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Fun meme
Posted:Dec 30, 2019 2:10 am
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2021 3:10 am
Well, there's a nice pool of joy!
Baileys and cream
Posted:Dec 21, 2019 3:29 am
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2021 3:10 am

The doorbel rings !

You peer through and see me standing there, you've been expecting me.

You open the door and I step inside closing the door behind me. Our eyes meet, a mischievous smirk on both our faces.
My eyes drift down over your body. Your wearing only sheer pantyhose as instructed in our chat! pulled right up to your waist, the transparent material stretched tightly between your legs. In a firm voice I instruct you to "TURN ROUND" and you pivot to show me your peachy round ass, the seam pulled into your cheeks. My gaze flows down along your slender legs to the black patent stillettos adorning your feet....."GOOD".."NOW FETCH 2 GLASSES WITH ICE" I calmly walk to your living room and you fetch the glasses as instructed.
I stand in the middle of the room as you walk over handing me the glasses. I place one on the side. Removing a piece of ice I roll it around your nipples, you shudder slightly but your nipples harden instantly to the sensation. The ice back in the glass I firmly squeeze each nipple between my finger and thumb...so hard, standing proud, your hands behind your back thrusting your chest forward, I for the bag I brought and take a small bottle of Baileys. Cracking the seal, placing the cap alongside the other glass I return to your breasts. Pressing the cold glass onto your nipples then leaving the glass just under your breast I slowly pour the Baileys over your breast. The cold creamy liqueure runs down over your stiff nipple and drips into the ice filled glass. I repeat the process on the other nipple, both hard as nails now. I stand back and take a drink from the glass, staring at you standing there waiting, wanting, a single droplet of Baileys left glistening on each nipple. I put the glass down, and place my hands on your waist, letting them glide round, following the top of the pantyhose then up, my fingers moving along your spine. I bend to your chest, my wet mouth open, placed onto your nipple, I suck it in, I can taste the sweet Baileys as my tongue circles you. I move across letting my wide tongue slide over the other nipple, my lips lock onto it and I pull you to me sucking on it hard. My hands slip down your back and smooth over the skin tight sheer material huging every curve of your ass. My hands cup each cheek, gripping firmly and pulling them apart before releasing and stepping back....

"UNDRESS ME"... You stand in front of me slipping my jacket from my shoulders, then loosening my tie and pulling it from my neck. I take the tie from you and you continue to unbutton my shirt. I shrug it off and cast it aside. Kneeling down you tug at my belt and unclasp my trousers, slowly you pull down the zip and let my trousers fall to the floor. I step out and quickly remove my socks then stand in front of you. My black lycra boxers stretched over my hips and thighs, the shape of my semi hard cock clearly visible. You run your fingers over it, tracing the shape. I inside, gripping myself and push my cock through the pocket opening in the front. Semi-hard, your hands on my hips, I grip the shaft and begin to wank in front of your face, slowly stiffening, I grip hard, blood swelling inside, unable to escape, the head swells and I pull back the skin. It stretches tight and the head pops , exposed and large. "SUCK IT"... your mouth is already salivating, full and wet, your hands move round to my ass, squeezing my firm ass, your fingers pressing into my cheeks searching, fingering my anus as you place your lips on the tip of my cock. Slowly moving over me, your lips spread open, the head is large as it slips inside and you suck, licking it all over, spreading your wet saliva across me. You move your mouth down over my shaft, it twitches and throbs as it continues to grow, you love the sensation, but the head is large, much wider than the shaft, like a lollipop, you know that head will feel amazing fucking your pussy later.. You continue to suck and the head, wetting it as much as possible, still working your fingers rubbing underneth through the tight flimsy lycra, rubbing over my balls and along, pressing into my ass, licking along the shaft...I pull away and into the bag again... I pull a 3 way silicone cock ring (I want my cock swollen as large as it can be) I tear down my boxers, kicking them aside and stand in front of you. Stretching the rings wide I slip it over my smooth shaven wet cock and balls, letting one ring behind my balls and cock, I pull the other wide and hook my balls through and the final one fitting so so tight rond the base of my shaft...Instantly my cock stiffens, the veins standing and the head seems to swell even more. "SUCK IT..I WANT IT SOAKING WET" I press it into your lips, this time grabbing your head, I begin to fuck your mouth, pulling you onto me, pushing that big hard head down your throat. you grip and tug my balls, now tight and exposed. You push your other hand down inside your pantyhose, slipping inside your moist slit, you rub your clit, then shove your fingers into your pussy. As you pull them back they are all slippy with your sex...you underneath me and serch my bum, running your lubed finger around my ass before slipping it inside, my cock responds, a powerful throb and I pull you deep, groaning I pull back from you, my cock huge, glistening, hard and ready.....I the second glass and hand it to you..You place it at the tip of my cock and I pour the Baileys over it, running along my shaft, but most spilling into the glass. you take a long sip, filling your mouth with the sweet saliva, Baileys and precum mixture.. you dip your fingers in the glass cupping the ice out and pressing it against my balls as you drop your head down on my shaft again, this time all sweet, licking off all the creamy Baileys your hand gripping the shaft sliding the sking back and forth over the rock hard shaft beneath. Your other hand massaging my balls with ice. I up touching the ceiling, stretching my torso, arching forward as you rythmically suck and wank my shaft, the cock rings tight, pushing everything forward, your want me to cum, you get too fast and I pull back from you..."STOP !"....now its your turn.

