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A question for the guys out there....
Posted:Jun 13, 2019 1:50 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2019 10:37 am

Okay guys I was curious to see if any of you are also dealing with this seemingly new thing on here. I have been getting requests from some of the people I have been talking with for either Google or iTunes cards. Is this the new practice? I have also been getting the old scam of them asking to have money sent to my bank account so I can send them money since they do not have a bank account. Are there really guys out there that are that gullible to actually do this?

I just wondered if some others have been getting this, and hopefully those that are, are smart enough not to buy into it.
Something positive...
Posted:Jun 6, 2019 8:35 am
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2019 10:11 am

Okay, we all rant on here, we all bitch about the fake profiles that seem to "slip by" the vetting process, so for a change let's put that on the back burner...

If you really want to connect with real people on here, become active with the bloggers. Each and every one of us are REAL people. I have had many interesting conversations with both beautiful and more importantly intelligent people who spend time here blogging. While I have yet to find any bloggers in my general area, I am sure that there either are some, or will be eventually. Instead of focusing on the scammers who pop up every day on here, my suggestion is to go to the recently posted entries, and read through them. You will be surprised at how many wonderful people you will find here.
They never seem to learn....
Posted:Jun 4, 2019 10:42 am
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2019 1:43 pm

Over my many years here I have seen a lot of scam artists, and they tend to come in waves, but this new group seems to be just plain ignorant. I cannot speak for every area, but here in the DC Metro area the same people keep opening new accounts daily, and post the same direct e- addresses on the accounts. (I have been spotting them quite easily and report them every chance I get). The sad thing is they send me the same instant messages every day, and I automatically send them the same response, that I have copied and reported them to the system. You would think that after so many of these responses they would stop, but for the last few weeks I have been getting them like clock work. It just seems strange that for a company that is supposed to review each profile before it goes live, they just seem to let them all go live. Granted after I report them the profile either goes dead, or the address is removed, but the fact that they appear at all says a lot about how well the site monitors what goes out there. Now I am not trying to be sexist, but I wonder how quick they would be to censor a account, just saying...
Holiday weekends....
Posted:May 25, 2019 12:17 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2019 4:53 pm

What can I say, sometimes I wonder why we even open on the Saturday of a holiday weekend. It seems like everyone in the neighborhood has left town. At least it is a short day, so only two more hours until I can head for home. I have been on here most of the day, and have had more than my share of messages from the daily scammer accounts. It always amazes me that the same ones send me a message each time, even after I have told them that I report them, maybe they are just as bored as I am. If it was not for the bloggers on here I would probably not even bother. It is such a shame that the best people on here live so far away. I really enjoy the friendships that I have developed with some of the people here, I just wish we close enough to grab a cup of coffee now and then.

It is going to be hot and humid weekend in this neck of the woods this weekend, I will probably spend way too much of it on here...
Rainy Mondays.....
Posted:May 13, 2019 9:23 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2019 10:29 am

Nothing like a steady rain coming down on a Monday to kill business and give me time to write again. Continuing a bit from my last post, I must have gotten a dozen messages this weekend with direct to to, and loved it when it was the same number from different accounts. Of course these profile are gone withing a day only to be replaced with new ones. While I do enjoy reporting each and every one of them with witty messages to the site, it does get old after a while. I have been enjoying seeing that there are a few of you out there that actually out some photos as fakes or scams directly on them.

On a lighter note, I have had some good interactions with a few more people here, again giving me hope that there is hope here. I do have a question though;
am I in the minority in not hiding my membership here? It seems that so many people are embarrassed to have their membership on here out there. Granted I do not put up X rated photos of myself, but I have no problem if someone knows I am on here. This is after all a dating site, granted it is not a conventional one, but it is the best place to go if you are not to get married.
What is going on here....
Posted:May 11, 2019 9:22 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 12:32 pm

It has been over two years since I have written anything here, and it is probably because I was brought up with the "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" ideal. However I have noticed that things here have really started to get out of hand. I have read other people's posts about this, and I have been seeing it all first hand also, so I know that it is not my imagination. I have even written to the site with my concerns, but just get back generic answers.

So what is up with the influx of profiles that are popping up for a day or two with blatant terms of use violations? It seems that not a day goes by that I don't get "views" from non paying accounts that have other site addresses right under the profile name. These can't be tagged and reported because the profile is turned off and just sits in your list for a day or two. That along with profiles that either have or e-mail addresses within the introduction or profile name that are being approved. Granted I am one of those people that when I see it, or when I get the IM that directs me to an alternate e-mail, or phone number to text turns them in, I have to wonder if the site actually does anything about it.

Look, I am here to actually meet people that follow the rules here, and have been on here in one form or another for many years. It seems that the site would want to keep people who direct you away from the site off of here. I don't like to bitch, but this is really starting to get annoying. I have an attachment to this place for some reason, and I know that there are good people out there, I just wish there were some "real" people in my local area. It is not like I am out in the middle of nowhere, it is just outside of the Nation's Capital. My renewal anniversary is again coming up, and while I am tempted to let it lapse, I know that I will probably sign up for yet another year.

