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Farewell gift to my mentor.  

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2/17/2021 4:51 pm
Farewell gift to my mentor.

I was 22 and stationed in South Carolina. A hard charging young Marine. I was picked up in a local bar by a 48 y/o woman. The bar was in a local hotel so we grabbed a room and she fucked my brains out that night.
The next morning, when we woke up, she looked in the eyes and stated “Not bad, could use some work”
Talk about sucking the wind out of my sails! “What do you mean?” I asked.
“As I said, not bad for a young man. But could be better. Now the question you is, do you want get better? Because if you do, I would gladly help you if you are willing listen. I will try make you a better lover. “
Well, I may have been born at night, but not last night. This woman was asking if I want her give lessons on sex. Honestly, the only real thought was ‘This woman wants give more sex!’ so I said yes.
We had an initial discussion about what it would entail. And after fucking once more, she sent home and I spent 4-5 days a week at her place over the next about 6 months experiencing and discussing a multitude of things. Some I likes, and some I didn’t She wanted me determine my likes based on experience, not hearsay.
She was a switch. I was Dominant, but likes control push my partner’s pleasure. I got pleasure by giving pleasure.
When she informed me that the lessons would be ending soon as she was being transferred by her company, I was heartbroken but I knew it wasn’t going last forever.
I decided I was going give her a gift using the experiences she taught .

I was waiting for her when she got home from wor
“Glad you are home. Tonight, I am in command. Any questions before we start?”
“No Sir” she replied. She had a sparkle in her eyes and her cheeks immediately went flush with excitement.
“Good, First, remove your clothing. Next, I have laid out everything you need to prepare dinner on the counter. Get dinner made. I have wine to match.” I commanded.
She quickly removed her clothing under my lustful eyes. The she proceeded into the kitchen to prepared dinner, I was nearby, ever watchful giving adjustments and an occasional brush with her body.
I was asking her questions about her day while I was noticing a distinct odor arising from her of pure lust!
The dinner was light and easy so it was prepared quickly and was consumed almost as quickly.
After Dinner I commanded her clean up the table and report in the bedroom when finished.
When I got the bedroom, I undressed and checked my setup. I had placed restraints on the bed spread-eagle and a blindfold.
It seemed mere seconds before she opened up the bedroom door saying “Sir, I have cleaned up the dinner and reporting as commanded”
“Follow me the bathroom. I am going give you a shower”
I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Waited until the shower temp was hot and had her step in.
I proceeded to wash every part of her body. As my cock was rock hard, once she tried to reach out to caress my cock to which she received a stern “Stop, I have not given you permission. One more attempt and you will not receive the gift I am about to give you and I will leave you alone.”
She quickly understood that I meant business and she didn’t try again, but I could tell she was very curious of what gift I was giving her.
When We were done with the shower, I dried her off and lead her back to the bedroom.
I placed her on the bed, face up, and restrained her and blindfolded her and placed a pillow under her hip to elevate hit to give me access to her pussy and ass.
I kissed her kips softly, I then kissed and nibbled up her chee Over her forehead and down the other chee
Moved her ear and nibbled on her earlobe. I whispered in her ear “Tonight, I will devour your body. You are at my mercy. I am your Master. I will determine your limits. You may say anything you want. You may not Orgasm until I give you permission.”
“Oh shit” she replied
I then moved down to her neck, under her chin up to the other ear to nibble. I whispered “This is only the beginning”
I licked, kissed and nibbled down to her shoulder, sliding up her arm, to her elbow, to her wrist then to her hand. I sucked on each finger seductively and tongued between her fingers.
I moved over to the other hand and did the same thing with her hand, to her wrist, elbow to her shoulder.
I moved down the side along her breasts. I squeeze and mold then while I tongue and suck on each nipple.
I lower to her belly button. She is an Inny and my tongue plays with the hole. (She giggles and squirms a little)
I move down to her hip leaving a trail of kisses. I pass over her pussy while I lightly blow warm air on her lips. She tries to raise her hips to get me to touch her but I keep my distance.
I get to the other hip and then proceed down her thigh moving back and forth from the inside to the outside and bac
I get her knee and caress the underside of her knee. I move down her calf her ankle and her foot.
I massage her feet while I tongue and suck on her toes.
I move over to her other foot slowly massaging and caressing it.
I move up to her ankle, to her calf, her knee, thigh just below her pussy.
Her body is squirming with excitement. She is moaning and purring all the while. She still doesn’t truly understand what torture I am about to put her through
I breath on her pussy lightly with my warm breath.
Her pussy is swollen with excitement, glistening with desire and begging to be devoured.
I stick out my tongue and lightly run it all around the outside with an occasional lick of her lips.
I then slide the tongue up between her lips slurping all the juices she is providing. (I hear loud moans coming from her)
I place my hands right at the bend of her leg above her thigh because I have learned that just before she orgasms, those muscles will quiver and twitch.
With my other hand, I reach up and slide my fingers into her pussy and reach up and find that little magic spot (G-Spot) of hers. It isn’t a bump, but a change in texture on the inside of her pussy. I begin to caress it while my tongue begins to circle her clit (Avoiding to much pressure as it is too intense and would spoil it all).
I feel her legs twitch so I back off.
As her nerves stop twitching, I hear her say “Please don’t ”.
I wet one of my other fingers and reach down and slid it into her ass and slowly finger fuck her ass while I lick her clit.
Again, as soon as I feel her start to twitch, I stop.
“Please” I hear, but I ignore her.
I kiss and nibble the inside of her thigh and then move up to her pussy.
I place my mouth over her clit and surrounding area and suck in lightly while my tongue plays with all the surrounding area.
Again, I feel her legs twitch so I stop.
“Please” again, but a little louder.
I move up by her face and place my cock at her lips and I command “If you satisfy , Maybe I will grant your wish”
She eagerly opened her mouth and tried take as much of my cock as she could. Her tongue was eagerly trying to please .
I was enjoying the Blowjob, but I didn’t want her get too relaxed so I suddenly pulled my cock away.
You would have thought I took a sucker from a . From the look on her face. (Not yet, I am not done with you yet!)
I again rubbed and sucked on her breasts. Then moved down her pussy.
I again placed my hand on her leg and started and suck on her pussy.
Time and time again, as soon as I felt her start twitch, I would back off.
She went from a simple “Please” a “PLEASE” “PLEASE LET CUM” “I CAN”T TAKE IT ANY MORE, PLEASE!”
This continued for more than an hour.
At a point, I could just lick on her breast or breath on her pussy or kiss her thigh and her leg would twitch. She was that close but completely under my control.
I finally decided have mercy on her.
My cock had been hard almost the entire time hearing her begging me.
I grabbed some lube that we had used before and lubricated my cock (She loved anal and I knew this would be the one thing that would absolutely give her the greatest pleasure.
I climbed up between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance her ass.
I leaned over and whispered in her ear “You have my permission now!” as I<b> slammed </font></b>my cock deep into her ass.
For the next ten minutes was a wild ride as I drove my cock back and forth in her ass while she was bucking like a bronco in an orgasm. I came deep in her bowl as she reached the pinnacle and passed out from the pleasure.
I removed the restraints and snuggled up behind her while she slept.
About 3 hours latter she awoke. She looked at me with a grin from ear to ear “My God, I’ve created a monster.”
“I hope you enjoyed your gift of what you taught me. “
“Something I will NEVER forget!”
We slept the rest of the morning.

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