"STAND UP, TURN AROUND" I grab you and push you down over the arm of the sofa. That beautiful sheer covered ass thrust up high "GIVE ME YOUR ARMS" You stretch your arms behind you and I wrap my tie around your wrists, pulling them tight together, you lie there exposed, mine to toy with. Kneeling behind you I press your knees apart, the toes of your stillettos touching the floor, my hands firmly course up from your knees, over the back of your thighs, always pushing open they cup under the cheeks of your ass, wobbling it, staring at your smooth ass. feeling it all over, letting my hand move under and between you, feeling your pussy through the damp nylon, my other hand on top, my thumb pressing the sheer stocking into your ass, massaging it rubbing it round and round, my fingers searching along your pussy, the tight see thru material, damp, leaving nothing to the imagination. press my face into your cheek teasing, gently biting at your ass, moving across you, biting, kissing, licking all over, but slowly and deliberatley my head moves over your pussy. My hands push your ass up and you arch your back, and press up your legs offering yourself....my face pushes hard into the nylon moving side to side, burrowing and parting your lips, mouth wide letting the saliva mingle with your moist pussy, sucking you in through the material, pressing my whole face into you, hands prizing you apart, stretching the nylon tight... I bite at it, pulling at it with my teeth, pulling and biting hard..tearing a small hole in the gusset, I push my tongue through and lick along your lips, feeling your bare shaven skin, smooth and wet, my cock twitches at the sensation...I quickly push my fingers into the hole and rip the gusset wide, tearing at them wildly to reveal your firm white ass and shiny wet pussy...