Any insights from those in blog land are welcome, I hope that you folks are having better luck than I am....
Crazy Weather
Posted:Feb 10, 2017 10:05 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2017 7:51 pm

So here we are in February where six years ago we were digging out from a record snowfall, and this week we had two days of seventy degree weather, followed by two days of twenty degree weather and high winds; and the forecast for the weekend is back to the high sixties. Now tell me again that there is no such thing as Global Warming. I am not complaining, I'll take spring weather in February any day, and hopefully it will keep the ground warm enough so that if we do get the white stuff, it won't stick.
Who would have thought that it would be this long between posts?
Posted:Jan 25, 2017 12:47 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2017 5:46 pm

Wow, it's been over eight months since I last posted anything on here, you would have thought that I had been busy, or at least had started seeing someone. No such luck, just a lack of inspiration I guess.

Anyhow, I have been reading several blogs over that time, and have also written back and forth with a few really great people; yes, there are some interesting and caring folks on here who I am glad that I have found. As I have said in previous posts, I see this site as social network, granted one geared towards hopefully mature adults, but a social network none the less. We post status updates, memes, cartoons, and photos, not the types we want our to see, but still they do amuse us.
I did read a blog earlier that pointed out something that I hadn't really thought about before. It dealt with the NSA (no strings attached) idea, and it is why I decided to post this. I really do agree that when someone posts this they can't really think that they are going to get anywhere. While I am not looking to get married to someone, I don't know how anyone could think that they are going to find an intelligent person just willing to randomly hook up with them without any emotions involved. If all someone is looking for is a "hit & run" then it would make more sense to just hire someone and be done with it. After all, if sex is all you want, why bother paying for dinner or anything else, just pay them for their service, and they might even let you think that you pleased them also.
Maybe I am in the minority here, but I do believe that you can be "friends" with someone and still not be fully involved. It is nice to be needed or wanted, and is it really a bad thing if someone calls you to just talk, or ask for a small favor? I truly think that the sex with someone would be much better if there is something more there besides the physical deed. Of course, if all you are looking for is to get it on the side, and can't be seen in public with someone else due to the repercussions of being "found out" then again, I go back to my original point, just hire someone to get your relief from.
I am not calling anyone out, we all have our reasons for being here, I am just saying that having a friendship that comes with the extra benefits might give you more satisfaction, after all, you never know when you might need that person to be there for you too.
On a positive note....
Posted:May 20, 2016 8:46 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 8:21 pm

Anyone who has read my early blog entries would know that when I started with this there wasn't much good to say about my recent experiences since I had been actively back on the site. I am happy to say that over the last week things have taken a turn for the positive. Through blog posts I have actually exchanged messages with a few really nice, and intelligent ladies, and I have also been chatting with one who is fairly local. I also reconnected with a friend of someone I had chatted with a while ago. It is so nice to be able to say something positive about the site, and I look forward to interacting with people on here. After all this is a version of a social media site, it is not just about sex. This place has been around a lot longer than Facebook, and since it is more oriented to adults and doesn't have the games going on it can be a more social experience. Sure there are still a lot of people on here who are not serious, or are just looking to take advantage, but you are going to find that anywhere, it is just being able to recognize it, and avoid it. To those who I have been in contact with, thank you for making the site a fun place to come to, I hope all who are reading this are having good luck, and that the coming weekend brings you smiles...
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Another slow day....
Posted:May 19, 2016 12:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2020 3:5 am

Ah the wonders of working in retail, seems like it is either feast or famine in this business, and more famine than feast. After having a few people in earlier in the week that picked up some things, it has gone back to being like a morgue once again. We were hoping that with graduation season upon us we would be getting more sales, but so far it has been a bust. The only good thing seems to be that the restaurant across the street is getting a lot of traffic today since the university up the street had graduation today. At least it gives us a little "eye candy" to look at as they are all coming down this way for lunch. Now if only they would cross the street when they are done and come in here.

I really need to get the ideas locked up in my head loose so I can find more interesting things to write about. I hope that everyone reading this is having a good day...
Finally a somewhat good day for business
Posted:May 14, 2016 2:22 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 8:22 pm

So as I have stated earlier, we reopened the family business last October after being closed for almost three years. Now, I know that being on the other side of town it might take a while for things to really pick up, but this last week had been a nightmare, with only one or at most two people in each day, and that gets old fast. Today we finally saw a break, we were hosting an art exhibition with two of the local artists that bring in paintings and other work to display on our walls. It was a city wide event with people traveling from place to place to see what is out there. We actually had people come in, and some of them even purchased things! We even sold one of the paintings off the wall. While I am not holding my breath, I am hoping that we can keep this going so that we are justified in reopening. Monday is already looking like it will be a good day, at least as far as having work to do, just have to wait for the person to pick the job up after it is done.

