my blog as well I would like to hear more from you.


Mr_Mercedes 59M
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5/30/2020 8:54 pm

You run those moist, hot lips glistening with need down his muscular chest. Planting a trail of searing, soft kisses, as you effortlessly undo each button. Until you reach the thickening, throbbing bulge below his waist. You hear him groan the deep ache of hope, as you unfasten his belt and slide his pants slowly down over his hips, letting your thick hair and fragrance slowly trail down his chest...then?

Looking for Mischief

Tiamat2020 replies on 5/31/2020 7:21 pm:
Oooo... yes, please! I look up at him, lips poised just so, hair tickling his thighs as I run my hands up to tease along the side of his waist.

And then?

MARKK251 49M
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5/31/2020 1:38 am

fantastic text................

jolielaide 49F  
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5/31/2020 11:17 pm

it's been said, things that start in chaos end in chaos. aren't we all in with someone that doesn't exist? they're already taken or unavailable in one way or another (or at least that's what we tell ourselves). perhaps they're an 'ex' for a reason but they always seem to creep back into memory when you're feeling pensive and vulnerable. and it starts the same way each time; missing that first kiss or wishing/hoping for one.

Tiamat2020 replies on 6/1/2020 4:49 pm:
So true! The question I ask myself in those moments of vulnerability and nostalgia is what I really crave. Intimacy? The rush? That's when the ghost of the ex, the yearning for the fantasy arises, even knowing that ex, that other, is no longer in my life for a damn good reason.

merlot5555 65M  
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6/3/2020 9:11 am

....and as your mind plays over these scenarios, your mind and body are re-tuning.... for your next adventure..... and sometimes when you open up over drinks.... others add to you curiosities.... all is good....

voyeurs53 42M  
410 posts
6/4/2020 9:08 am

Your hands finish unbuttoning and rip open the shirt to allow your hands to explore as he relishes feeling your hands on his bare flesh... at that moment he needs to feel you as well... sliding his hands under your shirt... pressing up against you... pulling you closer to feel our bodies meshing together... breathing more intensely until you both break away for a moment to smile at the enjoyment of the moment... then...

Tiamat2020 replies on 6/5/2020 3:56 pm:
...you lower your face to mine, tasting the lingering flavor of that first kiss. I step back and slowly unbutton my shirt, giving you time to admire the silk chemise I am wearing, taut nipples showing through the thin fabric. Let you appreciate the shape of my body as the silk whispers over my breasts when I remove it.

And then?

voyeurs53 42M  
410 posts
6/7/2020 6:58 am

My eyes looking you up and down taking you all in... enjoying the site... lust and need growing within me... stepping forward and finally moving back in for another kiss... pulling her close, feeling bare skin touch bare skin... kissing with open mouths, tongues dancing, then biting her lower lip... and re-pinning her to the wall... restraining her arms above her head... until releasing them, but only to start exploring her body... hands cupping her supple breasts, tips of fingers flicking over the taut nipples... releasing the kiss only to take a nipple into my mouth... then...

Tiamat2020 replies on 6/11/2020 7:35 pm:
She slides her leg up the outside of your thigh, while you run your hand underneath her leg, caressing the soft underside her her knee while you press your hips to hers...she kisses you, her fingers in your hair as she pulls you closer...you lift her and she wraps her legs around your waist and then...

voyeurs53 42M  
410 posts
6/16/2020 5:08 am

I put both of my arms under your legs and walk you slowly over towards a table in the room... placing on the table... looking at you hungrily... kissing down your open shirt... hand sliding downs your outer thigh and back up your inner thigh... higher and higher up... then...

merlot5555 65M  
1365 posts
6/23/2020 2:34 pm

....and as time rolls on... a new idea emerges from the primeval much.... at first it is a shapeless blog... but then... then things start to takes shape... features form... and from your own creativity something strange... becomes something vaguely familiar.... and a new adventure begins....

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