"IM GONNA MAKE YOU CUM. GONNA FUCK THAT HARD, YOUR ASS IS MINE" I slap my hands down in a firm forceful spank on your cheeks. Reaching for the remaining Baileys I place the glass at the base of your back and slowly tip the icy contents into the top of your ass...watching the cold creamy liquid wander down between you..pooling in your bum I push my face in and tease the liquid round the rim of your ass, tickling and teasing at you, then licking hard across your bum, I pour more in to the top and let it splash down over your bum and run across your pussy, my tongue pressing into your slit, the creamy Baileys splashing into you and into my mouth.. I drive my face into you working your pussy apart and finding your lips and hole, tongue driving deep inside tasting your warm wetness as it smears my mouth and face. lower now, hunting for your clit..my tongue finds it, hard, I push the hood back with the tip of my tongue and tightly push my lips on it, pushing out saliva onto it, then sucking it back into my mouth with your soaking clit, suckin git hard, flicking it with my tongue in my mouth, my hands groping at your pussy, fingers sliding in my other hand spanks you hard then presses a thumb onto your bum, working it round and round...everything nice and wet, soaking, just how I like it...your head pressed hard onto the sofa and hands still bound behind you, you are powerless to stop me and let yourslef go loving all the sensations. My arms and hands move round between your legs, round your waist and clasp round your back so I can really pull you hard into my face. Buried into your cheeks, tongue wide, saliva pouring into you licking over your clit, sucking at every fold, sucking your lips in, pushing my chin, mouth, nose hard into your pussy, licking, sucking, all the way up and over your bum and ass, tongue wide rimming your ass, mouth and lips tight on it kissing it, sucking at it, spitting on it then licking it all over....again and again moving all the way from clit to bum, pausing and sucking hard on each sensitive spot faster and faster, pulling your thighs hard to me, your feet hooking round my back, my shoulders pressing your thighs wide...your heart beating fast, your breathing quick, unable to move, unable to stop my relentless oral assaullt on your pussy, you can feel yourself hotter, butterflies down below, you cry out as your pussy floods with your orgasm, my face feels you, hot and slimy pussy juice, I suck on you deep, driving my tongue into you so so wet... I smear your climax all along your ass, licking at your bum, my tongue pushing into you, my finger joining in and pushes inside, You let out another moan and shudder....I fall back admiring my work, staring at you lying there I stand and for my cock, and start to wank , pushing the big head along between your cheeks covering it in your sex.... I start to fuck between your cheeks, moving my shaft back and forward in the wet crease, my balls slapping your pussy, still tight in the cock ring, my hand grabbing at the tie binding your wrists, I let my cock slide down, pressing it against your bum, teasing, then pushing it down, rubbing it over your clit, then back up searching, locking into your hole, the big shiny swolen head easing you open as it slips in. I press slowly forward, letting your sense the head moving all the way into you. your pussy soaking, slippy and "GONNA FUCK YOU HARD" my balls pressed into you, the length hitting all the right spots, as I pull back you feel the big hard swollen head rub across your g-spot. I press in again, the skin pulled tight back as I press forward deep, deep then slowly back , the head almost falling from you I look down and see it and smile..I pull on your wrists and your back arches up and I slam my cock full length hard into you my balls hitting you, then pull back slowly again before thrusting hard, the SLAP of my body hitting your ass as I increase the speed always pulling back and driving as deep as possible, giving you the full length experience, the lollipop head spreading you inside each time and rubbing your g-spot as I pull back...faster, faster, the slap slap slap as I begin to pound into that round fine ass, each thrust hard and forceful with no cushioning as I drive you against the arm of the sofa, pulling you back, arching yourself up to take me my othe hand pressing my thumb now into your bum....faster, long, deep strokes hammering against you my cock so hard, so swollen, veins poping as the cock ring traps the swelling ...so wet inside, your butterflies well up again as you scream "YES, YES, YES....Oh FUCK YES" Your face red your body quivering shaking I absolutely hammer into you now as I feel you cumming again, your pussy so , flooding wet my cock slides easier and even faster ....SLAP SLAP SLAP hard thrusts....you are all spent limp on the sofa as I stop and pull my cock slowly from you, wiggling my thumb slowly pulling of your ass your shudder again.......