If you have never worked in retail, you can't understand how long a day can be when no one comes in. My advice to everyone is to shop small, support your local stores, you might pay a little more, but the service you get will be better than what you get at the big boxes.
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In retrospect....
Posted:May 13, 2016 12:20 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 8:25 pm

I guess it is about time that I put my history on this site out there, after all, it is not like I have anything to lose right?

I first started this profile on a lark at work, it was back in the late nineties, the internet was new to us, and we were all curious when we came across this site if anyone local was on here, and if so, had we seen them in our store before. So one slow day, I opened the account; back then a general (non paying) account had much more access then they do today. We could search the profiles, and view up to ten a day back then. We found a few local people, and even saw that a few had been in the store before, so it we knew that at least some of the profiles were real.
Soon the interest faded, and the profile was left dormant for a while, I was in a great relationship, and really wasn't looking for anyone to hook up with or even meet, so it was almost forgotten, and might have totally been but for the bookmark on the browser.

A few years later the relationship I was in ended, and while I wasn't looking to get back into one, I found the bookmark and reentered the site for the first time in years to see what might be new. I even uploaded a photo that someone at work took of me to see if anyone responded. I figured that this was a "hook-up" site, people weren't looking for a relationship on here, and who knows, maybe I would find someone looking for the same thing as I was. Back then, on the limited amount of profiles you could see with your free membership, you could also see if someone had posted an old messenger service called ICQ's number on the profile. Since I was a user, I would send out a message to an individual who had that if they sparked my interest. Granted the people I contacted using this were usually many states away, or totally across the country, but I made several friends this way, and still keep in touch with some of them to this day. As time went on the site became more closed off to non paying members, and I really wasn't ready to pay the membership price yet, so I remained a passive member. I did get a surprise when someone in the local area contacted me and wanted to know if I worked at the store, because she recognized the background in my photo. It was interesting, and even though we were not a match, we have stayed in touch over the years, and she found me again on a local Facebook list about a year ago.
A few more years went by, and since I wasn't having any luck finding anyone locally, I broke down and upgraded my membership on here to see if I could actively find someone locally that I might hit it off with. Again, while I know what kind of site this is, I tried to be polite and respectful when I sent out messages. I realized that the ratio of men to women on here must be at least ten to one, or even greater, but I had nothing to lose, so why not right? At this point they had added the messenger, but not the cam feature. I would sit there for an hour or so most nights and see if anyone in the remote area would sign on, and if so I would send a message. It was then that I realized that with so many men, (a lot who were pretty crass with their initial messages) out there I was very unlikely to get a response. At least I was trying, and since I was pretty busy with things, it was something I could do at home after work. Again, I ended up chatting with a few people in the chat rooms, or got the occasional response to message, but nothing really promising. When the cam feature was introduced I figured that I would give that a try, but again, with the male to female ratio what it is on here, I ended up getting hit on by men, which I was not interested in. The funny thing about that was while most of the guys who looked in were pushy and crass, there were a few who just wanted to chat, and respected that I wasn't looking for anything from them, so it wasn't a total loss there.
In late 2011 I got back into a relationship with someone I knew from way back, and dropped off the grid here again, and stayed away for about two plus years. That relationship didn't really go as planned, so I found myself back on in 2014 and so here I still am. I must say, of all the sites of this kind out there, this one is probably the best, at least they don't have virtual accounts constantly contacting you to persuade you to open a paid account. While I have found that I probably couldn't just hook up with some random person for a one night thing, that is just not me, I am also not looking for my soulmate either. When I first came back, part of the promotional bit was either making blog posts, or replying to some to get the extra months added on. While I never really considered myself a blogger, I did find reading other's posts very interesting, and I even was able to get insight into some of the bloggers by reading what they put up here. So what was the point of all this rambling? If you got this far, I give you credit, and many thanks for reading.
So, I know that this is an adult site, for swingers, and most men at least sign up thinking that they are going to get laid within a week of opening their account, but I am not "most guys" I have found that I enjoy coming on here, reading the blogs, and the advice columns, checking out who is new, and perhaps even finding someone local to chat with and maybe even meet up with. If things lead to more than so be it, but I think I have reached the age that it just isn't as important if it happens or not. I will probably write more again on this subject later on, but for now, I think I have rambled enough. Who knows, maybe I'll even get a response or two from all this. Anyway, I hope that you are having a great day, and I thank you for taking the time to indulge reading my thoughts.
Call it what you want, but to me it is Terrapin Pride...
Posted:Apr 29, 2016 8:36 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 8:26 pm

Again, probably not the right venue to go on about it, but one of my greatest passions is supporting my alma mater. After all I spent seven of the best years of my life getting those degrees, and it was in the greatest decade to be doing it. Even though I do not agree with the move to a new conference it is great to see that we are doing so well in so many of the non revenue sports, and competing well in two of the three big revenue ones as well. I have been told that you need to curb your enthusiasm towards college sports as you grow older, but for what reason? It does my heart good to see the school that I spent so many years at doing well across the board. Is it just me, or are there others out there that have been away for a few decades that still feel ties to their old haunts?

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