I sit back on a chair holding my cock, still stiff and proud looking across at you....slowly tugging it....."MY TURN NOW"

You slide your legs from the arm and kneel on the floor, happy, smiling, a cheeky knowing look on your face as you watch me slowly pulling at my cock.
I walk to you and untie your hands. Lying down in the centre of the room cock standing proud I turn to you "FUCK ME...MAKE ME CUM...I WANT TO JIZ ALL OVER YOU....CUMMON FUCK MY ASS..HARD"
You look to the bag once more, opening it you find a rippled black dildo, a good 8" long with a vibrate control. You crawl on all fours across to me, sucking on the DILDO, spitting and wetting it, You lift your leg and straddle my chest, sitting your still dripping pusssy down on me...leaning forward you grab my cock, drawing the foresking back and forth wanking it slowly. You slip the dildo down over my taught balls and press it between my shaved ass cheeks, you turn on the vibrator slowly and it tingles my ass rim, still wanking me your bend forward to see, licking my cock as you bend. I spread my legs to let you see...There it is.. you push the dildo against me hard, it resists but eventually the head spreads me open and it slips in...I groan "YES" my cock twitches at the sensation, you keep pushing it in, rib after rib sliding into me, stretching me them popping in. you spit on it to help lube it as you pull it back then shove it back in fucking my ass, wanking my cock, your pussy and ass in their ripped pantyhose staring me in the face, my hands clamped onto your ass cheeks, "SUCK MY COCK WHILE YOU FUCK MY ASS !" the swollen head slips between your wet lips once more, you tug my balls as you suck and lick at my cock your other hand rythmically shoving the entire dildo in and of my ass "OH YES..YES..I WANT IT...MAKE IT WETTER SO YOU CAN FUCK IT FASTER" You stop and over to the bag once more, you get a bottle of lube...pulling the dildo of my ass you squeeze the lube gel all over the end and massage it in, wiping your hand over my balls, you push the dildo in again, it slips in easy this time, all lubed up and my ass already stretched and fuck me faster, turning up the vibrations, pressing it up inside me toward my cock, you know thats were my prostate is and you want to empty me, milk me dry, you want all of my cum, you want it all. Ilift my legs higher grabbing my knees so you can fuck me deeper, you start sucking at my cock again, so much precum oozing from the tip, the salty taste as you lick it pulling away drawing a shiny thread between your lips and my cock, you ram the dildo into me again.......again......all the way in..faster.....faster...faster..faster dropping your mouth on me, swallowing my cock as deep as you can, pulling on my tight clamped balls, the blood surging to my cock, veins pumping, balls tightening, you grip me hard, you want to feel every pulsing thrust, arching back up, sliding your ass and pussy back onto my face, you drive the dildo in deep and leave it there turning up the vibration to max. My heart rate doubling, I grab your thighs pulling you to my face, burrying it into your pussy breathing hard on you as all the nerves in my groin feel on fire the sensation building too fast for me to control, a powerful throb of my shaft and cum surges from the tip, spraying onto your breasts. you grip harder and tug down on my cock as another long stream explodes from the tip, wanking me tightly now, milking me, another stream shoots up and lands on my belly again and again, you keep wanking and gripping, rubbing my balls then cum still dribbling from the end, running over your fingers, still pulsing in your hand...you pull the dildo out and push your fingers into me reaching for my man-spot, my subsiding cock in your mouth again as you suck the last bit of cum......."YES...YES........."

You roll to the side and we both lie there, regaining our strength.....you know it's your turn again next........
Surprise cum
Posted:Dec 17, 2019 1:34 pm
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2021 3:10 am
Surfing the site tonight found myself drawn to larger, buxom ladies than i normally go for. Found myself fantasising about one sitting on my face and really grinding their pussy and ass on while sucking my coc
So i thought why not? Get out the cock ring and have a .....lol

My mind wandered and found myself looking at a beautiful larger lady in a red corset being fucked nicely. Got so turned on watching it while i stroked away. And imagined her being the one sucking my cock and sitting on my face.

Then i just let go and by the end she was fucking my ass and pulling my cock so i could cum all over those big hard nipples.

But then the surprise, i found i had been wanking for about an hour watching and imagining and then it came.....OMG i had never cum so much, it literally poured from the end non stop and my ass was twitching beautifully with the vibrator against it.

So yes, big ladies, big nipples, pegging me = big cum

Whd of thought lol

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